Poster Design Process


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Poster Design Process

  1. 1. The Process of creating the posterThe start product is the image which was taken off the camera and put on to thecomputer. The photo was taken in the middle of the day so the light was brightwhich can be slightly noticed here. The problem with on location photo shoots youcan never rely on the weather and what the lighting is going to be like.
  2. 2. I felt that the image looked like it was missing some texture so I put the image intothe program Pixelmator and sharpened the edges of the photo which gives it a littlemore depth.
  3. 3. The next stage was to change the program I was editing in because photoshop is alot easier to manipulate images the way I want to than Pixelmator which is mainlyfor editing images. I created a A4 portrait page and placed the image in,unintentionally wasn’t big enough to fit the whole page but left a interesting borderround the edge which I felt I could use.
  4. 4. I had to single out the image of the model to then edit the background colour Icreated a new document. to do so I used the quick selection tool to do so and thenfor the left arm that would not allow me to select it I used the magnetic lasso tool todo so. After doing this I merged the layers together so it could be freely moved onback to the intial image when I needed to. Whilst the models image was singled outit gave me a opportunity to edit his image, I used the burn tool so adjust certainparts of his hair so it looked more consistant, then filled in gaps in his beard so itlooked better trimmed. Even though the image had been sharpened before had Iused the sharpen brush to use on his hair.
  5. 5. Knowing I had created a separate document with the models image singled out Icould now darken the background because I wanted to add a grungier feel to theimage and as you can see when I did so it did not give the model a good look Iadjusted the curves of the image and then the vibrance to achieve the look I have.
  6. 6. I copied the new layer than I had created for the models image and pasted it into theoriginal image and made sure it was in the foreground of the image so thebackground would not overpower it. The difference can be noticed it makes themodels presence more noticed to the darker background.
  7. 7. This is where I used the border to my own advantage and remembered how someposters are pasted on to walls, lampposts and other locations and thought it wouldlook interesting to have it in the poster. It is hard to re create an image by drawing iton the computer so the way in which I created the realist effect was cut out differentsections of plumbing tape and scanned it. After doing so I opened the file inPhotoShop and quick selected a different image of the tape each time and put themin the corners.
  8. 8. All the manipulations of the image had been done now so it was just the text whichneeded to be added to make it look more like an advertisement, the first part whichI needed to make clear was the brand name, even though it is on the t-shirt it is notbig enough to simply be taken off of that so added a big version of the logo but tomake it more distinct I added another image of the logo but in white and put itbehind the black on which make a white shadow behind it and easier to see on thewall.
  9. 9. The final sections that I added was a little slogan for the brand, which is relevant tothe meaning of the brand and target audience. Classified is means smart andexclusive so using that it makes the brand look appealable to a higher class that justteenagers because everyone spends time just going about there day to day andneeds fashionable brands to do which I feel mine fits into that demographic. Onceagain I used the same fonts as I had for the brand logo to keep the consistencythough out. As can be seen I used the technique of writing the same word again inthe opposite colour so bring out the colour or create a shadow of the other. I did notwant to cram the poster with text about the brand but I included the main thingsthat a consumer would want which is an example of the clothing, where to get itwhich is done by the website link at the bottom, what date it is released consideringit is a new brand & the brand name. I just added a slogan because I feel like thatmakes it clearer what the target audience is.