Final major project


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Final major project

  1. 1. Final MajorProjectUnit 4Planning andProductionName: Josh McLean
  2. 2. Production Title:Classified LDN brand release and posterSubmission of Production:24thJuneLength of production:N/ACrew names:Will JarvisAdam ReganFire Label MerchandisngActors names:N/AProduction roles for crewName RoleWill JarvisFire Label MerchandisingAdam ReganGraphic DesignerT-shirt distributorHair, Make-Up, Photographer & Model
  3. 3. DeadlinesCrew responsibility Deadline for completionWill Jarvis Logo designFire Label, T-shirt deliveryAdam Regan15thMay20thJune22ndJuneAgreed contentWill Jarvis – Single logo design for the brandFire Label – 50 x white crew neck t-shirts with embroided pattern on the left sideAdam Regan – 1 hour session, with original copys of the photos on memory stick
  4. 4. Final Proposal / detailed outline of productionThe idea for my production is to have a brand launch for the company that I have created‘Classified LDN’. I intend on getting stock of the first batch of t-shirts and then creating anadvert for a magazine of a model wearing the t-shirt to co inside with the release of theproduct.The 50 items will cost £229.80 then selling each t-shirt for £20 each will mean I get £1000which results in a £771.20 profit on the first order if the demand is big the next order wouldbe on a bigger scale increasing profit margins. The next stage would be expanding thebrands clothing line by adding different t-shirt designs, hoodies and hats.I have had to deal with 3 different clients;I have managed the product by dealing with different clients who will be doing different jobsfor the release of the product. I have been liaising with the merchandising company bysending them the logo designs, receiving the costs for this and organising the order of theproduct.Another client was the graphic designer who was the initial person who I needed to use as Icould not move further without the brand name, I told him how I wanted to portray theproduct which was to have the classified section looking smart and then LDN to have anurban feel to it which is best matched by graffiti other than that I gave him freedom withwhat to do with the design and keep coming back to me with different designs, This costing£300The photographer is needed for more than just one reason as in the initial email that hesent he said that he could sort out a model and someone to do hair and make up for theshoot as well all this was organised for after the merchandise was received
  5. 5. Team meetings, meetings with actors and crewDate Location Attendees outcome29thMay4thJune6th7thJune8thJune20thJune22ndJune Model,Photographer, Hair& MakeupLogo RecievedInitial contact with t-shirt distributorQuote recievedProposalT-shirts OrderedOrder receivedPhoto shootEquipment requiredEquipment Date neededAdobe CS6Rymans Iron on transfer paper22ndJune – 26thJune21stJuneLocations usedLocations Date To filmLondon 23rdJune Photo shoot
  6. 6. Contingency / back up plansAfter the product is received i have a couple of days where I have time to do the photoshoot so if the photographer cannot do one day there are other days it can be done.Everything else is under control in the production stage.The order did not come in time for the photoshoot so an intial copy of how the t-shirt wasgoing to look was made, it still had the same design it was just not embroidered which washow it was going to come in the order, it was an iron on transfer instead.Production management (Detail how you managed each stage)Managing the pre-production rolesThe pre production roles where tasks which could all be taken out by myself which got rid ofthe difficulty of relying on other people besides getting the logo designed which did notrestrict me from coming to the conclusion of the type of t-shirt and colour I wanted to use.Looking into the market was one of the main jobs I took on making sure I understood theprice bracket I wanted to put my product in compared to other brands I wanted to be on thesame level as others using the demographics they go for to use for my own.Managing the production phaseProduction consists of making sure that the things I need are ready for deadlines so I can getthe magazine insert made in time to be entered in the magazine. If everything was plannedcorrectly which I feel it was things would come in time leaving me a day or two to preparefor the next stage. For example to t-shirts arrive then two days after the photo shoot wouldbe then followed by the editing, then to be ready by the end of the week.The thing which I had to rely on the most was making sure that the distribution companywere going to deliver the t-shirts but the conversations I had been having with the companywere frequent and were waiting on the payment of the order before they started theprocess, this could not be done until after the proposal and if I had received money for myproject.
