Double trouble


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Presentation for 16th January, 2012

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Double trouble

  1. 1. A Lesson Plan--- Double Trouble for Mainland Tourists By Joshua Chi 16th January, 2012
  2. 2. A Lesson Plan Suggested target students: Form 4 Suggested duration: 3 lessons Aims: 1. To raise the awareness of how honesty plays an important role in our daily moral life. 2. To develop students’ honesty and ability of protecting themselves from getting conned.
  3. 3.  Language learning skills: Students will be able to 1. develop comprehension skills: A) Predicting through headings and subtitles. B) Guessing the meaning from context. C) Referencing skills. D) Inference skills. 2. Consider and evaluate their own moral criteria.
  4. 4.  Materials and resources: 1. the reading article. 2. a computer. 3. blackboard and marker. 4. worksheets.
  5. 5. Pre-reading Activity 1: Group Discussion 1. Do you like shopping when you travel to somewhere else? 2. How did you feel and what did you do if you had had this experience of getting conned and resulting in a big loss to you? 3. What do you think of the Hong Kong tourism? 4. Do you think why Hong Kong has been deemed as the paradise place for shopping in the world? 4. What do you think of honesty? Is it very important in a modern commercial city?
  6. 6. Activity 2: Watching videos 1. Hong Kong-Live it, love it: 2. Welcome to Hong Kong” 3. Forced shopping on tourists in HK 4. Hong Kong Experiences Fake Gold Scam
  7. 7. Activity 3: Prediction Predict what the article is going to talk about through the heading: Double Trouble for mainland Tourists.
  8. 8. While-reading 1. Read the article and answer the questions: 1) Why did the mainland couple flew back to Hong Kong? 2) What did the couple do in mainland China? 3) Did they get their refund? 4) What happened to them when they came back to Hong Kong? 5) Do you think that honesty is very important to any city? 6) What can Hong Kong do to protect tourists from scams according to Dorothy Mak?
  9. 9.  2. Check the answers with students after finishing reading. 3. Word Test Match the meaning of the new words in the article: con, scam, ordeal, bumpkin, fall victim to, vow, outraged, humiliated, take advantage of, injustice, rip-off, bite the bullet, arbotrator. Tribunal, -----
  10. 10. Post-reading Activity 1: Group Discussion Discuss in groups about: 1) Who should take responsibilities for the loss of the old couple from mainland China? The couple, the shop owners or the Hong Kong government? 2) whether does honesty play an important part in promoting Hong Kong Tourism or not?
  11. 11. Activity 2: Writing Supposed you were the old couple and you would like to write a letter to the consumer Council complaints Officer Dorothy Mak about your suggestions of how to stop scams in Hong Kong and make Hong Kong become the real paradise of shopping in the world. Activity 3: Listen to a song about Honesty by Billy Joel eME&feature=related
  12. 12. Thanks for your Attentions !