What is photography 1


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What is photography 1

  1. 1. Use of photography in themedia industry By JoshMowatt
  2. 2. What is photography?Photography is an art form, which is done by using technology to create amazingphotographs with incredible quality.There are many different types of photography for capturing different style of images.For example we have Portrait, landscape, Fashion, Photo Journalism, MacroPhotography, and Advertising Photography.
  3. 3. Portrait PhotographyPortrait photography is a picture of a person or a group of people. Usually when theyare front facing towards the camera looking directly at it.For example a Passport photo is a Portrait photograph.Portrait photographs are intended to capture the truth.Another example is a photo taken of Neil Armstrong on the moon.Some famous portrait photographers, Eve Arnold, Irving Pinn, Steve McCurry, CecilBeaton, these are all well known or up coming famous Portrait photographers.
  4. 4. Landscape PhotographyLandscape photography shows different landmarks and remarkable views from allover the world. Landmark photography is normally used when there is a photoopportunity that cant be explained in words, as the view is so magnificent that itwould be to hard to put into words.This type of photography is normally used by professional photographers, as they arebest at capturing a landscape photo, they will find the best view point for thephotograph and where you will be able to get the best quality of photograph.Some famous Landscape photographers Galen Rowell, Art Wolfie, David Ward andJohn Sexton.I used these photos because Ithought that they really capturedthe art of landscape photography.
  5. 5. MACRO PHOTOGRAPHYMacro Photography is where pictures of nature wildlife and animals, are taken in suchdetail and so up close that even the human eye would struggle to see it in such detail.Macro photography is usually of small insects or objects which are then made to look huge.That just proves of how up close these photos have to be.For example this jumping spider isnt thebiggest of spiders but in this macrophotograph it is made to look A lot biggerthan it actually is. But another Amazingthing about this photo is the sheer Detailand quality of this photo it is amazing. I meaneven if you did get that close to look at ajumping spider, I still don’t think that you would see as much detail from looking at it thanwhat we can see in this photograph.Some famous Macro photographers. John Shaw, Ronnie Gaubert, Danny Young and JodyMenalson.
  6. 6. FASHION PHOTOGRAPHYFashion photography use to be where professional photographers take pictures ofmodels in there chosen outfits to help the company sell the clothes. But now Fashionphotography is used for magazines and newspapers. And the photos either have astory or mood behind the photo now. Also fashion photography has become a lotmore lenient with what the models wear for example in the 1900’s women had to becovered up they could wear swimwear but nothing revealing but now a days they canwear nothing except for there underwear. An example of magazines and newspapersthat allow this are The Sun and Zoo. In Zoo magazine sometimes they don’t evenwear any underwear. that just goes to show how much it has changed since Fashionphotography first started in 1839. Fashion photography 2012 Compared to Fashion photography in the 1800’s
  7. 7. ADVERTISEMENT PHOTOGRAPHYAdvertisement photography is where company’s have there new product advertised in the bestway possible. For example they hire the best photographers around to try and capture the bestphoto’s of there products.Some company’s that do this are LYNX, Beats by dre, Nissan, Adidas and Apple.These are just a few images that I have found that I think really show of advertising photography.For example the Nissan GTR the car is the main focus point of the photo, it is the lightest thing inthe photo and the most eye catching. What I mean by this is as soon as you look at the picture younotice the car and nothing else, because the background is dark and not very eye catching but thebackground still links in with the photo.
  8. 8. JOURNALISM PHOTOGRAPHYJournalism photography is where you show a story through an image.There has been many famous journalistic photos showing a story through an image forexample a photo taken by Eddie AdamsThis image says a thousand words which is whatTop photo journalists aim to achieve when theyTake a photo. Some very famous journalistPhotographers Robert Frank, David Burnett andPhillip Jones Griffins are just a few a can name and they all have managed to achievetaking a good journalism photograph.
  9. 9. COMPARING THE PHOTO’SFrom all the photo techniques I have looked at I can now see that every single photoyou take has a different technique and style to it.For example if you compare macrophotography to landscape photography as soon as you look at an image you will beable to tell which photo you have taken as with landscape photography you are takinga photo from very far away to capture everything but you still want to get the bestquality you can but as for macro photography it is taking a photo so close tosomething that your capturing detail that even the human eye wouldnt’t be able tocapture. But I think that all photo styles have one thing in common and that is tryingto get the best quality photo you possibly can. Know matter what the style I know itmay seem obvious but that is what links all photo styles together and I find that reallyfascinating.