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The ME Workshop

Information on: The ME Workshop

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The ME Workshop

  2. 2. Life can be messy marriage kids money health career adventures friends debt sex chores fitness sleep savings romance religion hobbies stuff car food
  3. 3. This can help…
  4. 4. sorts out: what’s working, what’s not & what’s next in your life. ME Mapping
  5. 5. Come learn how in the ME Workshop
  6. 6. What are Mappers saying & creating after attending?
  7. 7. Carol & Kim created a business
  8. 8. Karyn said… “ I got so much out of your workshop. You have a gift. Touching lives, motivating and empowering. You’re onto something big! ”
  9. 9. Diane married the love of her life
  10. 10. Katy said… “ Joy, who knew you were this funny! I laughed a lot and found the event totally worthwhile. ”
  11. 11. Peggy ran the Chicago Marathon
  12. 12. Cynthia said: “My life felt out of sorts or off track; to get back on track I need a plan, an action plan… a map. I really appreciated the great information and inspiration I received.”
  13. 13. Vickie finished her manuscript
  14. 14. What area could YOU create more JOY in?
  15. 15. This is an adult conversation everything from sex to death is discussed- (not G rated). Warning:
  16. 16. You will get something very valuable out of it for yourself or full refund! Guarantee:
  17. 17. Check out dates and details below…
  18. 18. or… let me come to You! Email me with dates.
  19. 19. See YOU soon!