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DMAIC - Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control

  2. DMAIC • A Continuous Improvement Methodology Common in Manufacturing Environments • An Empirical Process Driven by Data
  3. DMAIC STEPS Define Measure AnalyzeImprove Control
  4. DEFINE •Define Your Business Problem •What Do You Currently Know? •Who or What is Impacted By The Problem?
  5. MEASURE •Collect data to establish a baseline of the current state •Avoid non-quantifiable terms such as “High” or “Low” without having established items of comparison
  6. ANALYZE •Create process maps to help visualize the flow •Investigate and learn the details surrounding the problem area •Question the people who perform the work •List out possible causes to the defined problem
  7. IMPROVE • Plan your improvement - how are you going to achieve the preferred result? • Put the plan into action - ideally one change at a time • Verify that the change is working as expected • If the change is not working as expected, adjust the change or implement a different solution
  8. CONTROL •Put controls in place to ensure improvements can be and will be followed •Monitor for the reoccurrence of the original problem
  9. WHEN IT COMES TO IMPROVEMENT • Difficult to follow changes probably will not be followed • Lack of tools or training may result in improvements failing • Frequent or erratic changes without explanation may turn the workforce against the changes • Always remember – somebody else likely has to deal with your improvements
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