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May 26 LRSC - Trillium Line Extension.pdf

  1. May 26, 2023
  2. Agenda • Stage 2 Construction Update • Testing & Commissioning • Preparation for Operations • Bus Service • Questions 1
  3. 2
  4. O-Train South Line 2 & 4 3
  5. Bayview Station 4
  6. Corso Italia Station
  7. Corso Italia Station (Cont’d) 6
  8. Dow’s Lake Station
  9. Dow’s Lake Station Platform 8
  10. Guideway Progress 9
  11. Dow's Lake Tunnel 10
  12. Carleton Station
  13. Rideau River Bridges 12
  14. Mooney’s Bay Station 13
  15. Ellwood Diamond Elevated Guideway 14
  16. Ellwood Diamond Elevated Guideway (Cont’d) 15
  17. Walkley Station 16
  18. Walkley Station (Cont'd) 17
  19. Albion Yard Train Inspection Building 18
  20. Albion Yard Key Equipment 19
  21. Albion Yard Key Equipment 20
  22. Greenboro Station
  23. South Keys Station
  24. Leitrim Station
  25. Leitrim Station 24
  26. Bowesville Station
  27. Limebank Station
  28. Limebank Station 27
  29. Uplands Station 28
  30. Guideway progress: Signals 29
  31. Airport Station 30
  32. Trillium Line Extension Report
  33. Video placeholder 32
  34. Upcoming O-Train South Activities Spring: Track installation and rail systems installation completion Summer: Stadler vehicle testing and commissioning on entire line Through 2023: Station and bridge construction completion Fall: Trial running and substantial completion 33
  35. O-Train South Traffic and Mobility Impacts Location Timeline Traffic & Mobility Impacts MUP at South Keys By June 2023 MUP on the west side of South Keys Station will be relocated in different stages throughout the year to accommodate track construction MUP at Walkley By June 2023 The temporary closure of the MUP on the west side of the Marriott Hotel and Warehouse Lofts is required for Walkley Station construction Trillium MUP at Carling By June 2023 MUP closed north of Carling to support utility/station construction; pedestrian and cyclist detours are in place​
  36. O-Train South Traffic and Mobility Impacts (Cont'd) Location Timeline Traffic & Mobility Impacts Hunt Club Rd Lane Closures By August 2023 Lane closures are required on Hunt Club Road​ Earl Armstrong Rd & Bowesville Rd By August 2023 Multiple lane closures to straighten the intersection and install a traffic light Limebank & guideway By August 2023 New intersection work Earl Armstrong & Main Street By August 2023 New intersection work
  37. O-Train South Project Schedule Update 36
  38. O-Train South Project Program Risks 37 • Safety Management During Construction • Construction safety incident • New safety issue surfaced during testing • Testing & Commissioning / Performance Testing • New design issue surfaced during testing • Emerging performance or reliability issue identified during testing • Readiness of System for Training Requirements • Rail system completed in time to supporting training • System changes minimized/eliminated to avoid retraining
  39. 38 • Regulatory Approvals / Emerging Requirements • Delivery of LVVR (recorder unit) delayed to September 2023 • New regulatory requirements triggering late design changes • Remaining Works / Level of Effort to Complete • Quantity of remaining works may be unachievable • Some deferred works being reviewed, e.g., Bayview Pedestrian Bridge • Unknown / unplanned impacts • Adjacent Developments • Overbuild of The Ottawa Hospital garage will require corridor access • Additional developments in close proximity to system are expected O-Train South Project Program Risks
  40. Testing & Commissioning
  41. Testing & Commissioning Some of the major milestones being tracked include the list below: • Vehicle dynamic testing • Vehicle final acceptance • Signalling and train control testing • Communications integration tests • Systemwide / performance testing • Training program oOperators, Controllers, Maintainers, Emergency Responders • Trial Running (21 days) 40
  42. Operations Centre Test Facility 41
  43. Trial Running (1 of 4) • The main objective is to validate readiness for passenger service and to confirm that the complete integrated system is operational and reliable. • The specific objectives are as follows: ovalidate the performance of the system infrastructure with operating and maintenance staff trained on the operation of the System Infrastructure and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) oexercise and validate the operating schedules and operational performance requirements oexercise and confirm the operating reliability of the subsystems simulated under various operating conditions (regular and emergency) 42
