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The strange case of Dr Jekyll and Mr.Hyde


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The strange case of Dr Jekyll and Mr.Hyde

  1. 1. THE STRANGE CASE OF DR JEKYLL AND MR HYDE Robert Louis Stevenson Joselyn Galarza
  2. 2. CHARACTERS  Dr. Henry Jekyll - A respected doctor and friend of both Lanyon, a fellow physician, and Utterson, a lawyer. Jekyll is a seemingly prosperous man, well established in the community, and known for his decency and charitable works. Since his youth, however, he has secretly engaged in unspecified dissolute and corrupt behavior. Jekyll finds this dark side a burden and undertakes experiments intended to separate his good and evil selves from one another. Through these experiments, he brings Mr. Hyde into being, finding a way to transform himself in such a way that he fully becomes his darker half. Joselyn Galarza
  3. 3.  Mr. Edward Hyde - A strange, repugnant man who looks faintly pre-human. Hyde is violent and cruel, and everyone who sees him describes him as ugly and deformed—yet no one can say exactly why. Language itself seems to fail around Hyde: he is not a creature who belongs to the rational world, the world of conscious articulation or logical grammar. Hyde is Jekyll’s dark side, released from the bonds of conscience and loosed into the world by a mysterious potion. Joselyn Galarza
  4. 4.  Mr. Gabriel John Utterson - A prominent and upstanding lawyer, well respected in the London community. Utterson is reserved, dignified, and perhaps even lacking somewhat in imagination, but he does seem to possess a furtive curiosity about the more sordid side of life. His rationalism, however, makes him ill equipped to deal with the supernatural nature of the Jekyll-Hyde connection. While not a man of science, Utterson resembles his friend Dr. Lanyon—and perhaps Victorian society at large—in his devotion to reasonable explanations and his denial of the supernatural. Joselyn Galarza
  5. 5.  Dr. Hastie Lanyon - A reputable London doctor and, along with Utterson, formerly one of Jekyll’s closest friends. As an embodiment of rationalism, materialism, and skepticism, Lanyon serves a foil (a character whose attitudes or emotions contrast with, and thereby illuminate, those of another character) for Jekyll, who embraces mysticism. His death represents the more general victory of supernaturalism over materialism in Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Joselyn Galarza
  6. 6.  Mr. Poole - Jekyll’s butler. Mr. Poole is a loyal servant, having worked for the doctor for twenty years, and his concern for his master eventually drives him to seek Utterson’s help when he becomes convinced that something has happened to Jekyll.  Mr. Enfield - A distant cousin and lifelong friend of Mr. Utterson. Like Utterson, Enfield is reserved, formal, and scornful of gossip; indeed, the two men often walk together for long stretches without saying a word to one another. Joselyn Galarza
  7. 7.  Mr. Guest - Utterson’s clerk and confidant. Guest is also an expert in handwriting. His skill proves particularly useful when Utterson wants him to examine a bit of Hyde’s handwriting. Guest notices that Hyde’s script is the same as Jekyll’s, but slanted the other way.  Sir Danvers Carew - A well-liked old nobleman, a member of Parliament, and a client of Utterson. Joselyn Galarza
  8. 8. CHAPTER 1  One day, Mr Enfield and Mr Utterson have a long walk together. Suddenly, Mr Utterson sees a house without a doorknob and wonders. It was then when Mr Enfield told him a story about the house. It was one late evening where he saw a man crash into a child. As he was a gentleman he hurried to them and helped the child out and caught the mysterious man. This man gave him then a cheque which was worth 100 £. He then went into the house without a doorknob. The cheque was signed under the name of Mr Hyde. Joselyn Galarza
