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What is needed for brief, chart


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Published in: Technology, Health & Medicine
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What is needed for brief, chart

  1. 1. Structure of brief; InformalWhether the brief I am working on isnegotiated etc.. mine = informalReading a brief; The club is asking for a website which makesRecognise the nature and demand of the brief clear to the parents of the disabled childrenUnderstanding of what it’s about what they offer at the club, the facilities and information aboutNegotiations; Newsletter has been given to me, logosDetailed log of the negotiations between me Received activity schedule & policies andand the client procedures, photos have been permission to be used, photo release form has been given, all relevant information for website has been received, client is happy with progress and design layout which has been used.Opportunities; Expand on communication skills, make moreIdentify opportunities for development, what professional and increase further knowledge onnew skills I have learnt or added on the software being used iWeb, website layouts have been changed through duration of designing due to specifications such as colour scheme not met. Next time I design a website, dreamweaver would be the ideal software I would use, which the professionals use.Plan & Preparation Web diagram has been created with a roughExploring all problems that may face the brief outline of the content that is going to beset, health and safety wise included in the website. Story board has been drawn up with rough ideas of what I need to do.Health & Safety Issues Have a meeting with client about health and safety issues, policy and health & Safety form has been received containing all the information which needs to be included in the website regarding safety for the children the family’s and the workers. All the legal documents policies have been received so can be referred to if needed.Legislation Not allowed to use photos of children withoutLegal requirements permission, unlikely to gain. Policy and procedures document received, photo release form has been received still some restrictions with using photos, limited amount of photos, require parents’ permission.Team MembersAny additional people who work on the projectTimescale
  2. 2. Development Website has just started to take place with template used and layout designs in progress, google maps app widget has been added into the website for site users convenience, welcome page & activity schedule page are starting to take shape with template chosen for the website. Each page needed has the basic outline, banners have been added, some different due to the relevance of the page but have the same layout, continuity between the pages. Photos and content added to home page. About us page content added a little more needs to be added to make more viewable. The Policy Page has been complete; instead of just listing the policies I have put the logo as a break in between every two different types of policys. The Website iWeb was out dated so could not be uploaded to the internet because apple had changed their uploading provider which I could not obtain without having the upgraded software so the idea had to be rethought, the content was all there so I used a free website designer called which supplies a free domain name along with the service. the text font was not able to find on the website designer so I had to print screen all the relevant parts into the website and place them were needed.Pre –ProductionProduction phasePresent a varied amounts of ideasExpand on them etcRelationship with client Questionnaire was sent to client and feedback was received, information received has been taken into account and being put into the production.Weekly meetings with the client are taking place, newsletters are being forwarded to me when released and frequent informal meetings taking place regarding the topic.Review of completion of brief;Format of Presentation, written report ofdiscussion. Think about time management,leadership skills, communications, meetingrequirements, achieving agreed outcomes,working to agreed timescale, recommendationsfor future tasks & feedback (what can I learnfrom this) am I developing etc