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Question 4. Who would be the target audience for your media product?


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Published in: Design, Business
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Question 4. Who would be the target audience for your media product?

  1. 1. More frequently than ever, advertisement is used to endorse target audiences to buy their product whether it be beneficial or not. Magazine industry can be ruthless to the people they aim at in order to get advertisers to pay to be in the magazines, but advertisers will only do so if they feel the magazine attracts the same audience as them.<br />This is what I perceive as my icon target audience style. Although my magazine does appeal is some aspects has multi-gender appeal, ruthlessly my main focus is on the male audience in demographic category ABC1 who’s disposable income will be spent on something like a magazine. This young male adult represents the average of my magazine, he stereotypically represents the indie genre of music which my magazines main focus is on, however a current ‘fashion/style’ of indie following young adults is to shockingly be attracted to the grime/rap trend even though no aspect of their aesthetics represent this feature.<br />Question 4. Who would be the target audience for your media product?<br />
  2. 2. 4<br />The target audience I have speculated from this collected images board could be said to be vague and inaccurate to a specific stereotype of today's cultures. However this is all purposely done, I am not trying to appeal to a specific group. Instead I am gathering images together to create an mutual interest between stereotypes. I from my own knowledge of the stereotypes of the modern era, averagely each stereotype have 2-4 things on this collected images page that appeal to them. The main demographic I am aiming at are the multi-gender working class young adults aged between 16-26. The social class will effect the pricing of the magazine to be rarely cheap as the disposable income of this demographic isn't financially always rich. The style of the magazine will have an informal register and use lots of colloquial, ‘slang’ lexical features both of the front page and in my contents. Following trends of tabloid newspapers, there will feature a lot of visual substance like images and sign-posting instead o f lots of worded articles because the target audience are easy-readers and haven't got the time in the day to sit and spend reading the magazine with education and jobs.<br />The collected images I have placed on the mood board convey the similar majority interests that my typical target audience stereotype. One thing I have noticed is that lots of the shapes follow a geometrical trend (for instance the indicates shapes) this can influence the layout of my magazine and the shapes in which I order things. In contrast to things there are a few circular shapes in ratio to the geometrical ones, possibly a few circular shapes could compliment and go well with the layout and may be a feature I could use.<br />The main focus of colour seems to be dark tones; mostly black. The striking colours that at first glance pop into my perspective are the reds and blues dotted around in contrast to the blacks. Linking to Magazine Analysis, reds are effective for connotations to ‘stop’ and read. This could proof helpful in my magazine as a feature to make the target audience want to read my magazine.<br />The cigarettes that are geometrically horizontal with the divide in colour could be good for the caption layout to separate caption title from substance. The use in a different colour helps the reader clearly separate the writing without having to underline or put a bold sign-posting.<br />The style of the collected images has a contrast of individual, quirky items such as the military jacket , the converse heels and the bow tie. But then juxtaposed with a very nationally targeted items with technology such as the Blackberry phone and the IPod touch. With this it shows me what things I address in my magazine have to specifically chosen accurately to suit my target audience’s needs of self esteem, being accepted and high reputational according to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.<br />Looking at my collected images, the festival ticket inspires me in my promotional ideas to do a some link to a particular festival that my target audience could be interested in and advertise official news and offers in a connection to the festival. By drawing a connection with what the target audience already like, it makes the target audience recognise that the magazine will also be appealing to them.<br />
  3. 3. When researching about the distributor I preferred I came across this theory that Bauer Media live by and split them up into 4 groups that every person either fall into: <br />Project Phoenix<br />
  4. 4. Pace-setters are without doubt the people I am aiming at. From what I have conglomerated as my iconic target audience, these fit perfectly with what i want in my target audience. As my magazine caters for different genres mainly mainstream music pace-setters would fit my target audience very well as being in the demographic group i am aiming at.<br />