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Josh lewis

  1. 1. Josh Lewis<br />A.S Coursework Production<br />
  2. 2. School Magazine<br />I am about to create a school magazine and contents page to start the course. The software is relatively new to me so it will help me develop my skills and understanding of the software (publisher).<br />It allows me to make mistakes and learn how to do the things I did better in the music magazine. <br />I would like to think that in the music magazine I will have developed a much broader quantity of skills enabling me to use effective techniques appropriate to the task. <br />I intend to learn a lot in this primarily task as it will prepare me for the music task.<br />
  3. 3. Features – I felt it was appropriate to gain some ideas into what goes into a school magazine other than my own. As a class we came up with some helpful ideas.<br /><ul><li>Interviews
  4. 4. Sport Reviews
  5. 5. School trips
  6. 6. Expedition reports
  7. 7. Term dates
  8. 8. Sports fixtures
  9. 9. New and old teachers
  10. 10. Advertisements
  11. 11. Competitions and prizes
  12. 12. Headmasters column
  13. 13. Community updates
  14. 14. Quizzes
  15. 15. Contents
  16. 16. Music/Drama reviews
  17. 17. Leavers and new comers
  18. 18. Columns from teachers, members of staff</li></li></ul><li>Research<br />This is a version of a school magazine front cover. There are some key features in this; season of issue, and highlights of what’s inside the issue. <br />These I feel are key parts that should go on a front cover, as it draws the reader in.<br />The content of the photograph clearly is informal, which tells us that it could be a magazine for pupils. <br />
  19. 19. I looked at this particular school magazine because of its pure contrast to the previous, and the obvious contrast is that it is far more formal.<br />The content of the picture is not necessarily supposed to interest to the audience, because it is likely to be a representation of the school. <br />It is also an annual magazine as it says 2010. This does tell us that the contents are likely going to be more serious and a round up of the year. Also, because there is no text telling the reader wats inside, it tells me that they already have gathered in audience, that is likely to be parents who wont have to pay for it thus not trying to get the attention of people to buy it.<br />
  20. 20. Draft<br />During the process of research, planning and preparation I sketched a plan of the front cover to give me a basic template to follow.<br />My front cover is not identical to the sketch as I learnt different techniques as I actually designed the page.<br />I feel this is ok as it is only a trial assessment and now I have learnt what to do better for next time in the music magazine.<br />
  21. 21. The outcome<br />The front page<br />Contents page<br />
  22. 22. What I have learned<br />In this preliminary task I have learnt the different techniques and skills needed. I have also realised the importance of a house style in which you apply to every page. In the music task I will pay more attention to mise-en-scene in the photographs as in some of my pictures I feel there is too much going on.<br />
  23. 23. Music Magazine<br />
  24. 24. Front Cover Analysis 1<br />Each issue of magazines being produced will have a focus point of the front cover. <br />In this example, they have the lead singer of the band ‘Kaiser Chiefs’ which is the focus point of the cover. He is making clear eye contact with the reader and draws readers in. Having a dramatic quote from the artist also helps draw the reader in. <br />They have a house style, using red, white and black text which makes it look professional.<br />They have the name and logo in the top left, below that it says ‘The Essential Music Guide’, this tells the reader that it has everything you want to know about inside. <br />‘Q’ obviously want to gain a wide audience as they have a red strip at the bottom, mentioning some artists who are of different genres.<br />There are many incentives for the reader to buy the magazine; ’27-page special’, ‘free’, ‘complete’, this tells the reader that there are many reasons why you should buy the magazine. <br />
  25. 25. Front Cover Analysis 2<br />Again, there is the main focus selling point of the magazine is the band ‘Biffy Clyro’. This tells the reader that there is going to be a large section on them inside the magazine. <br />There is a house style which includes the colours white, black and red. These colours work well together as none of them stands out from the other. <br />There is two free give always advertised on the front cover which include tickets and posters. If the artists shown on the cover are of no interest to the reader then there are give always to help draw the reader in. <br />I feel ‘KERRANG’ is a specific magazine aimed at similar genres of music, which is rock, punk and heavy metal. The magazine producers may believe that by writing about similar genres, will attract the majority of magazine readers who like these genres. <br />
  26. 26. Front CoverAnalysis 3<br />In this edition of ‘VIBE’ the magazine designers have a main focus point, which is the artist. The artist has a direct mode of address, which does sell it to the reader, there is also a quote from the interview.<br />The layout of the cover, is based around the image of the artist, with several different features being sold.<br />The colours used are black, white and red, these are very bold and strong, and with a white background would make the magazine standout on a magazine shelf in a shop.<br />
  27. 27. Contents Page Analysis 1<br />In this issue of Q magazine they have kept the same house stle as the front cover, using the same colours. This gives an element of consistency.<br />The way it has been set out is with an image dominating the page, this tells the reader that there is likely to be a interview or review with this band. <br />The other features of the page are the contents specific to this issue, a small section that represents every issue and a review section that will be different each issue. <br />I like the way they have set this contents page out as it is very clear and the different features of the magazine are clearly recognised. <br />
  28. 28. Contents Page Analysis 2<br />In this issue of VIBE they have kept the house style quite bold and modern. <br />It is clear that the artist is the focus point of the magazine and there will be an interview with him inside the magazine. I believe that VIBE are using the artist as the focus selling point.<br />They have the features of the magazine included in a contemporary font and design. I feel this works well in two ways; it shows that the magazine is very up to date with the latest music and also it gives the message of that the magazine is aimed at fashionable reader.<br />There is a direct mode of address between the reader and the artist in the image which helps sell the magazine. Having a known artist do this gives the magazine a certain importance.<br />
  29. 29. Contents Page Analysis 3<br />This is a KERRANG contents page, they have kept a less formal layout and style, carrying on from the front cover.<br />They have gone for a different approach in the layout having many images of artists with page numbers next to them.<br />Having some information on other features inside the magazine without an image creates a balance. They are split into different categories. I believe this tells the reader that there is wide range of different articles to read about.<br />
  30. 30. Double Page Spread Analysis 1<br />This is a double spread from Q magazine.<br />I feel having a image as the main background works well. This spread however I feel is a article rather than a interview. Whilst the person in the image is the focus point, as her facial expression brings some attitude the cigarette brings some distraction and works effectively. <br />I like the use of different fonts and colour, this gives a look of professionalism.<br />The use of columns works because it it helps the article look tidy. <br />
  31. 31. Double Page Spread Analysis 2<br />Firstly, the format of the double spread is consistent through out the article, which is black text with red titles and subtitles. This gives the article an element of professionalism. This is important as I feel the target audience will not read the article if it looks unprofessional.<br />The article is based around when the white stripes started as a band. What I like is the images that are formatted so they look dated, so the images keep with the theme of the article. <br />Because the vast majority of the spread is text, the reader may lose interest, however with a quote in bigger and stronger font, I feel this keeps the reader interested. <br />
  32. 32. Double Page Spread Analysis 3<br />This is an issue of MOJO, where there was a interview with members of the Beach Boys. The format of the text is an article but much of the text is quotes from a interview. <br />There are a few images that help build the impression wanted. There is also a quote from their interview that stands out in bigger font, this will help draw the reader in an help them become interested. <br />However there is no main title which could be seen as taking a risk and presuming the reader will be drawn in without a headline. I feel the images are being used as the initial selling point as I feel the writer of the article is presuming that by looking at the images the reader will know who they are reading about. <br />