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Facebook: Fan Pages vs. Groups


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Comparing and contrasting the differences between Facebook Fan Pages and Facebook Groups.

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Facebook: Fan Pages vs. Groups

  1. 1. Overview Pages VS. Groups A Facebook Fan Page is similar to a normal Think of Groups as several profiles under Facebook profile but is generally used to one umbrella of a shared interest (Farmers promote a business, brand or product Market Vendors; Nashville Young (Nashville Farmers Market; Nashville, TN; Professionals). Tennessee Home & Farm magazine). Groups are generally used for interacting Facebook members become fans of your and collaborating on a small scale and are Page, and they then have access to all of the typically fine-tuned to specific Facebook content and information within your Page. users that share that common interest. Pages serve as a public branding Groups are similar to clubs in the real opportunity for your product/business and world; you can make them as private as a badge of loyalty for Facebook members or public as you wish. who are fans of your business/product.
  2. 2. Communication Pages VS. Groups Pages have two walls – one for you, and Members can communicate with the one for your fans (one or both can show, Group by writing on the Group's wall, depending on how you filter the wall). or directly with anyone in the group, Communicate directly with fans by posting including admins, via messaging. to your Page's wall. Wall posts appear to Communicate to group members using come from the Page itself rather than the both wall updates and messaging admin (which is hidden). Posts to your wall (provided that your group is smaller than will appear in the News Feed of your fans' 5,000 members). Messages will come Home Page. directly from you as opposed to coming Fans can communicate with your Page by from the Group itself. commenting on the Fan Wall. And if they chose to do so, fans can tag your Page in their own status update, which will post to your Fan Wall as well. You can also send updates to your fans (and even target them by location and gender). Updates are located under the Messages section of personal profiles and appear to come from the Page, not the user/admin.
  3. 3. User Control Pages VS. Groups Pages are open to the public and just about Groups allow you more control over who anyone can become a fan of your Page, you want to communicate with. You can though you can add some restrictions such open your group to anyone at all, select as age or country. specific members (closed groups) or keep it private. Fan pages are searchable through Facebook or any search engine. Anyone can view the Groups are searchable through Facebook, public content within your page, whether but not through search engines. Only or not they are a member of Facebook. limited access is given to non-members. Secret groups are not searchable. You can appoint admins so that multiple people can update the Page as needed. You can appoint admins so that multiple Admins' information stays hidden. people can update to the Group when needed. Admins' profiles will show up in Admins are unable to view fans' information the Group's Wall page and those admins unless you are friends with that person can be contacted directly, which allows through your personal profile. Fans do not for more personal interaction. have full access to other fans' information unless they are friends with that person. Members do not have full access to other members' information, including admins, Admins can remove spam or fans manually unless they are friends with that person. and block users if needed. Admins can remove spam or fans manually or block users if needed.
  4. 4. Applications Pages VS. Groups Default applications that show up as tabs on The tabs within Groups include your Page include discussions, events, links, discussions, events, photos and videos. notes, photos and videos, but there are Tabs can be customized depending on the hundreds of applications within Facebook amount of interaction you'd like between that can be added to your Page as well, group members. many of which can be turned into tabs. You cannot create Landing Pages or add Applications can be adjusted for your Tabs in Groups, but you can hide Tabs. desired level of fan interaction. You can also create Landing Pages, customizable tabs within your Page with specific content to enhance your Fans' experience with your brand or company.
  5. 5. Additional Features Pages VS. Groups Track how many people click through Advertise on Facebook to promote your to your site via your Page; create group. advertisements in Facebook to promote Designate officers so group members your Page; track visitor statistics through can be easily identified amongst other Page Insights. members. Pages are searchable in search engines. Groups are not visible on Facebook's SMS (mobile) subscription service available mobile phone applications (Blackberry, to fans. Username, a.k.a. vanity URL iPhone). (example:, No vanity URL is available. becomes available once the Page reaches 25 fans.