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How to Approach Google My Business (GMB) in 2016


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SMX Advanced 2016 - Local Search Advantage Workshop

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How to Approach Google My Business (GMB) in 2016

  1. 1. Joy Hawkins Imprezzio Marketing @JoyanneHawkins How to Approach Google My Business (GMB) in 2016
  2. 2. Where to Start? Presenter Name : Company Name : Twitter Handle @JoyanneHawkins Find all Your GMB Listings!
  3. 3. How Does a Listing End up on Google? @JoyanneHawkins ● Google creates listings based on data providers (Ex: ExpressUpdate, Acxiom) ● Google users through Google Maps or MapMaker ● Business owners/marketing companies via Google My Business
  4. 4. @JoyanneHawkins
  5. 5. @JoyanneHawkins
  6. 6. Method 1: MapMaker Search @JoyanneHawkins ● ● Search for the city the business is in. ● Search Variations of business name, phone #, website.
  7. 7. Method 2: MapMaker Select a Place @JoyanneHawkins ● ● Edit > Select a Place ● Click around the marker where the business in ● Right click the business name > Open link in new tab
  8. 8. Method 3: Maps Search @JoyanneHawkins ● ● Search for the city the business is in. ● Start typing business name
  9. 9. Method 4: Google Search @JoyanneHawkins ● ● Search for + phone # + inurl:about + “review” ● Open each URL in new tab
  10. 10. Method 4: (Brand New Addition) @JoyanneHawkins ● ● Search for + phone # ● Open each URL in new tab
  11. 11. Why Both? @JoyanneHawkins ● Unverified listings don’t have URLs ● I have only seen Google start indexing URLs in the last month Non-Verified Listings Verified Listings
  12. 12. Compile Your List... @JoyanneHawkins ● If you’re on the plus page, click the map to get to Google Maps. CLICK
  13. 13. Compile Your List... @JoyanneHawkins Not Verified
  14. 14. Finding CID # @JoyanneHawkins • Right click > View Page Source • CTRL + F > “cid”: • Long string of numbers after “cid”: • "cid":"17974029029 8085994","infoWind ow": • Right click > View Page Source • CTRL + F > ludocid • The CID will be the string of numbers after “ludocidu003d and before #lrd • +80026u0026ludoc idu003d376285149 384878007#lrdu00 From MapMaker From Maps
  15. 15. CID URLs @JoyanneHawkins ● 264542582139250082 ● gw=90&cid=5264542582139250082 Remember: If it’s an SAB listing, there won’t be a MapMaker record so the MapMaker URL will bring up a blank screen.
  16. 16. @JoyanneHawkins • See all the categories • Check formatting of address • See additional business names • See reviews • See photos MapMaker Maps
  17. 17. GMB Rules Presenter Name : Company Name : Twitter Handle @JoyanneHawkins
  18. 18. ● Multiple listings for the same business. (unless you have multiple actual storefronts that customers visit) ● Keyword stuffing in the business name. @JoyanneHawkins Common Rules People Break
  19. 19. • URL is a redirect • Business name contains keyword stuffing • Multiple listings for the same business Common Reasons why Listings get Suspended Soft Suspension = Listing Becomes Unverified Create new Google account, re-verify the listing, stop breaking the rules @JoyanneHawkins
  20. 20. • Address is virtual • Business doesn’t exist (pure spam/lead generating company) Common Reasons why Listings get Suspended Hard Suspension = Listing No Longer Exists in Maps/Mapmaker Further Reading: @JoyanneHawkins google-suspends-local-listings-247394
  21. 21. Fighting Spam @JoyanneHawkins
  22. 22. Presenter Name : Company Name : Twitter Handle @JoyanneHawkins
  23. 23. 11don’t exist (7 removed as spam + 4 pending removals) 2edited to remove keyword stuffing 3actual legit company listings @JoyanneHawkins
  24. 24. • A listing for an “SEO company” that was acquired by a larger marketing company over a year ago • A listing for a marketing company that tried to create a new name for just their SEO product (they had 2 listings at their actual office) • An SEO company that has all their employees work remotely and was using each of their home addresses to create multiple listings • An SEO company who apparently exists in Square One (a popular shopping mall) • An SEO company that is at the same address as the Fairmont Royal York Hotel The Fake Crap @JoyanneHawkins
  25. 25. Address ● Does what’s listed match the website? ● Check Street View. Does it show a UPS store or a residential address? Is there any signage for the business? ● Search the address on Google to see who else is using it Phone ● Call the phone number, see how they answer the phone. Say you’re calling to get directions. • Call from Gmail so they can’t call back Investigating @JoyanneHawkins
