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Stress be gone


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My app

Published in: Business, Technology
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Stress be gone

  1. 1. Joy Hibbert
  2. 2.  The app takes a picture of you which is then generated into an avatar. The software uses real time. Personalized to your schedule. Stop watches that tells you when time is up.
  3. 3.  Time management It allows you to keep track of a day in your life. Allow people to have control over a busy schedule.
  4. 4.  My app helps anyone who has ever said “There is not enough hours in my day” College students and adult or anyone who has a lot going on in one day.
  5. 5.  People can become overwhelmed with everything that might be going on in their life. The less amount of stress on a person leads to a healthier person.
  6. 6.  The app takes a picture of your face and analyzes stress features that may be apparent in your face. Using the picture that was taken it is now generated into an avatar. The app then asks for a schedule to be entered, then it is generated into a schedule with times and dates when projects are to be finished.
  7. 7.  The app can be downloaded from anywhere in the world using a smart phone. The app requires no Wi-Fi connection to work.
  8. 8.  To have a million+ downloads in its first week on the app store. The app should be useful to people and set an example on how important time management actually is. Teaches a lesson.
  9. 9.  This will consist of a on and off button that can be used when you want the application to set time schedules for you or if not. Avatar button which allows you to personalize your avatar or take a new picture.
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  11. 11.  I think everyone and anyone can fairly say that in some point in there life they have been stressed out, to a point where things can become overwhelming.
  12. 12.  Theapp will cost 2.99 to download and updates will be provided every week.
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