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Social Media in Travel


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Here is a presentation I gave on 1/17/2012 to the St. Louis Business Travel Association.

The primary goal was to give a broad introduction to mainstream social media networks that can be used by businesses and business professionals. I took the time to carve out statistics and uses that would relate to their needs in the travel industry.

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Social Media in Travel

  1. 1. SOCIAL MEDIAIN TRAVELUtilizing social media to be more effectiveand to provide greater value in your work place.
  3. 3. WHO’S THIS GUY? Josh Kocurek Associate Brand Manager at Switch (@liberate) Board Member of Social Media Club St. Louis (@SMCSTL)
  4. 4. WHAT’S ALL THIS CRAP? Live Tweeting Hashtag: Want to share what you’re learning with the Twitterverse? Use this. 140 Character Knowledge: Tweet-worthy nuggets of gold.Sharing Time: Be prepared to participate.
  5. 5. FOR THE NOOBS.“Resistance to social media is pointless. Yourcustomers are there. Your competitors are there. Youneed to be there.”Facebook: 800+ million active users. (predicted 1 billion byAug. 2012)Twitter: 100+ million active users.LinkedIn: 50+ million active users.
  6. 6. GOT IT. NOW MAKE ME AWESOME.NOT SO FAST! Let’s make a few things clear.
  7. 7. MYTH. BUSTED. easySOCIAL MEDIA free quick the answer to everything IS NOT a waste of time exclusive to Gen-Y for everyone
  8. 8. WHY DOES THIS MATTER TO ME? 40% INCREASE in social media usage for travel recommendations and services in the past 12 months. Social sites are almost always geared toward, or naturally gravitate toward, recommendations and referrals.
  9. 9. HOW DOES IT ENHANCE MY TRAVEL PROGRAM? Increase traveler satisfaction through real-time communication and knowledge sharing. Helps travel managers understand what is most important to travelers (anticipate their needs). Increase your overall visibility and voice.
  11. 11. NO EXCUSES.When it comes to using Twitter, Facebook and LinkedInfor social media marketing.PRESENCE IS MINIMAL.PARTICIPATION IS OPTIMAL.
  12. 12. TWITTER “Its like a sort of internet Ren Fair. Its like Dungeons & Dragons but for cool people who have got friends.” - Craig Ferguson (on Twitter)
  13. 13. BUILD IT. BUILD IT RIGHT.Username: Your username should make sense.Profile pic: Use a professional-ish picture of your face! (Noegg face)Bio: 160 Characters total. 80 about you. 80 about work.Link: Don’t leave this blank!
  14. 14. SEARCH. NOT JUST FOR GOOGLE. Find relevant and real-time thoughts, people, pics and videos on a certain topic.
  15. 15. SOME SUGGESTIONS FOR YOU.Airlines@SouthwestAir (Southwest), @Delta (Delta), @JetBlue (JetBlue)Hotels@HyattConcierge (Hyatt), @RSHotel (Roger Smith),@StarwoodBuzz (Starwood)Hotels@TripIt (TripIt), @TripAdvisor (TripAdvisor)
  16. 16. CHAT ROOMS ARE SO 1997. Participating in Twitter chats, using a common hashtag, increase your reach and relevance in a particular topic.#TToT Travel Talk on Twitter (Tuesdays)#MKTGCHAT Marketing Chat (Mondays)
  17. 17. THE RIGHT TOOLS FOR THE JOB.ManagementHootsuite | TweetDeck | Twitter ClientFollowingFormulistsMetricsGoogle Analytics |
  18. 18. FACEBOOK The only REAL reason anyone remembers birthdays anymore.
  19. 19. THE INTERNET’S KITCHEN SINK.Fan PagesBrand presence and voice. Customer interaction.GroupsSpecialized think tanks. Niche link and knowledge sharing.EventsGain attention and attendance.PromotionsSales, services and opportunities to interact with fans.MediaPhotos and videos galore.
  21. 21. HOW TO SUCK AT FACEBOOK.One-Sided ConvoAKA SPAM. AKA only sharing your content. Not asking questions.Not Completing Your ProfileSound familiar? How are people supposed to find you?Not Utilizing Your EmployeesMultiple voices will spread the word faster.Falling Off The InternetOnce you commit, you’re in. No one likes a barren wasteland.
  22. 22. RESPECT THE SIDEBAR REAL ESTATE. Subscriptions A new way to follow professionals without having to worry about rejection. Sponsored Stories / Ads Cheap. Effective. Relevant.
  23. 23. TABS? THERE’S A PLUGIN FOR THAT.Custom Tab / Landing PageStatic FBML | WelcomeStorePayvmentSocial Networksinvolver (Twitter, Blog, YouTube)
  24. 24. LINKEDIN It’s like Facebook, but fancier.
  26. 26. YOUR PROFILE IS EVERYTHING. Vanity URL: Let’s go for consistency.. Profile pic: Use a professional-ish picture of your face! Headline: Sum yourself up. Links: This is a hub. Give options to branch out. Summary: Be detailed. This is for search.
  27. 27. TAKE IT FOR A SPIN.ConnectingCold connecting is fine. Personalize your outreach. Be yourself.GroupsSimilar to Facebook groups. Find topics/niches that relate to youand share your expertise.RecommendationsReciprocate. Don’t be afraid to ask. Shoot for quality overquantity.
  28. 28. OTHER FUN STUFF Photos. Reviews. Pins. And more.
  29. 29. INSTAGRAM. NOT JUST FOR HIPSTERS. Largest Mobile Social Network 2 million new users in November 2011. Photo travel guide Geotag your pictures. Use hashtags (ala Twitter). Link Your Accounts Tweet and FB your pics for maximum effectiveness.
  30. 30. YELP. BECAUSE FINDING GOOD CURRY IS TOUGH.Most credible sourceYelp is the most often used social network for local business and restaurant reviews.Customer EngagementBusinesses cherish their ratings and participate in the conversation to keep customershappy.
  31. 31. TRIPADVISOR. A NO BRAINER. Ultimate Resource for Travel Extremely active community. Reviews to Live By A venue’s review could make or break a sale.
  32. 32. TRIPIT. STALKING MADE EASY. Consolidating Your Travels Everything in one place. Share With Your Friends A network in it’s own, but also expandable to FB and Twitter.
  33. 33. PINTEREST. THE FUTURE OF CURATION. Show Personality Not everything has to be business focused. Pin More Than Just Pics You can share some of your favorite articles and tips for traveling.
  34. 34. MOBILE. GET THOSE APPS. It’s True There really is an app for everything. 82% of Travelers Are Mobile Shouldn’t you be?
  35. 35. TIME FORQUESTIONSI can’t promise answers...Don’t make me beg.
  36. 36. OKAY, WE CAN BE FRIENDS NOW.Josh (Switch) (Personal)