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MIX 3 Printscreens

  1. 1. I changed the opening section which is singled out in the song and only two different tracks areinvolved so I adjusted the EQ mainly lowering it but adding top end at the end of it. I did this becausethe high frequency’s coming through were to overpowering and this beginning sound needed to bemuffled as it would not sound good coming through the headphones to the listener.After finishing the opening section I looped a part in the song which is about 15 seconds long, therewas a pattern in the song which seemed repetitive throughout the song and made my judgement onwhat to do the track from this loop because the sound would have been kept the same continuouslythrough the song. The kick drum track in this loop the song needed to be adjusted as well, notmaking the sounds lower on the EQ mainly just raising it at both ends and leaving it normal in themiddle.The sound was still not right, so I added distortion to the Kick drum which gave it a better sound.
  2. 2. The snare needed some extra kick towards the end of the beat because it was not emphasisedenough which I changed in the EQ, lowering the bottom end and topping out the final part. This wasdone because only the final bang on the snare needed to be emphasised so the frequency’s whichwould be in the middle don’t need to be heard so I lowered them and made the final section of ahigher frequency to emphasise it.I felt the snare needed to be adjusted more and needed to have a repetition but just a small one so Iadded a small amount of reverb to the track.
  3. 3. The overall sound of the drums needs to be lowered and the main drum tracks boosted so I loweredthe EQ then raising it at the final part.I added a filter was added, a filter is an effect which only allows a certain amount of frequenciesthrough not allowing certain sounds in below a certain frequency.The EQ on this had to be adjusted at each ends, raising the top end at the beginning and end of thefrequency,lowering the sounds in the middle.
  4. 4. After changing the EQ I felt that the pitch needed to be shifted so changed it to C MajorThese tracks did not need to be edited in my opinion so I just left them how they were.
  5. 5. The final track to be adjusted, I only changed the EQ raised one section and dipped the other.After I had finished editing each single track I changed the volume of each individual track in themixer so that the sound was balanced and other sections did not over power other sections.The original adjustments that I made to the song change the way it sounds too much which is not iswanted to be achieved little adjustments to the EQ up or down a few points not as much as I havewhich completely alters the sound so I had to go back on myself and make the EQ adjustmentssmaller and no so drastic at different points in the song. The removing some of the effects which Isued because they were not the effects needed such as pitch shift & distortion. Instead I replacedthese with a gate especially on the drums because on the overall head recording you want to cut outthe excess sounds which can be heard. This gives the overall track a more real sound.