  7. 7. Post production phaseThe photographer was organised for the 23rdJune to be at the location for 10am along withthe model and I would meet them there to give the product to the model and to direct thephotographer with what I wanted them to do and looking a the images as the shoot carriedon.After receiving the images I chose the best one and began to edit it on PhotoShop andPixelmator so it would be ready for the publication. The poster was made so that it was ofA4 size as that is the size of paper FHM use in their magazine.The main priority of this stage was making sure that everyone was at the photo shootlocation at the right time.Detail how you solved problemsOriginally I planned on using a certain brand of clothing to print the t-shirts on but it proveda difficulty because I would have had to order the t-shirts then using a separate source getthem screen printed which wouldn’t of been cost efficient so I found a company who dealwith the distribution of bulk t-shirts and getting the design on the t-shirts which then againresulted in a better quality product as I could have it embroidered instead of screen printed.Another issue I had was with fonts, a font that I had initially found to use I couldn’t as theperson who created the font said that it could not be used for commercial use. To solve thisI found a font that did not have this restriction on it.The merchandising company emailed and said that the order would not make in time for thephotoshoot which I had spoken to them about the items needing to be here for so to keepthe photo shoot still on I made a draft copy of the t-shirt using iron on transfer paper tomake a t-shirt for the model to wear.Prioritising (How and what did you prioritise during your producing)Things could only be done in a certain order which meant I had to organise one thing beforeI could sort the next, Initially I had to get the logo designs from the graphic designer before Icould start designing the t-shirt and finalising it. Once I had finalised what I would like the t-shirt would be like that allowed me to be able to send the designs to a t-shirt distributioncompany, at the same time I could start conversations with the photographer. Speaking tothe photographer prior to even making the order was a good idea because then we couldnegotiate process and make it clear that the job was there. Once the order had been made Ihad a rough estimate on how long it would take for the t-shirts to arrive then allowing me toarrange a date to do the photo shoot. Once this was done I could then I did not have to rely
  8. 8. on anyone else but myself because I was controlling the manipulation of the images.Modifications (Why did you modify your work and what was changed during post-production)The reason I had to change the post production stage was because the distribution companycould not provide the product on time and I still needed to do the photos hoot in time forthe magazine to release it in their next issue so even though the product does not have thelogo embroidered it is ironed on it still looks good and is not noticeable from the image.Attach any pre-production a material you may need
  9. 9.
  10. 10. Question 1stresponse 2ndresponse 3rdresponse 5thresponseWhich designdo you think isbest? Why?Design 5,because Ibelieve the‘classified ‘font and the‘LDN’ fontcomplimenteachother.This is why Ibelieve thedripping fontworks best onthe ‘LDN’ too.Number six isin my opinionthe bestdesign , itlooks like itwas done witha graffiti dripmaker and hasa “grimier”look to it.Number 3 , asthey bothblend it wellwitheachother yetare comltydifferent , theyare also eadyto read andbold so standoutNumber 2because I likethe graffitieffect on the‘LDN’ but alsoI like theclassical oldEnglish fontfor ‘Classified’Design 2Its simple andclassic and less‘in your face’What colour t-shirt do youthink the printshould put onI believe thewhite shirt isbestWhite T’s sellwell , or agrainy lightgrey colourI think whitewould be bestas it is aneutral colourand would beable to go withany skin tone /stle etc.I would wear awhite t shirtbecause Iprefer thembut also I thinkthe logo looksbetter inblack.Black, whiteand grey.Polo shirtsover t-shirtsDo you like thedesign? Why?I like thedesignbecause thefonts matchwhat the wordsays. Classifiedis in a smartcalligraphyfont and thenLDN in a streetgraffiti fontand they fittogethergreat.I like thedesignbecause its gotan urban ,graffiti style toitI like thedesign due itbeing simpleand would beeasy to wearyet I do thinkit is a bit plainand has beendone to manytimes beforeI like thedesignbecause eachword has itsown themethrough thefont. Thedesign alsoisn’t too muchfor it to be asmall print onthe chest.I like theLondon link. Ithink LDNshould bebelowClassified as itseems toolong to go on at-shirt. A more‘box’ lookwould bebetter in myopinionWhat wouldyou changeabout it?I think a logoabove thebrand namewill improvethe tshirtI wouldn’tchangeanythingI think youshould bedifferent to allthese clothingcompants andmaybe put asmall designon the liningor something .Either add asymbol to thebrand that youcould print onthe back orunderneaththe text but ina differentcolour. Orborder thetext with acircle outlineor a square.See aboveWhat you add? I would add alogo above thebrand nameI would add alogo but onlyto the label onthe insidebecause I likethe simpleclean lookI would add adesign orsomething tomake it lookdifferent toany other tshirt clothningbrand outthereRead above Maybe add asmall logo tothe back of thet-shirt near thetopWhat style ofclothing wouldyou put it on?I’d like thisdesign on atshirt andhoodie. I thinkT’s ,Sweatshirt andhoodies wouldprobably beT SHIRTS ANDSWEATSHIRTSTshirts andvest topsTshirts,jumperscap
