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Tools and Equipment (Industrial Technology- Building and Furniture Design)


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Industrial Technology- Building and Furniture Design

Published in: Education
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Tools and Equipment (Industrial Technology- Building and Furniture Design)

  1. 1. INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGY- BUILDING AND FURNITURE DESIGN Building Tool and Equipment Joshua Baptiste 71533 Shawna - Kay Bryan 73666
  2. 2. Lesson Objectives At the end of this lesson students will be able to name, list and differentiate between the different types of building tools and equipment.
  3. 3. Question What are building tools and equipment?
  4. 4. Building Tools The term ‘tools’ refers to instruments that are used by hand. Tools maybe; hand tools, power tools or machine tools. Tools may be general tools such as shovels and hammers, or specialist tools such electrical tools or measuring devices. Some tools are multi-functional. It is important that the correct tools are available to carry out the works, otherwise there may be delays, or attempts to carry out the works with an inappropriate tool which can cause damage, improper installation or safety issues.
  5. 5. Types of tools Brick and Block Laying Cutting
  6. 6. Types of tools Marking Finishing
  7. 7. Types of tools Measuring Leveling
  8. 8. Types of tools Percussion/Impelling Boring
  9. 9. Types of tools Gripping/Holding Excavating
  10. 10. Questions 1.What are of some the purposes of the different building tools? 2.Why do you think building tools and building equipment are different?
  11. 11. Building Equipment The term ‘equipment’ generally refers to a set of tools used for a single purpose. A set of tools that are designated for a specific task is known as equipment. This could be a small set of functional items that contribute to a finished product.
  12. 12. Types of equipment Ladders Scaffolding
  13. 13. Types of equipment Mixing Machines Mobile Elevating Machines
  14. 14. Types of equipment Vibrators Wheel Barrow
  15. 15. Types of equipment Buckets Skip
  16. 16. Questions 1.What is your perception of a building equipment and which ones do you think are most useful ? 2.What are the purposes of some different building equipment?
  17. 17. Recap