  44. Trial Running (2 of 4) • Minimum of 21-day activity in the program including a full regular scheduled service on the full line for a 14-day period. • TransitNEXT shall achieve the Service Reliability Standard outlined in Schedule 15-2, Part 1, Article 3.5 wherein the 98.5 per cent on-time performance must be achieved over a 14-day period within the 21-day Trial Running period. • System Integrator Verifier (Ricardo Rail) has been tasked to provide independent oversight of the Trial Running process. • Trial Running Reporting: o Daily summary of performance reports to Council oTechnical briefing at end of Trial Running to provide overall results 43
  45. Trial Running (3 of 4) • Monitoring teams in place validate key operation and maintenance activities that will underpin the overall performance: • Safety critical / GO No-Go criteria • Morning launch and evening reduction • Overnight cleaning and preparation of trains • Maintenance activities and maintenance performance • Contract reporting and daily performance reports • Operational performance / headway adherence • Availability of operations and maintenance staff 44
  46. Trial Running (4 of 4) • Draft template for reporting to City Council (under development) 45
  47. Preparation for Operations
  48. 47 OC Transpo Training Highly integrated program coordinated between OC Transpo, the Rail Construction Program (RCP) and TransitNEXT. TransitNext is developing a training curriculum materials based on the approved system to ensure that all staff are ready for operations. Train-the-trainer approach will be used. New roles including Diesel Rail Controller and Diesel Rail Operators. Track and vehicles are available to permit on job training to commence soon until Trial Running. Training is being provided in both in-class and on the job (OJT).
  49. Emergency Responder Training is being delivered using a progressive building block approach. TransitNEXT will train City instructors as follows: • Emergency Responder Tabletop Exercises (February – May 2023) • In-class training of the Trillium Line system, systems and equipment (May 2023) • Practical training, including site visits and familiarization sessions (June/July 2023) 48 Emergency Responder Training
  50. 49 Tabletop Exercises To date the following Emergency Responder Tabletop Exercises were completed 1. Person of Interest (February 9) 2. Suspicious Package (March 2) 3. Train-Human contact /Barricaded Person with Weapon (Apr 11) 4. Fire/Casualty Incident – Airport Station (May 25) A full-scale exercise is tentatively scheduled for September 2023 and will include City of Ottawa and Airport Emergency Responders who will jointly respond to a potential evacuation incident at the Airport Station / elevated guideway.
  51. Safety and Security Assurance A rigorous system safety and security assurance process to certify that all elements of the new expanded system are safe for operations. Assurance approach is guided by systems engineering and the CENELEC EN standards that dictate activities based on project phase. System acceptance is achieved when risks are mitigated to an acceptable level and evidence is provided to demonstrate that the system is safe. The City is overseeing all aspects of the assurance certification process through a joint team of City staff, the City’s Owners Engineer, and an Independent Safety Auditor (SENER). The auditor will confirm that TransitNEXT’s approach to system safety and assurance is sound, and that it has fulfilled compliance with all safety requirements throughout each project phase. TransitNEXT has also engaged an Independent Safety Assessor (Atkins Global) to assess their activities. 50
  52. 51 Safety and Security Deliverables
  53. Trillium Line Regulatory Approvals O-Train Lines 2 and 4 make up a federally-regulated railway, which requires a series of approvals prior to start-up from the Canadian TransportationAgency (CTA) and Transport Canada (TC). The major project milestones include a final amendment to the Certificate of Fitness and approval of the rulebooks and the submission of the Notice of Change of Operations to reflect the new system and operations.