  11. 11. After receiving all the feedback about my idea it has more given me ideas about what to make whenthe company expands with more ideas on what clothing items to release if the first selling of theproduct goes well, which includes hoodies sweatshirts and beanies. The Most popular logo wasalmost my favorite of the ones that I designed that was number two that has the dripping graffititext. The feedback has been very positive and has given me more confidence in how the product isgoing to turn out. I agree with the people I interviewed and they believe I should add a logo as wellas the text to print on the t-shirt that would make the brand more distinctive. Originally I was goingto make the price of the t-shirts £20 but due to the feedback and the socio economic status group Ihave placed my brand in I think it would make my product more desirable at the price of £15because I would still be making a profit but looks a lot cheaper and isn’t too cheap
  12. 12. After being told which brand font design they liked the best, I re designed the brand name and gotfeedback on those as well to come to the final conclusion what the design will look like on the t-shirtminus the logo which is still to be designed, The most popular was the top and the bottom design Ilike the top one because it looks like the different fonts compliment each other but the bottom onewas continuity because the word blends into the other.Jake - I prefer the 4thdesign because I find the positioning of the ‘LDN’ far more interesting than anyother design and if its going to be printed on the pocket you want the logo small and not too long. Sothis design is perfect because it iss boxed in yet it has angle to it.Elliot – Out of the four designs the fourth is my favorite. I love the way the LDN looks as if it is fallingcreating more a broken London feel just as the spray paint font does. The fonts make it eye catchingand create attention to the logo.
  13. 13. Thea – The juxtaposition of cursive script font and dripping-paint graffiti style is effective andsuggests the brand is both elegant and urban. The fourth design has linked the two fonts throughthe downward stroke of the ‘f’, though the LDN could be moved down further to give each wordmore breathing space.After receiving this feedback from the a different variety of people I came to the conclusion that thefourth design is the design style that I am going to use but still some changes need to be made so itcan be finalized.
  14. 14. Shipping MethodPayment Due on OrderQuote DateCurrencyPO Code Payment Term24/05/2013GBP Standard Delivery ChargeDue Date 24/05/2013Classified LDNUnited Kingdom07971678296joshgmclean95@gmail.comClassified LDNUnited Kingdom07971678296Josh McLeanSHI P TOCUSTOMERCounty HouseSt Marys StreetWorcesterWorcestershire WR1 1HBUnited KingdomT 01905 745267 F 01905 729884Tax ID 975503792 Co. Reg. 6979227QuoteFire Label Merchandising LtdQU-012502I tem Name Qty VATUnit PriceI tem Description Sub Tot al61036 WHI 50.00 15.20Fruit Of the Loom Value Weight T-Shirt.Colour: White / Size: Any mix76.001.52EMB 6K 50-99 50.00 16.206000 Stitch Embroidery - Design: Classified LDNPosition: Left breastSize: 100mm wideThread: To suit81.001.62EMB SUC 6K 1.00 4.80Embroidery Set Up Charge 6000 Stitch 24.0024.00DEL 1 Box 1.00 2.10Delivery to One Central UK Address 10.5010.50TAS PROOF 1.00 .003-5 Working Days for receipt of proof. .00.00TAS 7-10 DAY 1.00 .007-10 Working Day Turnaround Service from approval of artwork proof.Please note that the actual amount supplied is subject to a +/- 5% tolerance ofthe quantity ordered.If exact quantities are required please advise your Account Manager..00.00Sub TotalFreightVATOtherDue TotalPaymentsBalance191.50.00.0038.30229.80.00229.80Credits .00Payments: Payment is due with order by credit or debit card over the telephone, cheque or bank transfer. Workcommences when funds are cleared.Lead Time: Turnaround is usually 7-10 working days from payment & approval of artwork. Faster delivery canoften be acheived - please ask for details of our express service.BANK: HSBC PLC - BRANCH: Broad St, Worcester.ACC NAME: Fire Label Merchandising Ltd - ACC NO: 32621029 - SORT CODE: 40-47-17Cheques payable to: Fire Label Merchandising Ltd24 May 2013Date Printed : Page 1 of 1All goods remain the property of Fire Label Merchandising Ltd until paid for in full. Our standard terms and conditions of sale apply.Full terms and conditions can be found at the first draft T-shirt was made
  15. 15. As the company I was making an order from could not deliver a sample in time for the photoshoot I decided to print one myself. Initially I had planned just print this image off in photoshopas a draft first and then on to the print paper after.But when I did so the images came out pixelated because I had originally made the logo on asmaller canvas size so it could not be blown up that much. So had to remake the logo again but Ichose to do it in InDesign this time as I had remembered being told that was the better softwareto print in.
