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ME Mapping

ME Mapping allows us to get the big picture of what makes up our lives and sort out what's working from what's not.

Once we see the good, bad, and ugly of what we've been living with we can actively create a life that will engage us and light us up.

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ME Mapping

  2. 2. Between the months of May and August of 2002 my life completely changed (read: crashed): I lost my grandmother at the end of May; 3 weeks later I got a call from the Chicago police that my college boyfriend was found dead (and oh, did I mention they asked me to notify his family); 2 weeks after was my sister’s big out-of-town wedding (which was lovely, but you know… weddings, family, being up when you’re in mourning); 2 weeks after that I left the job I had for over a decade … and all the while I was recovering from a breakup. Talk about a sucky summer! ME
  3. 3. To say the least I was reeling. After the immediate crises were handled, I didn’t know where to begin to put my life back together since it all seemed so very…
  4. 4. Then one day it occurred to me that whenever I needed some clarity on a work project I would simply sketch out a mindmap of the issues to truly get a look at what I had in front of me.
  5. 5. MINDMAPPING D F E A B C Details Details Details Details Details Details Details Details Details DETAILS MAIN CATEGORIES
  6. 6. So why not do that with my life? And voilà ME Mapping was born . . .
  7. 7. ME MAPPING
  8. 8. MAP1st Step: Sketch out everything that makes up your life: the people, responsibilities, actual things, etc. There are no set categories, it’s the map of your life- this is just an idea of what one looks like. (For me, I use a big artist sketchpad to map on and it is freeform and handwritten with Sharpies.)
  9. 9. MAP
  10. 10. 2nd Step: Phew, good start… I had a map, the big picture, of what was making up my life: the good, the bad, the ugly. CATEGORIZE Now it was time to ask the key question: WHAT’S WORKING?
  11. 11. Turns out things fell into 3 Categories: Negative aspects that weren’t working which I wanted to declutter, subtract, or edit out of my life. Things that might be working if I engaged with them more and added some: time, space, money, and energy to them. Things that were working OK and that called for 0; I just needed to appreciate and actively show gratitude for them*. * Once I actively appreciated something and found the JOY in it I switched the O to a ☺. The goal of my life, and for my map, is to get as much JOY (☺) going as possible! + O
  12. 12. This is how it looks when you CATEGORIZE your map.
  13. 13. + CATEGORIZE
  14. 14. Hopefully you are following along and have a ME Map of your very own which you’ve categorized to reflect how the various aspects are going. If not, go ahead map away I’ll wait for you.
  15. 15. Now it’s time for the magic… the CIRCLE OF JOY!
  16. 16. CIRCLE OF JOY3rd Step:
  17. 17. Pick any aspect of your life that you’d like to transform and DECLUTTER something first— this will free up a little: Time Space Money Energy for you to spend on something worthwhile. Ending a toxic friendship makes an opening for a new quality one. Clearing stuff, people, appointments, actually anything from our lives allows us to focus more on what’s really important.
  18. 18. Now that you have a bit more freedom and space in your life it’s time to choose an area you’d like to ENGAGE: take a class, rekindle your marriage, up your fitness, start a job search, Heck- simply just get in a nap. What will make your life more joyful? And here’s the key: Don’t just think about it-- schedule it… add it to your calendar. Now!
  19. 19. And last, but hardly least… pick someone or something to actively APPREICATE. Gratitude is for giving not hoarding– In the CofJ simply being silently appreciative will not cut it. We need to say it or show it and be authentic, as specific as possible, and deliver our appreciation so the other person can feel how thankful we are. Get to spreading some JOY… I promise you’ll be thanking me!
  20. 20. + O / -ACTION PLAN by: ____/____/____ ____/____ ____/____ Pick one ACTION STEP in the Circle of JOY to do a week and you’ll build momentum in creating the life you want.
  21. 21. If you’d like to find out more come attend a ME Workshop…
  22. 22. Find ME @JoyMeredith
  23. 23. Happy Mapping… Wishing you a life that works and is very JOYful! ©