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Existing product research


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Existing product research

  1. 1. Existing product research
  2. 2. Kerrang-Front coverKerrang is a rock/metal magazine that is published by BauerConsumer Media publishing house and their target audienceis people who listen to rock/metal music. The colour schemefor this cover bright colours on dark colours or vice versa tocreate contrast and grab the attention of consumers this isgood because that is what a front cover should do it does thisbecause the colours stand out more also dark colours arecommonly associated with the genre of music they cover as isstanding out. The text/ picture ratio is heavily leaned towardspictures as there is a lot more space taken up by pictures butthe pictures are bigger than text which grabs the consumersattention. Something I picked up on is the writing style of thiscover is to use a lot of exclamation marks as if they areshouting at the audience this is also backed up by the factthat all the text is written in upper case and some are alsobold this fits in with the stereotype of this genre of being loud& noticed, Another good way the cover grabs the consumersattention is that any headings, sub-headings and the title ofthe magazine are in upper case and bold.The photography on this cover is of these to singers posed inthat position to fit the stereotype of this genre of being loudand aggressive so it is more appealing to it’s target audiencealso the photo is placed in the centre and is quite big so itgrabs the consumers attention
  3. 3. Kerrang-contents pageThe colours on the contents page fit the colour scheme of darkcolours on bright colours or vice versa. The photography is amixture of posed and live both types are used to draw attentionto a specific article about the band or artist in the picture the useof a live picture at the top instantly lets the reader know that thearticle is a live review as the picture is of a band playing live infront of a crowd also the bold upper case text draws attention tothe type of articles that the magazine has, these things are goodtechniques because it quickly lets consumers know what is in themagazine without having to buy it like a try before you buy todraw people in this is also backed up by the advertisement in thebottom right to buy a subscription by having this on the contentspage people can know about it without buying the magazine.There is more text than pictures in this contents page becausethe purpose of a contents page is to inform the consumer/readerof the articles in the magazine and what page they are on theonly pictures are used to further explain articles and drawattention to the text.
  4. 4. Kerrang-Double page spreadThe writing style in this double page spread is like acommentary of what happened when theyinterviewed the two singers and isn’t really aimedat any one based on their literary capabilities forexample the use of the word “antipodal” noteveryone who reads this will know what thismeans. The image in this double page spread takesup much more space than the image and the imagehas been set up to reflect the personality of thesingers. The colours on this double page spread fitwith the colour scheme as it has a whitebackground that makes the text stand out more asit is mostly dark red and black also there is a gooduse of red to emphasise certain parts of text (likethe question asked and the band names) as theyare important pieces of information.
  5. 5. Metal Hammer-Front coverMetal Hammer is a heavy metal magazine published by futurepublishing and their target audience is people who listen to heavymetal music. The colour scheme for this magazine is bright coloursfor the text and dark colours for the background this is usedespecially on the cover as it grabs the consumers attention so theynotice and pick up the magazine, the large image is also effectiveat grabbing consumer attention, also black/dark colours areassociated with the metal genre as is standing out. The cover ismainly covered by the large picture which is a good technique fora cover as it draws attention to the magazine more than it would ifit were the other way around. The style of writing uses all uppercase letters this is good as it fits with the fact that most metalmusic is loud so the upper case letters make it seem like you arebeing shouted at, also by using upper case letters it makes youlook at the text so you can get a brief summary of the articles inthe magazines. The photography is a posed picture of this singerso he fits in with the genre’s stereotype of being loud andaggressive so it is more appealing to it’s target audience also thephoto is placed in the centre and covers the length of the cover soit grabs the consumers attention
  6. 6. Metal Hammer-contents pageThe colours in this contents page are mostly white, red andblack and if the text is black the background is white and ofthe text is white the background is black and red text is onboth this technique makes the text stand out more so it iseasier to read and it grabs attention more effectively. Theheading of the articles are written on upper case so theystand out more this allows the reader/consumer to findout what articles are in the magazine quickly withouthaving to buy the magazine. There is more text thanpictures in this contents page because the purpose of acontents page is to inform the consumer/reader of thearticles in the magazine and what page they are on theonly pictures are used to further explain articles. Also inthe bottom left there are pictures of text so they stand outmore probably because they want you to see the articlesmore than the other ones or they are articles they knowtheir target audience will want to read.
  7. 7. Metal Hammer-double page spreadThe writing style in this double page spread israther informal as it has several expletives in it butyou can tell it is meant to inform as it has facts andopinions as well. The image takes up most of thedouble page spread and is a posed picture to showthe bands image and personality but it has abackground edited in that fits in with what thearticle says about the band being the future ofmetal and the background is futuristic. The colourson this double page spread fit with the colourscheme of standing out as the background usesdark colours and the text is written in white oryellow not only does this idea fit in with thegenre’s stereotype of standing out but it also fits inwith the article as it says that the band stand out inthe metal world
  8. 8. NME-front coverNME is an Indy magazine published by IPC media and theirtarget audience is people who listen to Indy music. Thecolour scheme is lots of bright colours this is usedespecially on the cover to grab the attention of consumersso they pick it up and possibly buy it, The size of the text atthe bottom and the image dominating the background andcentre are also effective at doing this yet another way ofgrabbing consumer attention is by using all upper caseletters. The picture is a posed picture of the band that fits inwith the Indy stereotype of being out there doingoutlandish and rebellious things
  9. 9. NME-Contents pageThe colours on this contents page fit with bright andstanding out as the entire background is white. Thecontents page is mainly dominated by images thatare quite large so they draw your attention towardsthe article they are associated with, there is alsoquite a lot of upper case text so you are drawn in toread it after the image has grabbed you this alsomakes it easier and quicker to read, these thingssummarise the article quickly and this is a goodtechnique as it quickly lets consumers know what isin the magazine without having to buy it like a trybefore you buy to draw people in this is also backedup by the advertisement in the bottom right to buy asubscription by having this on the contents pagepeople can know about it without buying themagazine. Also the way the page is composed andthe font size and type they have used make thecontents page make it seem like the contents page ofa newspaper so you know instantly that this page isgoing to inform you of something
  10. 10. NME-Double page spreadThe writing style of this is very descriptive as it is a review ofa gig and it has quotes from members of the bands as wellas describing some of the stage set up. The image takes upall of the page as it is the background, the image is a livepicture as the article is a review of the gig the picture wastaken of. The colours on this page fit with the bright colourscheme of the rest of the magazine it also uses neon pinkand blue to highlight the names of bands and people in thedescription at the top of the article to make them stand outpossibly because they are important pieces of informationabout the article. Also the heading for the article is in uppercase and is bold because it fits in with the stereotype ofhardcore being aggressive and loud so when the text lookslike it does it is like your being shouted at. Also neon pinkand blue are strange colours and being strange fits in withthe Indy stereotype of being out there doing outlandish,strange and rebellious things