  16. 16. After re making the logo I realized that it was not written mirrored which is how I would needto print on to the t-shirt as the image I created first shows.I found out that by changing that percentage to minus 100% it revereses the image making itlook mirrored it was also possible by selecting the text and with the size locators dragging itacross passed the image into minus but this meant you could not achieve the exact same size asyou had it before which made the first way more reliable.
  17. 17. After I had done this and decided on the size that I wanted, along with this process I wasconstantly printing onto paper trying to work out the sizes that I wanted on the t-shirt.
  18. 18. The logo was printed out and to test that the paper worked well and work out how to do it Iused a old t-shirt to iron on a couple prints before I did it on a brand new t-shirt which I am gladI did because it mean the final product came out better.
  19. 19. After going through the test process I was ready to do it on the final piece.The product doesn’t look like it will when the bulk order is made as they will be embroidered onto the t-shirt but this gives the consumers a idea of how the product is going to look and myselfas the brand owner.
  20. 20. The Process of creating the poster
  21. 21. The start product is the image which was taken off the camera and put on to the computer. Thephoto was taken in the middle of the day so the light was bright which can be slightly noticedhere. The problem with on location photo shoots you can never rely on the weather and whatthe lighting is going to be like.
  22. 22. I felt that the image looked like it was missing some texture so I put the image into the programPixelmator and sharpened the edges of the photo which gives it a little more depth.
  23. 23. The next stage was to change the program I was editing in because photoshop is a lot easier tomanipulate images the way I want to than Pixelmator which is mainly for editing images. Icreated a A4 portrait page and placed the image in, unintentionally wasn’t big enough to fit thewhole page but left a interesting border round the edge which I felt I could use.
  24. 24. I had to single out the image of the model to then edit the background colour I created a newdocument. to do so I used the quick selection tool to do so and then for the left arm that wouldnot allow me to select it I used the magnetic lasso tool to do so. After doing this I merged thelayers together so it could be freely moved on back to the intial image when I needed to. Whilstthe models image was singled out it gave me a opportunity to edit his image, I used the burntool so adjust certain parts of his hair so it looked more consistant, then filled in gaps in hisbeard so it looked better trimmed. Even though the image had been sharpened before had Iused the sharpen brush to use on his hair.
  25. 25. Knowing I had created a separate document with the models image singled out I could nowdarken the background because I wanted to add a grungier feel to the image and as you can seewhen I did so it did not give the model a good look I adjusted the curves of the image and thenthe vibrance to achieve the look I have.
  26. 26. I copied the new layer than I had created for the models image and pasted it into the originalimage and made sure it was in the foreground of the image so the background would notoverpower it. The difference can be noticed it makes the models presence more noticed to thedarker background.
  27. 27. This is where I used the border to my own advantage and remembered how some posters arepasted on to walls, lampposts and other locations and thought it would look interesting to haveit in the poster. It is hard to re create an image by drawing it on the computer so the way inwhich I created the realist effect was cut out different sections of plumbing tape and scanned it.After doing so I opened the file in PhotoShop and quick selected a different image of the tapeeach time and put them in the corners.
