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RIDE. SLEEP. EAT - Bike Adventure: A "How-To" Josh TK


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Long distance bike travel is an awesome experience that just about anyone can do. If you or anyone you know has been interested, but hesitant to give bike travel a go, download this slideshare for yourself and/or and give it away!

Also, check out the bonus video at the end for a closer look at my bike travels.


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RIDE. SLEEP. EAT - Bike Adventure: A "How-To" Josh TK

  1. 1. Photo by Gwenaël Piaser
  2. 2. Photo by Rob Boudon
  3. 3. Photo by Kalexanderson
  4. 4. Photo by cellar_door_films
  5. 5. Photo by whileseated
  6. 6. Photo by the Magnificent Octopus
  7. 7. Photo by mathowie
  8. 8. Photo by CollegeDegrees360
  9. 9. Photo by Western Arctic National Parklands
  10. 10. Photo by Simon le nippon
  11. 11. Photo by garryknight
  12. 12. Photo by nataliej
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