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Networking non league company


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Published in: Education, Sports, Business
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Networking non league company

  1. 1. Networking and Non League Company Jehovany Diaz
  2. 2. Quiksilver Australian designer, manufacturer and retailer of surfing sportswear. Founded in 1969 by Alan Green and John Law Current CEO and Chairman of the Board Robert B. Mcknight
  3. 3. • Headquarters in Huntington Beach, California In 1970 first to use two snaps and Velcro on board shorts maximizing comfort and ease of movement Early 1980 first to have stretch fabric board shorts
  4. 4. History and Accomplishments  First to establish 100% sponsorship athletes, Tom Carroll Also sponsored most successful surfer of all time 11 time ASP World Champion Also first surf company to adapt and produce technical alpine gear, and denim.
  5. 5. History and Accomplishments  First board riding company to reach over 1 billion in revenue. (1.3 billion in 2004)  First boardriding company to focus on acquiring major, likeminded brands, such as DC Shoes in 2003 and Rossignol in 2005, with a view to building a family of brands  First boardriding company to fully globalize its management structure with autonomous regional structures.  With the establishment of Quiksilver Foundation in 2000, Quiksilver became the first surf brand to create a genuine multi-media entertainment portal, facilitating the production of board sports related films, TV series, books and magazines.
  6. 6. Stephan Hamberger
  7. 7. Stephan Hamberger
  8. 8. Stephan Hamberger
  9. 9. Stephan Hamberger
  10. 10. Red Bull Media House  