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  1. 1. Human Capital Management
  2. 2. Simplify Your WorkforceExenta is the Human Capital Management (HCM) tool that can be incorporated into small andmedium organizations and it’s capable of helping them strategize their workforce. We at Exentafully indulge in organizations to help them fully automate vast areas of HR operations. • Exenta helps an organization build a competitive edge required to be successful in todays workplace. It also helps in managing your workforce efficiently, retain them, plan and visualize your organization’s future. • Exenta is a versatile web-based application that can handle multiple branch operations from one site, eliminating the need for multiple licenses.
  3. 3. Product FeaturesExenta, a web-based application, with a multi-branch option, and zero restriction for totalnumber of employees.Improves business process, saves organization’stime, money and moreover, Exenta empowersyour employees with integral self service andbenefits enrollment solutions.Direct online employee access to management ofpersonal HR information, tracking of attendanceaccruals through useful organizational charts.Flexibility of setting up and managing the vastcategories of employee benefits. Exenta alsoempowers employees to choose their ownservices online.
  4. 4. Product FeaturesStreamlines the recruitment process with fullrequisition management, interview management,and job offer management. Exenta software hasgot a resume parser for easy data searchability.Extenta Alert Management System andNotification Center keeps you in track of sensitiveinformation from being leaked out of theorganization.Manage your reports with Exenta ReportGenerator, and generate hundreds of reportswithin no time!Automated daily back-ups in local and remoteservers to ensure data security.
  5. 5. Exenta VersionsExenta comes in 3 different versions:Exenta Lite ModuleExenta Gold ModuleExenta Pro Module
  6. 6. Exenta Lite Module Onboarding  Payroll Management Employee Self Service (ESS)  Transaction Management Staff Information System (SIS)  Internal Messaging System Asset Management  Workflow Attendance Management  Dashboard
  7. 7. ►Onboarding Onboarding is a web-based structure which goes hand in hand with Hiring Process Management. It assists the Reporting Manager and Human Resource Personnel in effortlessly managing certain orientation/induction procedures with new employees. Onboarding in Exenta manages the processes related to induction of employees. The new entrants have just got to fill up forms which then get automatically routed to the Human Capital Management System for final processing. Features • New Joinee List • Add Employee • Employee Bulk Import • Employee Verification • Inactive Employee • Assign Seats • Email Setup
  8. 8. ►Employee Self Service The HR department uses up a lot of time in managing employee requests, which conventionally require plenty of paperwork. Automation through Exenta’s ESS provides employees the access to their personal records, which include: Skill Matrix, Service Records, Holidays List and Company policy, to name a few. The end result is speedy decision making and enhanced employee satisfaction. Features • My Profile • Organization Structure • Health Record • Company Policy • Organization Information • Job Opening • Employee Directory • Reset Password • Holidays List • My Skill Matrix • Missed Punch Request • Service Record
  9. 9. ►Staff Information System Every organization has statutory requirements to maintain employee data. Exenta Staff Information System is a sophisticated database that manages basic staff information with ease and consistency. SIS also helps managers and team leads in professionally managing team reports and activities. It comprises: Leave Management, Productivity, Attendance, Employee Skill Matrix, Health records, etc. Features • Employee List • Service Records • Team Management • Health Records • Employee Skill Matrix
  10. 10. ►Asset Management Asset management is a systematic process of operating, maintaining, and upgrading assets cost- effectively. It’s the way through which staffing requirements are maintained through promotions and hiring of fresh talent. Asset management in Exenta exclusively maintains and tracks individual assets in an organization. It consists of: Asset Register, Asset Request, Issued Asset, Asset Return and Assign Asset. Features • Asset Home • Manage Asset • Manage Access Card • Assign Asset • Asset Request • Return Asset
  11. 11. ►Attendance Management Attendance management is the act of managing attendance or presence in a work setting so as to minimize loss due to employee downtime (break). Attendance tracking plays a vital role in any organization’s Management Information System. Exenta uniquely provides a user-friendly interface to set rules for attendance and leave tracking, e.g., loss of pay can be calculated for employees whose leaves have been completely exhausted. Features • Attendance Management • Leave Management • Permission Management • Work Schedule • Employee Reports
  12. 12. ►Payroll Management Exenta Payroll Management software computes employee salaries on a monthly basis and sends for approval to the HR Department, prior to releasing the pay. Exenta also features an integrated Income Tax computation process that can be customized based on the Income Tax Law of your country. It automatically takes into consideration all payment variables like leaves, absenteeism, loans, advances, overtime, incentives, bonus, hourly wages, contractor payments, etc. Features • Manage Salary • Income Tax • Loan Request • Advance Request • Reimbursement Request • Salary Slip • PF Request • Manage OT Salary
  13. 13. ►Transaction Management Provides dynamic employee transaction management capabilities that streamline essential Human Capital Management (HCM) processes such as administration, payroll and time management. The Transaction Management module in Exenta spurs the users of this matchless system by letting them manage employee movements between branch offices, departments, probation etc., in a systematic manner. The end result is better service at affordable IT costs. Features • Inter Department Request • Request Approval • Change Reporting Manager Request
  14. 14. ►Internal Messaging System This messaging system in Exenta comes with the essential emailing features to let users distribute and exchange electronic messages amongst themselves or to a group, irrespective of their location. The goal is to help businesses improve their day-to-day operations and save time. Features • Inbox • Drafts • Sent Items • Trash
