Understand the purpose & impact of social action


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Understand the purpose & impact of social action

  1. 1. http://thcvibeproductions.weebly.com/lo13.html
  2. 2. Understand the purpose & impactof social action and communitymedia production work Josh McLean
  3. 3. Research Camp MohawkCamp Mohawk is a day centre for children with special needs, not only forchildren’s to come to with there family but work with other charitys and disabledchildren’s organisations to go to offering a range of activities for the children toengage in. The camp have connections with lots of different boroughs offeringactivity days for the children, doing activitys such as archery, bushcraft, naturewalks, cookery, swimming, crafts & camp fire circle. Not only offering the activitysthey have facilities that can be used such as sensory rooms, play areas for thechildren & a swimming pool which can be used in the summer.
  4. 4. The club is to help children in the Berkshire area there facilities areonly available to people from the borough.The ways in which they raise money for themselves is through theWargrave Rocks festival which this year is being held at Camp Mohawk.All the money which is raised is going towards the up keeping of thecamp. Offering bands, face painting, food & use of all the activitieswhich are available to use at the camp.CATS & HAWKS are youth projects which they have at the camp, CATS(Children on the AuTistic Spectrum) an after school and holiday clubfor autistic between the age of 8-13, getting helped with there lifesocial skills. How to act in a public place which somewhat they finddifficult. HAWKS is the same sort of project but for young adults, agedbetween 13-25. Both these groups are based at the camp but theactivities that they do are all over Maidenhead, Reading & wokingham.
  5. 5. The Saturday ClubThe Saturday club is a fortnightly run morning club for disabledchildren and there families, ran by the RBWM (royal borough ofWindsor and maidenhead). Ran at Dedworth school nearWindsor. This offers a chance for the family’s to relax and have achat with other parents in there situation and relax whilst theclubs workers do different activitys with them. Cookingdifferent food sometimes going out of the club to do differentactivitys. The club is not only for the children, it is for thefamilys and siblings to get a break from what may be a hectichome life due to the disabled child taking up a lot of the parentstime.
  6. 6. The Bloods & Crips
  7. 7. • Helen & Douglas House is a care home for children who are disabled, either learning difficulties or physically, they cater for the needs which there families may not be able to help with. Not only do they support the child they have family rooms so the children don’t feel alone & have there familys there to support them.• The service is free so families who have a lower income still have somewhere were there children can be supoported and looked after by professionals, the charity I not government funded so the money which they put into paying for the services is from external sources. It costs 4.5 Million pounds per year on keeping the charity going.
  8. 8. • The video was trying to show the viewer what the place has to offer and how the children can progress, the instrument being something difficult to learn.• This advert is partly to raise awareness for the campaign but mainly to make people aware that it is there and how helpful there resources and staff are to the children who are in need.• The video will not strengthen a community but the way tht they put the video across, it strengthens the confidence of the children who are living at the helen douglas house.• It is a campaign yes but not as such which is out there promoting asking for loads of help it is just trying to do well by its cause with help along the way, it provides information about hwat they can offer from 3 different opinions. but also uses a story to go along with the video of a single child who does attend.• A boy who attends is interviewed and 2 workers from the place aswell, the child who is interviewed to give a first hand experience to the viewers wanting to know what they have to offer. The other two are to back up and follow up on what the child has said also explaining what he has achieved this gives the viewers wider view across the campaign briefly from different standpoints.