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How to Create a KILLER Strategy by Spying on Your Competitors

  1. @joyannehawkins#StateOfSearch How to Create a KILLER Local SEO Strategy by Spying on Your Competitors PRESENTED BY: JOY HAWKINS
  2. @joyannehawkins#StateOfSearch Position 5 Position 1 Position 1 Position 2 Position 25 Position 18 Position 31 Position 17 Yesterday Today
  3. @joyannehawkins#StateOfSearch From 1st to 31st OVERNIGHT
  4. @joyannehawkins#StateOfSearch Tip #1 Ranking trackers are not enough. You need screenshots.
  5. @joyannehawkins#StateOfSearch BEFORE AFTER
  6. @joyannehawkins#StateOfSearch 1 Change on 1 Listing Caused the entire list order to change.
  7. @joyannehawkins#StateOfSearch Tip #2 Be VERY careful when authorizing 3rd parties to make changes to your Google My Business listing!
  8. @joyannehawkins#StateOfSearch Air Conditioning Repair Service (changed to) Air Conditioning Contractor
  9. @joyannehawkins#StateOfSearch Tip #3 You need to know which categories your competitors are using.
  10. @joyannehawkins#StateOfSearch ● Choosing the right GMB categories was the #3 ranking factor in Moz’s Local Search Ranking Factors in 2017 ● I voted it as #2
  11. @joyannehawkins#StateOfSearch There are currently 3921 GMB Categories Some of the new ones that were added: ● Specialist Hospital ● Korean Beef Restaurant ● Drivers License Training School ● Cooking School In July 2017 there were 3901
  12. @joyannehawkins#StateOfSearch THE DAY AFTER FIXING THE CATEGORY ISSUE
  13. @joyannehawkins#StateOfSearch Things your competitors do can [hugely] impact your listing’s ranking!
  14. @joyannehawkins#StateOfSearch Tip #4 If you’ve been filtered from the local results you need to figure out who filtered you and how they are beating you at local SEO ranking factors.
  15. @joyannehawkins#StateOfSearch When listings are very close together and are in the same industry, Google can pick the stronger of the 2 and filter the other. The Possum Filter
  16. @joyannehawkins#StateOfSearch
  17. @joyannehawkins#StateOfSearch 1. Organic Ranking 2.GMB Categories 3.Content in GMB Reviews Top Factors to Look at
  18. @joyannehawkins#StateOfSearch Tip #6 Check who ranks high when searching from an area far from your office for additional competitive analysis.
  19. @joyannehawkins#StateOfSearch Why do I rank so great in NYC but so poor in every other state?
  20. @joyannehawkins#StateOfSearch ● This business dropped from 1-3 to 11- 12 once the searcher’s location was not in the NYC area. ● The top ranking business out-of-state didn’t rank anywhere in NYC (he was filtered)
  21. @joyannehawkins#StateOfSearch Ranked 1st when searcher’s location was in the rest of the USA Ranked in the NYC area When Enzo Custom ranked 1st, it changed the order of the rest of the listings.
  22. @joyannehawkins#StateOfSearch The local ranking factors are different when the searcher’s location is NOT local.
  23. @joyannehawkins#StateOfSearch “Auto Insurance Philadelphia” Proximity to searcher is the #1 ranking factor.
  24. @joyannehawkins#StateOfSearch IDENTICAL! Proximity to searcher is not a ranking factor when the searcher’s location isn’t local.
  25. @joyannehawkins#StateOfSearch Enzo was losing the local fight against Possum because he moved a year ago.
  26. @joyannehawkins#StateOfSearch Tip #5 Check competitor listings to see if they have reviews that don’t belong to them.
  27. @joyannehawkins#StateOfSearch BEFORE AFTER Reviews are GONE!
  28. @joyannehawkins#StateOfSearch Tip #7 Do a site: search for a competitor site then click Tools > Any Time and select “past month” to see new content they have produced in the last month.
  29. @joyannehawkins#StateOfSearch
  30. @joyannehawkins#StateOfSearch
  31. @joyannehawkins#StateOfSearch Use Ahrefs to find featured snippet opportunities Tip #8
  32. @joyannehawkins#StateOfSearch
  33. @joyannehawkins#StateOfSearch
  34. @joyannehawkins#StateOfSearch Total clicks on the page went from 288 to 1747 Total impressions of the page in the search results went from 2,065 to 22,490
  35. @joyannehawkins#StateOfSearch Tip #9 Regularly check for competitor listings that violate the guidelines & report them on the Google My Business forum or directly to GMB. Less competition = More visibility.
  36. @joyannehawkins#StateOfSearch ➔ 17 removed (ineligible) ➔ 2 are permanently closed ➔1 was keyword stuffing ➔ 8 were legit/eligible 28 Businesses
  37. @joyannehawkins#StateOfSearch
  38. @joyannehawkins#StateOfSearch National Brands
  39. @joyannehawkins#StateOfSearch ● A national security company using cell phone stores in malls that sold their product. Google removed 1040 listings. ● A national phone company that had tons of listings for their security service as a separate listing located inside their retail stores (*note: it didn’t have a department) ● A national security company that was using virtual offices to get listed in major cities across the US. National Brands
  40. @joyannehawkins#StateOfSearch Spammy Duplicates When a business creates several keyword-stuffed listings to rank multiple times.
  41. @joyannehawkins#StateOfSearch Virtual Offices are not allowed. If your business rents a temporary, "virtual" office at a different address from your primary business, do not create a page for that location unless it is staffed during your normal business hours.
  42. @joyannehawkins#StateOfSearch Questions? Want more advanced local SEO training? Use promo code SOS15 to save* 15% off my 200+ page training manual. seo/ *Offer expires October 31, 2017