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Task 7 Screenplay Annotation


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Annotation of the audio of Screenplay that I added some VST effects to.

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Task 7 Screenplay Annotation

  1. 1. Screenplay - VST Effects Demo Annotations For the character of “Fred”I tried2 differentVSTPlug-ins,settlingonthe latterof the 2: Wow and Flutter,asit createda more amusingeffect.Itweakedwithall of the optionsbefore settlingon changingthe “Wow” to 4.12, and the 1st level coarse to1.63. Afterthat Fredsoundedasif he wasn’t evena humananymore. For the character of CharlesIalsotried2 VSTPlug-ins,before settlingonthe latter.The firstone made little difference to the character’sover-all dialogue,butthe secondmade itsoundasif he was speakingthroughanold-fashionedradiotothe othercharacter so I stuckwiththat one.
  2. 2. Andfor the character of the Plague-Doctor,I decidedquicklythatthe Ambience VST Plug-inwould workbestfor whatI wanted,as the Plague Doctorwearsa maskthat wouldcause hisvoice to slightlyecho.