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T-Shirt Making Process


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Published in: Technology, Business
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T-Shirt Making Process

  1. 1. How the first draft T-shirt was madeAs the company I was making an order from could not deliver a sample in time forthe photo shoot I decided to print one myself. Initially I had planned just print thisimage off in photoshop as a draft first and then on to the print paper after.But when I did so the images came out pixelated because I had originally made thelogo on a smaller canvas size so it could not be blown up that much. So had toremake the logo again but I chose to do it in InDesign this time as I had rememberedbeing told that was the better software to print in.
  2. 2. After re making the logo I realized that it was not written mirrored which is how Iwould need to print on to the t-shirt as the image I created first shows.I found out that by changing that percentage to minus 100% it revereses the imagemaking it look mirrored it was also possible by selecting the text and with the sizelocators dragging it across passed the image into minus but this meant you could notachieve the exact same size as you had it before which made the first way morereliable.
  3. 3. After I had done this and decided on the size that I wanted, along with this process Iwas constantly printing onto paper trying to work out the sizes that I wanted on thet-shirt.
  4. 4. The logo was printed out and to test that the paper worked well and work out howto do it I used a old t-shirt to iron on a couple prints before I did it on a brand new t-shirt which I am glad I did because it mean the final product came out better.
  5. 5. After going through the test process I was ready to do it on the final piece.The product doesn’t look like it will when the bulk order is made as they will beembroidered on to the t-shirt but this gives the consumers a idea of how the productis going to look and myself as the brand owner.