  26. 26. Investigating Business Name ● Check what’s on signage (street view, drive there take pics) ● How do they answer the phone? ● Check the Secretary of State Website to see what their business license says ○ NPPES is great for medical industry @JoyanneHawkins
  27. 27. Where to Report? ✓ Make Edits in Google Maps (email confirmation) ✓ MapMaker Forum (after 7 days). Better for unverified listings ✓ Google My Business Forum Better for verified listings @JoyanneHawkins
  28. 28. How to Edit ● If listing is fake (address doesn’t exist) or a verified duplicate > Places is Closed > Spam ● Unverified duplicate > Place is Closed > Duplicate ● Keyword Stuffing > submit edit to correct business name @JoyanneHawkins Further Reading: guide-fighting-spam-google-maps/
  29. 29. Hijacked Listings @JoyanneHawkins
  30. 30. Additional Name Spam @JoyanneHawkins Source: hall-shame/37837-how-score-google-maps-one-box- cheat.html ● These only show up in MapMaker.
  31. 31. It Never Ends... @JoyanneHawkins
  32. 32. It Never Ends... @JoyanneHawkins ● Prepare for the listing to be reinstated after it’s been removed. ● GMB Forum > best place to report this. More Reading: ot-spam-google-my-business- doesnt-care-249072
  33. 33. Contacting GMB Presenter Name : Company Name : Twitter Handle @JoyanneHawkins
  34. 34. “Google My Business phone support is telling me my ranking is dropping because I’m not posting on Google Plus” @JoyanneHawkins
  35. 35. 1. Twitter: 2. Facebook: 3. Forum: 4. Phone Support: @JoyanneHawkins New! Keep in mind you will only hear from them during business hours (PST) ✓ Faster (no repeating yourself, spelling out words on the phone…etc) ✓ You get someone in the USA, not India ✓ Better & more accurate advice
  36. 36. Practitioner Listings Presenter Name : Company Name : Twitter Handle @JoyanneHawkins
  37. 37. Presenter Name : Company Name : Twitter Handle @JoyanneHawkins
  38. 38. Presenter Name : Company Name : Twitter Handle What Listings are Allowed? • Solo-practitioners are only allowed one listing total • Allstate: Bob Smith • ABC Dental: Dr Bob Smith • Public-facing professionals are allowed their own listing (ex: lawyers, doctors, realtors) • Support staff should not have listings • If a professional works out of more than 1 office, they can have 1 listing per location Best Scenario @JoyanneHawkins
  39. 39. Presenter Name : Company Name : Twitter Handle Strategies to Use • Find out which listing is currently ranking highest and make it the primary listing you try to get reviews on. • Try to keep categories from overlapping as much as possible • When categories do overlap (ex: 2 dentists), minimize the profile that ranks lowest. • Removing the website is a great way to minimize @JoyanneHawkins
  40. 40. Example: Listing Category Website Field Law Firm Law Firm, Lawyer (homepage) Lawyer A Personal Injury Lawyer Lawyer B Criminal Justice Attorney Lawyer C Divorce Lawyer *Check which page Google currently ranks highest organically for that term @JoyanneHawkins
  41. 41. What About Ex-Employees? To fix it, contact Google My Business via Twitter Support or Facebook Support and asked them to mark the practitioner listing as moved to the practice listing. @JoyanneHawkins
  42. 42. The “Moved” Feature @JoyanneHawkins • Only GMB can do this. • It takes the “old” address on Maps and 302’s it to the new location • The “old” listing will completely vanish from Google Search and Google Maps, making it impossible for customers to accidentally see. • Since the listing doesn’t show up anywhere, the “Permanently closed” message won’t show up anywhere, either. • Reviews from the closed listing will transfer to the new listing (double-check to make sure that happens).
  43. 43. Knowledge Graph Issues Presenter Name : Company Name : Twitter Handle @JoyanneHawkins
  44. 44. Algorithm Photo Problems @JoyanneHawkins
  45. 45. @JoyanneHawkins
  46. 46. Why does Google keep auto-updating my hours? @JoyanneHawkins
  47. 47. The Tuesday’s confused Google
  48. 48. Presenter Name : Company Name : Twitter Handle Your Website is the Most Authoritative Citation! blog/seo/why-the-does-google-keep-updating- my-business-hours-a-case-study/ Further Reading: @JoyanneHawkins
  49. 49. @JoyanneHawkins Located In Feature
  50. 50. @JoyanneHawkins Located In Feature • Only GMB can do this • It’s possible you might be able to remove it from a Google Maps edit (I have not tested)
  51. 51. @JoyanneHawkins Menu Links • Check to see if the info on the menu link is accurate • Update the menu link source
  52. 52. @JoyanneHawkins Menu Links They are a dermatologist not a hair salon
  53. 53. @JoyanneHawkins Menu Links • If you cannot get the listing updated, remove it from the GMB listing • In edit mode in GMB: click “Report problems…” Or go here: • Check the “menu URL” box
  54. 54. Connect With Me! 1-866-430-0457 x 301