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Media music video 3


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Media music video 3

  1. 1. The England 10 – She Likes ToAnalysis of music videos
  2. 2. Video Analysis For my third video, I chose to do ‘She Likes To’ bythe England 10 (J2k, Wrigley, Ice kid, Wretch32, Ghetts, Wiley, Bashy, Scorcher, Chipmunkand Griminal)
  3. 3. Genre The genre of this video is grime, as it involves the‘hottest ten grime MCs in England. This video limits its audience as the theme of it ispartying and girls, therefore an olderdemographic wouldn’t be inclined to watch it. It meets expectations of a grime video byinvolving a lot of girls and alcohol.
  4. 4. Audience The audience for this video would be a younggeneration seen as a lot of partying is shown. This video proves a party lifestyle to the viewerswhich is what the artists would like to put across.A group of mates with a lot of girls in a privateparty.
  5. 5. Narrative This linear storyline consists of a lot of people in aparty, drinking and dancing. Therefore, the themewould be partying and girls. Each artist areaccompanied by many girls, insinuating thatbeing an artist will get you a pick of the girls.
  6. 6. Representation Star image is constructed. As soon as the videostarts, the first artist (J2k) is shown holding abottle of champagne, therefore wanting to lookexpensive. Also, the way all of the artists areshadowed by girls shows they want to look likethey’re famous and have girls chasing them. Male gaze is used by showing women dancingthroughout the video, close ups of their faces andbodies whilst doing so.
  7. 7. Characteristics A big characteristic in this video is the emphasison partying. Also, there is a lot of expensiveclothing shown in the mise-en-scene and this is abig characteristic of grime videos.Visuals/lyrics When J2k says ‘she’s got a bottle and she wantsto drink it’, it shows a close up of a champagnebottle in ice therefore creating a link betweenvisuals and lyrics. Also, when he says ‘gets herlittle hands on it’ he passes a champagne bottleto a female character in the video.
  8. 8. Visuals/Music All throughout the video, the song has a hightempo, and the dancing is rapid. Although, itshows a close up of Griminal at the end when heraps a little bit slower than the rest. It cuts to himwith a girl without her dancing, differentiatingstyles.Artist There are a lot of long shots of theartists, showing their background crowded withwomen, I believe this to be their motif.
  9. 9. Intertexuality An expensive champagne is used at the start ofthe video. Also a phone is used in the video.Voyeurism The voyeuristic appeal in this video is showndrastically by involving so many shots withfemales in. Most of the scenes involves femalesdancing and this is used to sell their product.