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Codes and conventions question


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Codes and conventions question

  1. 1. In what ways does your mediaproduct use, develop or challengeforms and conventions of real mediaproducts?Evaluation
  2. 2. Colour schemeGreen is for thealbum hold yourcolourBecause the mostprominent colouris greenThe colour scheme for the digipak is taken from Pendulum’s three studioalbums because a convention of the genre and something the audienceenjoy are intertextual links to a band/artists previous work or historyRed is for the album insilicoAs red is a veryprominent colouron the album coverThe aqua blue isfor the albumImmersionBecause Immersion’scover has anunderwater theme andaqua blue is the colourused the mostThis colour scheme is carried out throughout the digipak
  3. 3. Digipak productsAlbum-front coverAudience research showed that thetarget audience enjoyed referencesto earlier work by a band or artist asa way to prove their knowledge toother fans so this album covercontains several intertextualreferences to Pendulum’s earlierworkSections fromPendulum’s previousalbum covers are in thebackgroundThe colour scheme for thelogo and for the text isinspired by previous albums.This is the same for the entiredigipak
  4. 4. Digipak productsAlbum-back coverThe album back coverfollows genre conventionsbecause it follows a similarstyle to the front cover byusing the sametitle, font, uses the samelogo and the same colourschemeThe album cover has a barcode aconvention for all album coversLogos are a code for all albums. Theselogos are from the recordcompany(Earstorm) and distributor(Warner Music group) that Pendulum useTrack list of 13 songs fromacross Pendulumsprevious albums and theaverage length of theprevious albums is 13tracks so this greatest hitsalbum is 13 tracks long
  5. 5. Digipak productsCD designThis CD follows the same colour scheme asthe other productsThis product incorporatespieces from Pendulum’sprevious studio albumsThe inner blue wascut from a section ofthe album“Immersion”The middle is thefoetus from the album“in silico”The outer mostsection of the circleis part of the eyelashfrom the album“Hold your colour”We have done this because it is agreatest hits album so it is made upof all the band’s past work , we feltthe designs in the digipak shouldfollow this idea. As well as it being achance to satisfy fans by referencingthe bands past
  6. 6. Digipak productsDVD designThis product uses the same title with thesame colours as the other productshowever the other colours have beeninverted because it is the other side of thealbum physically being the other side ofPendulum the side of the band that thefans don’t see and our research showedthat pendulum were a very closed band soseeing a behind the scenes video would bea good thing for fansLike the CD the circle for the DVD is made up ofdifferent images from Pendulum’s past only in thisone it is from mostly tour posters because the DVDfeatures a behind the scenes tour diary. The noncolour-inverted version of the design is belowThe outer most part ofthe circle is from thePendulum 2009 U.Stour posterThe middle of the circle isa section from thePendulum Australianalbum preview tourThe inner most part of the circle is from aposter for the single witchcraft because theDVD contains “the making of witchcraft”about the making of the music video wemade
  7. 7. Digipak productsInside of the album (both sides)The space theme is an intertextual link to the band’smusic videos because there are several with a spacethem as shown in our product research in the musicvideos for- Propane nightmares, Granite andWatercolourFollows the samecolour scheme as otherproductsIt uses the font from theother productsThe colours have been inverted on theDVD/back side because it is the otherside of the album physically being theother side of Pendulum the side of theband that the fans don’t see and ourresearch showed that pendulum werea very closed band so seeing a behindthe scenes video would be a goodthing for fans. Also the fan section ofthe Pendulum website is called theother side so and it has an invertedcolours on the site so this is a homageto the fans
  8. 8. Magazine advertThis product follows the colourscheme of the digipakIt has a memorable sloganwhich references thebands past albumsThis advert follows theconventions of magazine advertsbecause it promotes the releasedate (the fact it is out now) and awebsite to find out more about thealbumIt has logos advertising placeswhere the song can be releasedBand logo the same as the oneused in the album“Hold your colours against thewall” are lyrics from the titlesong of Pendulum’s first albumImmerse yourself, is a reference toPendulums third album“Immersion”Font is the same asour album andPendulums otheralbums
  9. 9. Music videoOur music video follows the conventions of the genre because as we found in ourresearch the band use dark colours a lot and in our music video one of the characters inthe music video and the members of the band wear black
  10. 10. Music VideoMy music video follows conventions because it suggests the protagonist has anunderlying mental problem because he is being chased by himself. This follows theconvention of the band because Pendulum’s music video “Crush” which was analysedin my research is about a character with a mental issue because he is delusional .My video also follows the conventions of real media products because there is a mix ofstory and live element it also has the song playing over the top of the entire video.Also the band member appears multiple times in the video and in multiple roles whichis a convention for the band