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Script For 9 Minute Documentary


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Script For 9 Minute Documentary

  1. 1. The Script Is The Henley College Haunted? Elliot. Annie. Josh. Jack. Nine minute documentary INT. Basement. –Day Fade in: Close up. Mid shot. Tracking shot. Elliot: “The earth contains many secrets, how did we get here? Why are we here? What happens at the very end of our existence? Which begs the final question…What happens to us after we die?”“Normal people claim to have seen ghost‟s and even be haunted by the dead, is it possible that we can return as supernatural entities from a paranormal spirit world?”“Science suggests this is impossible; however they are some bumps in the night that just can‟t be explained by science.”“In this documentary we plan on going deeper, further into the paranormal and we may even experience it first-hand.” Dark Lighting. EXT. Henley College swimming pool. –Day Fade in: Footage of the empty ditched swimming pool. Voice over – Elliot.
  2. 2. INT. 1st Interview. Sarah & Annie – Day Annie – Interviewer Sarah – Interviewee Three camera shot types; Over shoulder. Mid shot. Close up.Interview takes place in the staff room in the Henley College, in front of the fire place. Annie –“I‟m with Sarah Ives-Rider who is a teacher here at the HenleyCollege, to talk to her about her personal experiences on the paranormal” “So Sarah, what exactly happened that time when you experienced a paranormal?” Sarah – explains “Did you feel uncomfortable?” “Had you experienced something like this before” Sarah – Explains “Did you believe in ghosts before this?” Sarah – Explains Bright lighting. Shot reverse shot. - There will be footage of a young girl‟s bedroom playing whilst the interview is still rolling, and also other research pictures of the Henley College will be shown at the same time too.
  3. 3. EXT. St. Mary‟s Church Henley on Thames – DAY Footage with no sound will be playing throughout this sequence.Through the use of hand held camera, close ups, mid shots, tracking shots and many others.Shot types of the Graves, the outside and the inside of the church too. During the time it is playing, Elliot will be doing a voice overdiscussing the background history of the church‟ and how people have claimed that it is haunted. INT. 2nd Interview. Annie. Josh. (Non Believer) Annie and Josh are sitting on the stairs of the Rother field basement. There is little lighting. Mid shot. Annie: “I‟m here with Josh, to talk to him about his sceptical views” “So what is your stance on the super natural?” - Josh answers - “Could there be anything questionably paranormal that you have come across in life?” - Josh answers “Do you believe in life after death? And if not what do you think happens to us after we die?” - Josh answer (End of interview)
  4. 4. Elliot Six second voice over introducing what is „coming next‟. Footage of trees is being shown. INT. Rother field Basement. – DAY Fade in; Lighting is darkElliot. Josh. Annie. Jack - all in the Rother field basement. Variety of camera shot types; Hand held Close ups Zooms Pan Tracking shot Lighting is dark and dull. Props; Candles and torches Non diegetic music is playing constantly. CREDITS Interviewer Annie Narrator Elliot Camera Man Jack Interviewee Josh
  5. 5. „Special thanks to Sarah Ives-Rider who takes part in an exclusive interview. (The twist)