  15. 15. ►Workflow A workflow displays expert instructions and proven techniques to optimize business processes. Workflow management is a key module interconnected with Exenta’s other modules. Functional interrelationships and process flow are described for each module, with appropriate flowcharts and excellent GUIs. Features • Attendance Workflow • Asset Workflow • Payroll Workflow • Benefits Workflow • Hiring Workflow • Conveyance Workflow • Onboarding Workflow • Appraisal Workflow • Exit Workflow
  16. 16. ►Dashboard A dashboard is a graphical display within Exenta software that compiles metric data and displays it for a real-time view to explain the actual situation in the workplace. Exenta Dashboard provides a lucid view of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) relevant to a particular objective or business process. Enterprises can use dashboards to view business performance, workplace trends, make future predictions, etc. Dashboard Lists • Onboarding Dashboard • ESS Dashboard • SIS Dashboard • Asset Dashboard • Attendance Dashboard • Payroll Dashboard • Transaction Dashboard • Internal Mail Dashboard
  17. 17. Exenta Gold Module Exenta Gold Module comprises the modules present in the ‘Exenta Lite Module’,and a few additional ones listed below:  Performance Management  Knowledgebase Management  Hiring Management  Procedure Management  Conveyance Management  Helpdesk  Document Management  Exit Management
  18. 18. ►Performance Management Performance management helps organizations face the big challenges of improving employee performance. Exenta Performance Management supports an appraiser with an apt strategy of appraisal, like 360 Degree, or lets him put up his own method, along with the model currently in use. The appraiser can readily utilize preset questionnaires (forms) for employee assessment and evaluation. Features • Performance Summary • Manage Appraisal • E-Compensation • Appraisal Form
  19. 19. ►Hiring Management Creating job posts, posting jobs to career websites, scheduling interviews, and evaluating candidates, now made simple with Exenta Hiring Management. Preset templates available on hand, to save time for your hiring personnel. This hiring system is indeed exhaustive and user-friendly. Features • Job Request • Manage Jobs • Manage Appraisal • Resume Bank • Manage Interview • Manage Offer Letter • Question Bank • Recruitment Agency • Manage AdSource • Referral
  20. 20. ►Conveyance Management Conveyance management minimizes clumsy paperwork that otherwise needs to be carried out by admin staff of the transport department. Exenta monitors vehicle shuttling and common responsibilities associated with employee transport. It also levies conveyance charges, if applicable, by simply defining the rule. Features • Conveyance Home • Manage Vehicle • Transport Request
  21. 21. ►Document Management A Document Management system is a computer-based system used for tracking and storingelectronic documents and/or images of paper documents. Exenta Document Management allowsusers who work in multiple document formats, actively generate a basic document folder that canconveniently store, retrieve and export any sort of document. Features • Document • Document Audit
  22. 22. ►Knowledgebase Management Allows approved personnel to upload documents or articles that can be accessed by others inyour organization. Exenta Knowledgebase Management saves a great deal of your useful time, byanticipating and explaining interaction patterns of your organization with its environment. Features • Add Article • Search and View Article
  23. 23. ►Procedure Management Procedure Management acts as a simple reminder tool or guides concerned personnel to arrange tasks that need to be carried out on regular basis and then acknowledged. This Exenta module is fully automated and it aids in administration, reporting and auditing of transactions. Features • Add New Procedure • Manage Procedure • My Procedure • Procedure Assigned By Me • Team Procedure
  24. 24. ►Helpdesk Helpdesk in Exenta helps employees generate problem records related to IT issues, and notify the concerned department to address ‘tickets’ in a timely manner. It can resolve issues quickly and also track problem history pertaining to an asset. Features • Create Ticket • My Ticket status • Ticket Queue • Archive Ticket • Settings
  25. 25. ►Exit Management Exit Management in Exenta comes with an innate ability to accurately execute all elements/procedures related to employee separation. The main features are: initiating exit request, notification to all parties as prescribed in workflow, exit interview, managing clearances, conclusion etc. Features • Manage separation • Separation Request
  26. 26. Exenta Pro Module The Exenta Pro Module includes all the features of the Exenta Gold Module,as well as a few additional modules listed below:  Training Management  Travel Management  Inventory Management  Visitor Management  Employee Benefits
  27. 27. ►Training Management This module is built using real-time scenarios. We provide a variety of online training notes that cover various topics, so that employees might have access to information and learn at their own pace, anywhere anytime. An in-built reporting system in Exenta assists supervisor(s) in evaluating employees’ performance. Features • Manage Training Program • Online Training • Training Request • Schedule Training • Training History • Training Analysis
  28. 28. ►Travel Management The Travel Management module in Exenta is linked with other relevant modules. Travel Desk effectively manages miscellaneous types of travel requests, reimbursements, and vendors through “Travel Management”. Features • Manage Travel • Manage Travel Agency
  29. 29. ►Visitor Management A Visitor Management system tracks multiple visits to your organization or public building. Exenta Visitor Management cleverly records the habits of the facilities employed by specific visitors, and produces a clear-cut report of visitors’ whereabouts. Features • Visitor home • Manage Visitors • Meeting Scheduler • My Appointment
  30. 30. ►Inventory Management Inventory management is an active control program that brings about the management of sales, purchases and payments. Exenta Inventory Management system manages: cost of inventory, asset management, inventory forecasting, inventory valuation, inventory visibility, physical inventory, etc. Features • Manage Product • Purchase Order
  31. 31. ►Employee Benefits The Exenta Employee Benefits module handles all facets of employeebenefits, common to every organization. Some of the areas dealt with include:employee payables, LTA, maternity leave, privilege leave, loans, insurance, bonuses,etc.
  32. 32. Why Exenta• Low cost of ownership• Improved productivity• Fewer resources to support• Curtail expenditure
  33. 33. Why Exenta Strategic HRM • Performance • Goal Alignment • Development • Competitive Advantage
  34. 34. Product Processes
  35. 35. Contact UsExtolution Software Private Limited,C-23, Thejaswini,Technopark,Trivandrum-695581,Kerala, India.Ph: 00-91-471-2700388Email: