Song deconstruction


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Song deconstruction

  1. 1. The plot of the song that I chose to do the music video is about the maincharacter planning on meeting his friends at a club and he spends the duration ofthe song waiting at the bar for them constantly checking his phone wonderingwhere they are but is getting drunk as the story carry’s on making him feelconscious of what is going on, whilst everything else is going on around himgetting on with there nights whilst he is still waiting. He is being let down by hisfriend over a girl which he is seeing which I believe the main character isinterested as it is made clear in the video.The song is laid out differently to the mainstream style of song where therewould be a verse then chorus then back to another verse and so on and so forth,this songs chorus which is the part where they will say “and I’m thinking” whichleads off to the a female singer either singing “Lights are blinding my eyes”followed by “People pushing by then walking off into to the night” after a couplemore verses. But the verses in between are never the same because it tells astory to the audience so the so-called chorus section comes in at relevant partsbut it can be expected after the artist says “and I’m thinking…” which isemphasized just before the ‘chorus’ is sung.During the song the artist is asking rhetorical questions to the listeners makingthem think deeper into the story actually questioning where the people he iswaiting for are or subconsciously asking himself why he is doing these thingsthat he is doing. The style of the song is the artists thought which he issubconsciously thinking because of the situation that he is in but he is making itrelevant and understandable because a lot of people can relate to the situationthat he is in at that point. The artist/main character makes it obvious that he isconscious of his surroundings due to the lyrics of the chorus and because he islooking out for his friends he is constantly on the look out for them which meanshe notices a lot of everything else around him.The style in which this rapper uses is on beat but more spoken word like poemsinstead of rapping which tells a story in most of his songs, im guessing fromprevious experiences but they have a start and come to a conclusion at the endwhich leaves the listener with a purpose to listen to it, the content intereststhem.The artist comes across as stressed in this song he cannot stop thinking aboutwhere his friends over and his conscious takes over making him irrational whichis clear in the way he is speaking constantly questioning and picking up on smallthings people do such as the bar lady not serving him quick enough. The way theartist comes across makes you (as the audience) sympathies with his situationwondering if they are going to turn up or what they are doing, why are theyavoiding him. You almost want them to turn up so that song changes to bettervybe.