  54. Regulatory Submissions Notice of Railway Works Grade Crossing Regulations Filing (ER2 gate) Bridge Safety Management Filing Culvert Safety Management Filing Railway Employee Qualifications Standards Regulation Filing (training) Notice of Railway Works Grade Crossing Regulations Filing (ER2 gate) Bridge Safety Management Filing Culvert Safety Management Filing Railway Employee Qualifications Standards Regulation Filing (training) Railway Signal & Train Control System Standards Filing Petroleum Products and Allied Petroleum Products Regulation Filing Flammable Liquids Bulk Storage Regulation Filing New Stadler FLIRT Homologation Acceptance Filing Airport Zoning Regulations Filing
  55. 54 Approvals Process Submissions (TC) Safety Management System (TC) Notice of Change of Operations (TC) Certificate of Fitness (CTA) Railway Operating Certificate
  56. Public Launch and Operations The Rail Operational Readiness (ROR) and Rail Activation Management Program (RAMP) will manage the delivery of Stage 2 ROR program will manage and schedule the activities and projects required to operate Lines 2 and 4 on opening day The Rail Activation Management Program (RAMP) will manage the meeting structure and reporting of milestones required for each stage up to the public launch of Lines 2 and 4 55
  57. Rail Operational Readiness (ROR) Program 56 Contract Management Transit Operations Control Centre (TOCC) Systems Prelaunch Coordination & Live Testing Project Fare Control Stage 2 Station Design, Construction & Fit-out Project Operational Planning Project 2025 Bus Network Traffic & Transit Connectivity Project IT Operational Readiness Project System Wayfinding Project Training Strategy Simulator Project Staffing Project Document Support Project Regulatory Compliance Project Communications Project
  58. Bus Service
  59. Bus connections with O-Train Lines 2 and 4 • Bus service in Leitrim and Riverside South will be adjusted to connect with trains at the new stations • Interim bus route changes – When Lines 2 and 4 open, the current bus routes will be revised to make new connections • Parallel bus service – Bus service will run parallel to Lines 2 and 4 through the winter of 2023-24 to back up the train service • Spring 2024 bus route changes – Being developed through the Bus Route Review consultation, including discussion with Councillors • Future bus route changes – As development continues 58
  60. Interim bus route changes – Fall 2023 • Bus routes will be changed to make new connections at Limebank Station when O-Train Line 2 opens • Route 74 will be extended to Limebank Station (now ends at Nepean Woods Station) • Routes 99, 198, 278, 299 will make connections at Limebank Station and will continue to serve all current customers • Routes 93, 99, 299 will continue to serve Leitrim Station • Route 97 will continue to serve the airport • Route 197 will make a connection at Uplands Station • No changes to bus routes further north 59
  61. Parallel bus service through winter 2023-24 • The current Line 2 replacement buses will continue to operate between Bayview and South Keys stations, serving all stations • Route 99 will continue to operate between Hurdman and Barrhaven Centre stations, serving South Keys, Leitrim, and Nepean Woods, with a new stop at Limebank • Route 97 will continue to operate between Hurdman Station and the airport • These backup services are expected to be removed in Q1-Q2 of 2024 60
  62. 61
  63. Spring 2024 bus route changes • After the initial operation of Lines 2 and 4, everyday parallel bus service can be pared back and routes can be revised to focus on O-Train stations • Staff will develop proposals for bus route changes • Consultation with Councillors, customers, and stakeholders through the current Bus Route Review process • Customer touchpoints through the rest of 2023 • Any policy recommendations to Transit Commission and Council later in 2023 • Individual route changes to be agreed with ward Councillors 62
  64. Rail replacement bus service • R2 replacement bus would operate in case of service disruption on Line 2 • R4 buses would operate in case of disruption on Line 4 to the airport • Not required in winter 2023-24 while parallel bus service still operating • Like R1 replacement for Line 1 disruptions, staff have developed standard operating plans and procedures • Any operation of R2 or R4 replacement buses includes full customer information and support 63
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