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Costumes, props and equipment


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Published in: Education
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Costumes, props and equipment

  2. 2. COSTUMES PARTY At a party typical modern clothing will be worn such as hoodies and crop tops. The reason why I chose a more chav approach is because we are aiming to show a more lazy, relaxed not caring about how they present themselves. This is due to the fact they are drinking and taking drugs unaware of their surroundings. This will only be the group who are really into the drugs and show that they don’t really care about life. The party will also consist of People who do care about how they look and present themselves, these are the ones who do not take the drugs or very little. They keep a mind of their intake and are very responsible
  3. 3. COSTUMES STALKER The stalker should be and anonymous person who should give and on edge feel when seen. Using low key lighting to produce shadows the stalker will appear black and hidden. The stalker will be unnoticeable to the others which will create tension when we know there's something going to happen In our audience research they suggested they love the on edge experience and suspense which makes it exciting . Black clothing is used because it represents darkness which is usually associated with evil, this will also help audience to point out the antagonist. The black works well with camouflaging in the low key lighting of night.
  4. 4. PROPS In our audience research they suggested that they prefer Apple or Samsung, this means we can implicate this to our production to help relate it to our audience. The majority suggested IPhone this means we are more likely to use phone's rather than Samsung At the party scene our audience contributed at identifying the usual party scenarios, this included Alcohol, drugs and people dancing to music. By using our audience to help indicate what is in a party we are able to make the opening sequence feel real or normal because it helps the audience to understand what’s going on as well as getting them into the movie so they can relate it to themselves. Fake blood is a great way to show the realism and suspense the film will have. It will also help to indicate the stalker is a dangerous person (Killed people in the past).