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Do you understand?

Humans are alone in the complexity and variety of our language. Making machines understand and interact with us is wildly complicated. We’ve arguably solved the technical challenge of Natural Language Processing, but there’s a fundamental UX problem left to solve. In this talk, Josh investigates why human-computer interaction is so hard, and suggests tips for getting it right.

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Do you understand?

  1. 1. @heldtogether Do you understand? Josh Sephton Push Doctor
  2. 2. @heldtogether See a doctor online in 6 minutes We built a chatbot to help triage customer service queries. This is what we learned.
  3. 3. @heldtogether Appearance Personality Helpfulness Humility Integrity Chatbot Traits
  4. 4. @heldtogether Appearance Is it human or robot? Somewhere in between?
  5. 5. @heldtogether Dogs with human names are more obese. We treat humans differently.
  6. 6. @heldtogether
  7. 7. @heldtogether “It’s his first week.”
  8. 8. @heldtogether Personality Is it funny or sarcastic? Keen to help or there when you need?
  9. 9. @heldtogether Too Helpful Waits Patiently
  10. 10. @heldtogether
  11. 11. @heldtogether Helpfulness Is it easy to talk to the bot? Does it guide you through the conversation?
  12. 12. @heldtogether
  13. 13. @heldtogether Help your users know what they can type in. Don’t confuse them by suggesting they can talk to the bot like they would a friend or colleague.
  14. 14. @heldtogether Where are you flying from? Pick your first choice departure airport, we can do another search later if you want to compare flights from different airports. Probably Birmingham Simply changing the message to the user, you can anticipate the pitfalls and avoid embarrassment.
  15. 15. @heldtogether
  16. 16. @heldtogether Humility Does it admit it doesn’t know? Does it get out of the way?
  17. 17. @heldtogether Why do I need to ask permission to talk to an agent here? Just let me ask a question and then route it intelligently.
  18. 18. @heldtogether
  19. 19. @heldtogether Integrity Does it behave in a way people expect? Does it respect boundaries?
  20. 20. @heldtogether
  21. 21. @heldtogether
  22. 22. @heldtogether Don’t message me 2 months later when I’ve not expressed an interest in hearing from you again. The bot isn’t a friend, it’s a tool.
  23. 23. @heldtogether
  24. 24. @heldtogether Appearance Personality Helpfulness Humility Integrity Chatbot Traits
  25. 25. @heldtogether “Learn the rules like a pro so you can break them like an artist.”
  26. 26. @heldtogether Use code ‘josh8945’ for £5 off