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Work log


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Work log

  1. 1. Work log30th AprilStarted to brainstorm ideas, making the decision as to which one was best, Ialready knew which one was going to be chosen as I was filling it out, as thesecond one included both ideas so would turn out more professional1st MayCompleted the analysis of the two ideas and the selection and justification.2nd MayGathered together images for the mood board but whilst doing so made meunderstand the project a bit more and realize the direction which I wanted it tohead in. Deciding the brand name and realizing the way I would of liked it to lookthen creating a few ideas to make the decision from. I also realized the way inwhich some of my favourite brands advertise their products which has made methink about what to use in mine.3rd MayToday I created the mock up designs for the t-shirts on a black and whitetemplate with the chosen logo on it. Then wrote a questionnaire and receivedfeedback from it.7th MayStarted to write up the audience research for my project8th MayFinished the audience research for the product, after reading through thefeedback from the survey about the way the logo is designed I re designed theway the text looks and have received some feedback for it and waiting on somemore.9th MayReceived the final feedback from the different designs I made and came to theconclusion of what style of design I am going to use and created the design forthat, taking on the feedback and making slight alterations. Identified materialsthat will be needed for my product, Worked out production managementrequirements and finalized my appropriate target base for audience making sureit was clear what age group I am going to be aiming at10th MayI spoke to a few more people who said that the design would look better if Ialtered the way it looked instead of the standard word being next to the otherword so did 4 potential designs, Started to research into other campaigns andsee how they went about promoting their product, Research in to productiontechniques that need to be used, Looking at potential codes and constraintsincluding the problems which I have already had.
  2. 2. 13thMayI received feedback from the 4 designs and came to the conclusion of which one Iwould be using for a brand logo. I added the new logo to the t-shirt mockup pdf’s14th MayI worked on the design lay out of my presentation, downloading fonts andchoosing a style to match the genre to keep the presentation15th MayContinued with the Layout, emailed fire label merchandising with my productdesigns requesting a quote.17th MayStarted to focus on content for the presentation, researching further into marketcompetitors and looking at their campaigns2oth MayStarted to add information from LO1 into the presentation showing the process Itook in deciding on the type of product, found website for free lancephotographers sent out request, receieved response from clothing distributorsaying my request is being processed21st MayWorking out how I am going to present, starting to write up a script for thepresentation, started to recieve responses22nd MayIncluding target audience research into the presentation showing examples oftheir campaign23rd MayIncluded a video from the brands campaign that year to co inside with it. Decidedphotographer emailed with offer to sort out model hair and make up aswell, oncall for whenever I need him24th MayContinued to work on the script for the presentation25th MayCame up with idea of having people in my presentation wearing my targetaudiences clothing to make a comparison, received quote of price for tshirts.27th MayExplained how I am going to better the other companys, why my product isdifferent.29thMayIdentified costs for the whole project looking at the things that I will be needing
  3. 3. 30th MayContinued working out the budgets3rd JunePieced together my production schedule working out when would be best toorder the product depending on whether money is received5th JuneFinalising design of presentation and finishing off script6th JuneFinalising presentation7th JuneProposal8th JuneT-shirt order made14thLiaised with the photographer sorting out a rough date of when the photo shootcan be arranged.19thJuneEmail from company saying the order will take longer than expected so will notbe here in time for photo shoot21th JuneInitial T-shirt was made via a iron on print so that the photo shoot could still goahead.23nd JunePhoto shoot, Photos edited and poster for magazine made.24rd JuneReady for publication