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Conversocial Company Culture


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Conversocial Company Culture

  1. 1. Deliver Great Social Customer Service
  2. 2. Our mission:Be the world leader in social customer service software
  3. 3. What kind of company are we building?We are working to build a great company, with a great culture. What does that meanfor us? There are a few key elements of the culture we’re building that are especiallyimportant:Highly aligned, loosely coupledHaving the best peopleReward results rather than processAdaptive and fast moving 3
  4. 4. Culture: Highly aligned, loosely coupledWe want to move quickly, and give people the freedom and responsibility to makedecisions and take action.It’s essential that we have co-ordination of our strategy and goals across thecompany - especially with multiple departments and physical locations. We useObjectives and Key Results (OKR), and share information, plans and results asopenly as we can across the whole company so that everyone understands thecontext of what they’re doing.We trust each other (and different teams) to make tactical decisions and executetowards our goals, and minimize cross-team meetings. We have a no committeerule: every decision must have one final owner responsible for the decision and itsconsequences. The increase in speed and responsibility outweighs the benefit fromhaving multiple people involved in the decision (this doesn’t mean you can’t getinput from others for a decision you are responsible for). 4
  5. 5. Culture: Hiring and keeping the best peopleWe want to hire the smartest, most ambitious superstars; and they should loveworking at Conversocial. This means creating a culture and workplace superstarswant to work at.We try to give everyone a chance to learn and develop, to take on responsibility, andreward people for achieving great results.We also have fun together - we play games, we go on company trips (and nightsout), and we buy lunch for everyone every day - so that we can all eat together. 5
  6. 6. Culture: Rewarding results rather than processWe care about results - working hard is only worth it if it makes a difference; and wewant to give you as much freedom as possible to create an impact.We have only as much process as is needed to do the job in the best way (andsome teams do need more structure than others, eg sales).When we do have process, it should help people do their jobs and be successful -and not to make up for a lack of trust. If we don’t trust someone, then they shouldn’tbe part of the company. 6
  7. 7. Culture: Adaptive and fast movingOur market is changing and developing weekly. We can’t predict what might beneeded in 12 months, or even 6 months.As an organization we need to be ahead of the market, leading our category throughinnovation and thought leadership, with the ability to move quickly to change andadapt as needed.Everyone in the company needs to be be thinking about the future of our productand market, and be willing to accept the fast changes needed to stay in the lead. 7
  8. 8. Company culture: our valuesThere are a few key behaviours we particularly value for everyone in the company.We hire and promote people who demonstrate these:Care about the success of the companyTake initiativePut customers firstDon’t accept ‘good enough’ 8
  9. 9. Values: Care about the success of the companyYou should be passionate about making Conversocial successful, and put what’sbest for the company ahead of what’s best for yourself or your team.Go the extra mile to ensure we are successful, whatever it takes (whether helping acustomer at the weekend, staying late to finish a proposal, or even just contributingideas on how we can make the company better).We’re in a fast moving market - be willing to change and adapt your role dependingon what the company needs. 9
  10. 10. Values: Take initiativeDon’t wait for someone else to tell you what to do, or do something for you. If adecision needs making, then make it. If something needs doing (even if outside yournormal role), then do it.Take responsibility to learn and be the best at your job. Be constantly self improving.Be constantly researching and understanding our market, customers andcompetitors.Give honest feedback when you have ideas, or when you think we could be doingsomething better. Pushback when you disagree (but accept that when a decision ismade, it’s made - action is more important than consensus). 10
  11. 11. Values: Put customers firstOur customers should love using our product and love working with us. If somethingis harder or more work for you but will make their lives easier, you should do it(whether you’re developing a new feature, writing a sales proposal or answering asupport email).Think about how we can best help our customers. If they have an issue, don’t justthink about the superficial fix, but see if there’s a deeper problem we can solve thatwill greatly improve their experience.Try and delight our customers. Send them gifts. Share information and research theymight find useful (even if it’s not from us). Go the extra mile to make their lives betterand ensure they love working with us. 11
  12. 12. Values: Don’t accept ‘good enough’We need to be the best in everything. In every piece of communication, in everyfeature, in every proposal. Take pride in your work and pride in being the best. Ifsomething is not right, then keep at it until it is.We should aim to win every sale. Never lose a customer. Be the leading socialcustomer service product in the world. Be the most trusted and reliable partner forour customers. And be the leading company in our market.This will only happen if everyone in the company always strives to be the best - andnever accepts ‘good enough’. 12
  13. 13. As our company is developing, so is our culture. You now have a chance to make an impact on our product, our customers, and our company. What’s next... is up to you!