Local SEO Factors 2013


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Factors for local SEO 2013. Educational slides by Joshua Belland. See more information on Joshuabelland.com.

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  • STRUCTURED CITATION IS A MENTION OF A BUSINESS AND ADDRESS AND/OR PHONE NUMBER ON AN IYP OR DIRECTORY WEBSITE.An unstructured citation is mention of a business name and address and/or phone number on a website that is not an IYP site or other traditional directory.
  • Local SEO Factors 2013

    1. 1. Local SEO Houston Automotive Service
    2. 2. Agenda  Local Search for the Automotive Service Industry  Local Ranking Factors  Creating a Google Place Page  Structured Vs. Unstructured Citations  On-Page Schema Markup  Trusted Local Directories  Recognizing Unstructured Citations  Finding Unstructured Citations  Benefits to Local Search
    3. 3. Houston Local Search for the Automotive Service Industry  Identifying Keywords:  Houston Auto Repair: 9,900 local searches per month  Automotive Repair Houston: 4,400 local searches per month  Houston Auto Service: 4,400 searches per month  Three keywords combined: 18,700 Searches Per Month  Organic Results: 87% of Clicks  Top 2 Local Listing attract the most attention
    4. 4. Eye Tracking Heat Map Top 2 Results
    5. 5. Creating a Google Place Page  https://www.google.com/business/placesforbusiness/
    6. 6. Optimizing a Google Places Page  Choose Proper Categories  Keyword in Title  Address must be in the city you are optimizing for  Add Pictures, Video, etc.  Create Google Plus Page
    7. 7. Google + Page  Local Directory Citations must be the same as the information on Google +  Add 10 unique photos keyword filled file names  Verify address in Google Plus  Share content with others  Add business website link to Google + Page  Fill out all information Google + ask for
    8. 8. Local Ranking Factors 2013 External Local Signals Source: Moz.com
    9. 9. Structured Citation Vs. Unstructured Citations • A STRUCTURED CITATION is a mention of a business and address AND/OR phone number on an Internet Yellow Pages (IYP) or Directory Site. • An UNSTRUCTURED CITATION is a mention of a business name and address and/or phone number on a website that is not an IYP site or other traditional directory.
    10. 10. 5 Ways to Attract Links  Start a Fundraiser  Host an Event  Do a Survey  Ask Partners  Hire Interns
    11. 11. Local Search Strategy Download Directory List  Google Reviews (Real Ones)  Google +1‟s  Images on Google + Page  Adds and Shares Google+ Bloggers/Foodies Niche Directories News Schools (.edu) NAP in hCard / Schema.org Third Party Reviews Best Local Search Report: http://www.davidmihm.com/local-search-ranking-factors.shtml Google Reviews Product/Service KW In Review http://schema.org/LocalBusiness
    12. 12. This is a tools report done by Analytics SEO comparing the quality and amount of links found by paid backlink analysis tool providers. http://www.analyticsseo.com/us/blog/ moz-vs-majesticseo-vs-ahrefs
    13. 13. Backlink Profile Live Band Events Page Podcasts
    14. 14. Unstructured Citation/Link AcquisitionFinding Structured Citations Advanced Search Operators • Inanchor: submit site • Inurl: submit site • Inanchor: list your business • Inanchor: list business • Intitle: business directory • Intitle: directory “keyword” • Inurl: directory “keyword” https://sites.google.com/sit e/gwebsearcheducation/adv anced-operators For full list of operators: Finding Link Prospects: • Houston Restaurant Reviews inurl:blog • Pubs intitle:directory • Bars intitle:directory Niche BusinessDirectories Bloggers/Foodies News Schools (.edu)
    15. 15. Schema.org  Schema Tags are meant to help google identify the type of content that is being displayed (i.e. Address, City, State, Name of Business, Events, etc.)  When content is wrapped in schema tags, it is sometimes displayed in search engines giving the link more visibility thus attracting more attention.  http://schema.org/LocalBusiness  Example of Schema Markup: <div itemscope itemtype ="http://schema.org/Movie"> „Movie Name‟</div>
    16. 16. Presenter Joshua Belland SEO Platform Strategist 832-493-9925 www.learnseohouston.org Joshua.Belland@analyticsseo.com www.analyticsseo.com