  9. 9. CHAPTER 2  Mr Utterson has the testament of Dr Jekyll, a very old and good friend of his. It is written that everything Dr Jekyll ever owned will be inherited by Mr Hyde. Their relationship is a very old one and never did Dr Jekyll mention a man of the name Mr Hyde. That’s why he goes to his other good friend Dr Lanyon who was a friend of Dr Jekyll for a long time too. He too never heard of a man called Mr Hyde. Mr Utterson cannot sleep and so he goes out at night and walks in the streets and thinks. Suddenly, he sees Mr Hyde! When he went to him to see his face he was almost shocked to death, because what he saw, was pure evil (like Satan’s face) and Mr Hyde immediately returns in his house. Shocked by this, Mr Utterson goes to Dr Jekyll’s home, but he is absent as he was told by his servant. Joselyn Galarza
  10. 10. CHAPTER 3  Two weeks later, he hears from Dr Jekyll that he is giving a party. Mr Utterson visits him and asks about Mr Hyde. Dr Jekyll does not say a lot but he has a request. He asks Mr Utterson if he could help Mr Hyde in justice if necessary, because Mr Utterson is a lawyer. Joselyn Galarza
  11. 11. CHAPTER 4  A maid looks out of the window at night. She can see her master with another guy who will be revealed to be Mr Hyde. This was the last time she saw her master, because Mr Hyde kills him. Mr Utterson and the police officer go to Mr Hyde’s place (he received his address in chapter 2). The housekeeper tells them that she has not seen Mr Hyde for two months already. What they find are several 10’000 £ cheques and the second half of a broken stick which actually belongs to Dr Jekyll. Joselyn Galarza
  12. 12. CHAPTER 5  Mr Utterson is given a letter by the now sick Dr Jekyll. The letter was written by Mr Hyde. That’s why Mr Utterson visits a friend and client of him Mr Guest who knows how to read handwritings. He compares the letter with one of Dr Jekyll’s invitations. They look quite similar but are still somehow differently slopped. Joselyn Galarza
  13. 13. CHAPTER 6  There is no trace of Mr Hyde and Dr Jekyll renewed his relationships and did a lot of good things in his community. But Mr Utterson was rejected by Jekyll’s dinners several times. He dined with his firend Dr Lanyon one night, but he has changed a lot. Somehow, he looked grown pale and bolder and like in a deep-seated terror. Mr Utterson finally concludes that Dr Jekyll must have problems or a dark secret. Dr Lanyon also gives him a letter which is only to be opened in case of Dr Jekyll’s death or his disappearance. Dr Lanyon also tells Mr Utterson that he does not want to see nor talk to Dr Jekyll ever again. Some weeks later, Dr Lanyon dies. Mr Utterson visits Mr Poole more often who is the oldest servant of Dr Jekyll. Joselyn Galarza
  14. 14. CHAPTER 7  Mr Utterson has again one of his walks with Mr Enfield. They pass the house without doorknob again and find out that this is a secret entrance to Dr Jekyll’s laboratory. A window is slightly opened. They stare in it and see Dr Jekyll lying around, unable to have a conversation with them. Suddenly, they saw something in Dr Jekyll’s face what made them leave this place immediately, scared to death. Joselyn Galarza
  15. 15. CHAPTER 8  Poole came into a rush to Mr Utterson. The two of them hurry back to Dr Jekyll’s house and the first time they go into his laboratory. They see Dr Jekyll turning into Mr Hyde who dies. Mr Utterson sees the connection from this laboratory to the house without doorknob and many weird other chemicals. Also, he finds a note where stands written he should read the letter given by Dr Lanyon and the other two letters (which he received previously). Joselyn Galarza
  16. 16. CHAPTER 9  Dr Lanyon is the narrative in this letter. This letter unravels why Dr Lanyon did not want to see Dr Jekyll anymore. Dr Lanyon received a very urgent letter by Dr Jekyll. He should go to his place at night and he will be led by Poole to his laboratory where he has to get certain chemicals and things. At midnight, he will meet a person, who he should give these things. He saw the man how he is transformed into Dr Jekyll. Dr Lanyon was terrified for his life and dies in chapter 6. Joselyn Galarza
  17. 17. CHAPTER 10  This is Henry Jekyll’s full statement of the case. Jekyll reveals everything. He has found a chemical mixture which can help to bring out the pure evil in one’s person. He also reports the deadly side effects and this letter helps to explain the events in the previous chapters. Joselyn Galarza
  18. 18. END Joselyn Galarza