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Martin pescador boutique hotel inglês


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Martin Pescador Boutique Hotel, located in Búzios, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Excellent opportunity for real estate investment and a lucrative business.

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Martin pescador boutique hotel inglês

  1. 1. Martin Pescador Boutique Hotel Búzios - RJ - Brasil.
  2. 2. Photo Gallery - Buzios Armação BeachBuzios Whale Bridles and youngling
  3. 3. Frank whale to suckle its younglingPlaya Tortuga Búzios
  4. 4. Brava BeachBardot Shore - Buzios Buzios Buzios
  5. 5. Buzios Buzios Búzios - ManguinhosBuzios
  6. 6. Manguinhos ManguinhosManguinhos
  7. 7. Praia Brava praia a Buzios, RJ Praia da Azedinha - Búzios RJ.
  8. 8. João Fernandes Beach João Fernandinho BeachPanorâmica de Praia João Fernandez VISTA MIRANTE
  9. 9. BUZIOS -CRUZEIRO NA BAIA Cruceros Island Escape em Buzios MSC Musica em Buzios
  10. 10. Martin Pescador Boutique Hotel
  11. 11. Suítes
  12. 12. Other information:► The price of sale : US $ 2,500,000.00 (two million and five hundred a thousand dollars North American).► Mode of payment: the cash.► In case of closing of business, the investor compels to defray it all the expenditures of locomotion, lodging and feeding of the brokers, since its city of origin until the city where will give the negotiation round.► Complementary information on the enterprise will be given by means of Letter of Intention of Purchase (LOI) identifying the purchaser.
  13. 13. Information and Sale: Partnership: JT Imóveis & MC NegóciosJoval Gomes da Silva. Alexey M. Mota.Real Estate Broker – CRECI: 9492-F – PR Business ConsultantExpert Judicial Appraiser – CNAI: 03629Tatiana Pinheiro da SilvaBusiness ConsultantExpert Real Estate Appraiser.
  14. 14. Map of the city Armação dosBúzios - RIO DE JANEIRO - Brazil
  15. 15. Armação dos Búzios► Armação dos Búzios, often referred to as just Búzios, is a resort town and a municipality located in the state of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. Its population was 24,500 in 2007 and its area is 69 km².
  16. 16. Búzios - Panorâmica ► Once the preserve of pirates and slave traders, the peninsula of Búzios, 105 miles (169 km) northeast of Rio de Janeiro, has become a tourist destination with over 20 beaches in the vicinity; The peninsula was popularized by legendary movie star Brigitte Bardot in the 1960s, and her statue sits along the main street of Búzios, the Rua das Pedras (Street of stones). Rua das Pedras -Búzios-RJ
  17. 17. Monumento a Brigitte Bardot Buzios Brasil Buzios Brasil orla Bardot playas Buzios Brasil Zona Centro rua das pedras
  18. 18. ► Bardot had come to Rio de Janeiro with her Brazilian boyfriend but could not leave his apartment without being hounded by the paparazzi. The couple concocted a plan to keep the press away, and escaped to Buzios with the one photographer who was allowed to document their vacation. While she was there, Bardot reportedly fell in love with the town - so much that she stayed for months longer than she planned, and has since returned to vacation. The peninsula is a beach resort with an active night life and restaurants.
  19. 19. Rio de Janeiro - Búzios - RJ Praia de João Fernandes► The west coast beaches offer calm, clear waters while the Buzios - Praia da Ferradura east coast ones, facing the open sea, are a bit wilder and draw surfers and water sports enthusiasts. Among the most popular beaches are Ferradura, João Fernandes with several bars and known for its seafood, Armação, and Geribá, popular for surfing. The beach of Manguinhos is known for windsurfing.
  20. 20. Armação Beach regata yachtKitsurf - Praia Rasa Manguinhos
  21. 21. ► Rua das Pedras, the main street, winds through the town center and features shopping, restaurants, bars and comprehensive nightlife. Búzios is popular with Argentine tourists, and has become a destination for cruise ships Búzios - Rua das Pedras Ferradura BeachPraia da Tartaruga - Búzios - Fim de Tarde
  22. 22. Municipal district Armação dos Búzios
  23. 23. Mesoregion of the Coastal Slopes► Municipal districts► Micro region of São João Basin► Casimiro de Abreu► Rio das Ostras► Silva Jardim► Micro region of the Lakes► Araruama► Armação dos Búzios► Arraial do Cabo► Cabo Frio► Iguaba Grande► São Pedro da Aldeia► Saquarema
  24. 24. Micro region of the Lakes ► The micro region of the Lakes or region Metropolitan of Cold Handle (as popularly it is known) is one of the micro regions of pertaining the Brazilian state of Rio De Janeiro to the Mesoregion of the Lowered ones. It possess an area of 2.004, 003 km ², its funny current population around 520 a thousand inhabitants and is divided in seven cities around the lagoons of Araruama and Saquarema. ► The region has fort appeals tourist place and its economy is also based on the production of salt and alkaline minerals. The main road access, leaving of the city of Rio De Janeiro, is the road By Lakes. ► Most populous they are the cities; Araruama (109,705 inhabitants, IBGE/2009) and Cold Handle (186,004 inhabitants , IBGE/2009).
  25. 25. Road map of the State of Rio de Janeiro
  27. 27. The Southeast Area of Brazil
  28. 28. Map of Temperature and Precipitations of Brazil.
  29. 29. Map of the economic activities of Brazil
  30. 30. Map of the Economic Regions, Administrative Population of Brazil and Divisions
  31. 31. Map of the Main Cities of Brazil
  32. 32. Map of the States of Brazil