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  1. 1. LO1 – Music VideoIn this video Chris Parr who works for Spalding Entertainment explains the importance ofmusic videos but mainly covering country and western but also explains how certain peoplemay not like the genre but once they have a visual recognition of the artist in the certaingenre they recognise it more. The story of a music video may somewhat keep you interested in what is going on, on the screen if you may not enjoy the song as much but there is something to keep your attention and remember the artist’s work for their video not necessarily their song. Female artists try to create a sex appealto the viewers of the music video; they often wear short clothes which show off their body. This cancreate a way in which girls feel they need to dress to be like the stars they see in the music videos as boys find this attractive such as Rihanna umbrella where she is in one clip completely painted silver and naked & in another part in maid’s style lingerie.
  2. 2. Artists put a lot of money into making music videos because money can be made from them,through the popularity of social networking sites they can gain sponsors for their shooting so money can be put into the making of it saving their own pocket. Youtube is the main video streaming website which is used when it comes to broadcasting and when a video starts to get a certain amounts of views you can get paid per the amount of views you get. Sponsors will also be involved which causes a advert to be at the beginning of the video, depending on the amount of subscribers and viewers of the videos depends on how much money you make but 1p per 10 views and if it exceeds millions of views a small fortune can be made. If people enjoy a video for the song or thevideo it can be posted on any of the social networking sites like facebook, twitter, myspace plus the other blogspots and websites that people have to post there business, this opens up a whole lot of opportunities for artists because people can see something they like a re blog it and it goes in a circle.Some artists are recognised for their videos but the songs aren’t that good such as Ok Go – Here we go, that was a recognised video for the artists recording it themselves saving costs but making adance on 6 running machines and moving backwards and forwards across them. Most of the videosthat the artists made were funny or had a strange twist to them but there music was not that great and were more recognised for their style of music videos than the music that the released.Artists have many ways of making money from selling their music, ITunes is one of the most popularonline music store having most of the music released sold through it, but the artists do0 not receiveall of the money for each song sold. Song costs 79p or 99p for the songs selling for 99p apple receive 29p the other 70p x 3% is split between the label and the artist most of it going to the label. Artistswho promote themselves more and are seen further across the TV, radio & on the internet are more likely to have a higher income than the artists who are not seen as much as those artists constantlybroadcasted. Artists who are in the spotlight are going to be used in product adverts as well because their face is related to glamour and what is popular so clothing companies are interested in postingthat popular face to sell their product. The buyers of these products are going to recognise the faces they see and what to be like those celebrities.
  3. 3. When making a box office film they usually have a theme song which they will pay an artist to write and perform or they will write the lyrics and give it to the artist to match the film which they aremaking. For the new James Bond film Adele was commissioned to do the song for it which happened to win the best song at the Grammys. The name of the song is the same name as the film so when people hear it and its relevance to the film it makes the listeners think of the James Bond films, this puts the film in the music charts as well as the movie creating a wider form of advertising for themand a further income due to the producer owning some of the rights to it so receiving money from it.Whenever a James bond film is made, there is hype over who is going to be singing the song for it, sowhen the producer was deciding the artist they would want someone who was popular in the charts at the time and who is popular to a wide variety of people. Adele is a British singer which matches the genre of film that it is and is a widely like artist across the board and had one of the best-selling albums in 2012 so is a re-nound and a well-known name in the music industry.So looking at all this information I have come to the conclusion that a music video creates a greaterway of advertising and putting the artists out there. The artists image gets posted to the public how they would like themselves to be seen, intending to start new trends and be fashion icons to their fans. When an artist releases a video they try to create a hype round it so that people are talking about it all over the internet and on TV so to do this they go on television, do interviews withmagazines, social networking sites & on the radio, this increases the hype and gets people to listen to the song or download it or watch the video, which makes other stations want the video which increases their revenue, making money back off the money they have put into the video.