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  1. 1. Question 1st response 2nd response 3rd response 5th responseWhich designdo you thinkis best? Why?Design 5,because Ibelieve the‘classified ‘font and the‘LDN’ fontcomplimenteachother.This is why Ibelieve thedrippingfont worksbest on the‘LDN’ too.Number sixis in myopinion thebest design ,it looks likeit was donewith agraffiti dripmaker andhas a“grimier”look to it.Number 3 ,as they bothblend it wellwitheachotheryet arecomltydifferent ,they are alsoeady to readand bold sostand outNumber 2because Ilike thegraffiti effecton the ‘LDN’but also Ilike theclassical oldEnglish fontfor‘Classified’Design 2Its simpleand classicand less ‘inyour face’What colourt-shirt do youthink theprint shouldput onI believe thewhite shirtis bestWhite T’ssell well , ora grainylight greycolourI think whitewould bebest as it is aneutralcolour andwould beable to gowith anyskin tone /stle etc.I wouldwear a whitet shirtbecause Iprefer thembut also Ithink thelogo looksbetter inblack.Black, whiteand grey.Polo shirtsover t-shirtsDo you likethe design?Why?I like thedesignbecause thefonts matchwhat theword says.Classified isin a smartcalligraphyfont andthen LDN ina streetgraffiti fontand they fittogethergreat.I like thedesignbecause itsgot an urban, graffiti styleto itI like thedesign due itbeing simpleand wouldbe easy towear yet I dothink it is abit plain andhas beendone tomany timesbeforeI like thedesignbecauseeach wordhas its ownthemethrough thefont. Thedesign alsoisn’t toomuch for itto be a smallprint on thechest.I like theLondon link.I think LDNshould bebelowClassified asit seems toolong to go ona t-shirt. Amore ‘box’look wouldbe better inmy opinionWhat wouldyou changeabout it?I think a logoabove thebrand namewill improvethe tshirtI wouldn’tchangeanythingI think youshould bedifferent toall theseclothingcompantsand maybeput a smallEither add asymbol tothe brandthat youcould printon the backorunderneathSee above
  2. 2. design onthe lining orsomething .the text butin a differentcolour. Orborder thetext with acircle outlineor a square.What youadd?I would adda logo abovethe brandnameI would adda logo butonly to thelabel on theinsidebecause Ilike thesimple cleanlookI would adda design orsomething tomake it lookdifferent toany other tshirtclothningbrand outthereRead above Maybe add asmall logo tothe back ofthe t-shirtnear the topWhat style ofclothingwould youput it on?I’d like thisdesign on atshirt andhoodie. Ithink abeaniewould workgreat tooT’s ,Sweatshirtand hoodieswouldprobably bethe bestT SHIRTSANDSWEATSHIRTSTshirts andvest topsTshirts,jumperscapWould youbuy it?Yes I wouldbuy thisshirt, I likeits simpleyet effectivedesignYeah I wouldbuy themYes I wouldbuy itYes I wouldbuy it.If there wasa womensversion!How muchfor?£20 T’s – 15Sweats – 20Hoodies - 25£9,99 £15 £10 -
  3. 3. After receiving all the feedback about my idea it has more given me ideas aboutwhat to make when the company expands with more ideas on what clothingitems to release if the first selling of the product goes well, which includeshoodies sweatshirts and beanies. The Most popular logo was almost my favoriteof the ones that I designed that was number two that has the dripping graffititext. The feedback has been very positive and has given me more confidence inhow the product is going to turn out. I agree with the people I interviewed andthey believe I should add a logo as well as the text to print on the t-shirt thatwould make the brand more distinctive. Originally I was going to make the priceof the t-shirts £20 but due to the feedback and the socio economic status group Ihave placed my brand in I think it would make my product more desirable at theprice of £15 because I would still be making a profit but looks a lot cheaper andisn’t too cheapAfter being told which brand font design they liked the best, I re designed thebrand name and got feedback on those as well to come to the final conclusionwhat the design will look like on the t-shirt minus the logo which is still to bedesigned, The most popular was the top and the bottom design I like the top onebecause it looks like the different fonts compliment eachother but the bottomone was continuity because the word blends into the other.
  4. 4. Jake - I prefer the 4th design because I find the positioning of the ‘LDN’ far moreinteresting than any other design and if its going to be printed on the pocket youwant the logo small and not too long. So this design is perfect because itiss boxedin yet it has angle to it.Elliot – Out of the four designs the fourth is my favorite. I love the way the LDNlooks as if it is falling creating more a broken London feel just as the spray paintfont does. The fonts make it eye catching and create attention to the logo.Thea – The juxtaposition of cursive script font and dripping-paint graffiti style iseffective and suggests the brand is both elegant and urban. The fourth design haslinked the two fonts through the downward stroke of the ‘f’, though the LDNcould be moved down further to give each word more breathing space.After receiving this feedback from the a different variety of people I came to theconclusion that the fourth design is the design style that I am going to use butstill some changes need to be made so it can be finalized.