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Clip art for humans


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Steal these slides: Clip art for humans

Published in: Design
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Clip art for humans

  1. 1. Steal these slides Clip art for humans
  2. 2. Before you start your presentation, take a moment to prepare mentally. original
  3. 3. Begin your talk on a self-deprecating note. original
  4. 4. Ground your overall presentation in empirical facts. original
  5. 5. Lay all your findings on the table. original
  6. 6. Enumerate the possible paths your project could have taken. original
  7. 7. Explain what needed to happen for you to achieve success. original
  8. 8. Detail how your team spent their time. original
  9. 9. Articulate some of the challenges you had to overcome. original
  10. 10. Give an honest account of how your work progressed. original
  11. 11. Explain how you integrated client feedback. original
  12. 12. (Don’t let your talk get too dry. Insert levity where appropriate.) original
  13. 13. Offer updates on the status of outstanding items. original http://screenshotsofdespair.tumblr. com/post/53843180195/via-jdiaz21
  14. 14. Communicate to your audience the value of the services you’ve rendered. original
  15. 15. Make clear the tangible gains the organization has made because of your work. original
  16. 16. Side note: Outline your own personal future plans. original
  17. 17. Finish strong. original