  28. 28. All the manipulations of the image had been done now so it was just the text which needed to beadded to make it look more like an advertisement, the first part which I needed to make clearwas the brand name, even though it is on the t-shirt it is not big enough to simply be taken off ofthat so added a big version of the logo but to make it more distinct I added another image of thelogo but in white and put it behind the black on which make a white shadow behind it andeasier to see on the wall.
  29. 29. The final sections that I added was a little slogan for the brand, which is relevant to the meaningof the brand and target audience. Classified is means smart and exclusive so using that it makesthe brand look appealable to a higher class that just teenagers because everyone spends timejust going about there day to day and needs fashionable brands to do which I feel mine fits intothat demographic. Once again I used the same fonts as I had for the brand logo to keep theconsistency though out. As can be seen I used the technique of writing the same word again inthe opposite colour so bring out the colour or create a shadow of the other. I did not want tocram the poster with text about the brand but I included the main things that a consumer wouldwant which is an example of the clothing, where to get it which is done by the website link at thebottom, what date it is released considering it is a new brand & the brand name. I just added aslogan because I feel like that makes it clearer what the target audience is.
  30. 30. Work log30thAprilStarted to brainstorm ideas, making the decision as to which one was best, I already knew which onewas going to be chosen as I was filling it out, as the second one included both ideas so would turnout more professional1stMayCompleted the analysis of the two ideas and the selection and justification.2ndMayGathered together images for the mood board but whilst doing so made me understand the projecta bit more and realize the direction which I wanted it to head in. Deciding the brand name andrealizing the way I would of liked it to look then creating a few ideas to make the decision from. Ialso realized the way in which some of my favourite brands advertise their products which has mademe think about what to use in mine.3rdMayToday I created the mock up designs for the t-shirts on a black and white template with the chosenlogo on it. Then wrote a questionnaire and received feedback from it.7thMayStarted to write up the audience research for my project8thMayFinished the audience research for the product, after reading through the feedback from the surveyabout the way the logo is designed I re designed the way the text looks and have received somefeedback for it and waiting on some more.9thMayReceived the final feedback from the different designs I made and came to the conclusion of whatstyle of design I am going to use and created the design for that, taking on the feedback and makingslight alterations. Identified materials that will be needed for my product, Worked out productionmanagement requirements and finalized my appropriate target base for audience making sure it wasclear what age group I am going to be aiming at10thMayI spoke to a few more people who said that the design would look better if I altered the way itlooked instead of the standard word being next to the other word so did 4 potential designs, Startedto research into other campaigns and see how they went about promoting their product, Researchin to production techniques that need to be used, Looking at potential codes and constraints
  31. 31. including the problems which I have already had.13thMayI received feedback from the 4 designs and came to the conclusion of which one I would be using fora brand logo. I added the new logo to the t-shirt mockup pdf’s14thMayI worked on the design lay out of my presentation, downloading fonts and choosing a style to matchthe genre to keep the presentation15thMayContinued with the Layout, emailed fire label merchandising with my product designs requesting aquote.17thMayStarted to focus on content for the presentation, researching further into market competitors andlooking at their campaigns2othMayStarted to add information from LO1 into the presentation showing the process I took in deciding onthe type of product, found website for free lance photographers sent out request, receievedresponse from clothing distributor saying my request is being processed21stMayWorking out how I am going to present, starting to write up a script for the presentation, started torecieve responses22ndMayIncluding target audience research into the presentation showing examples of their campaign23rdMayIncluded a video from the brands campaign that year to co inside with it. Decided photographeremailed with offer to sort out model hair and make up aswell, on call for whenever I need him24thMayContinued to work on the script for the presentation25thMayCame up with idea of having people in my presentation wearing my target audiences clothing tomake an comparison, received quote of price for tshirts.
  32. 32. 27thMayExplained how I am going to better the other companys, why my product is different.29thMayIdentified costs for the whole project looking at the things that I will be needing30thMayContinued working out the budgets3rdJunePieced together my production schedule working out when would be best to order the productdepending on whether money is received5thJuneFinalising design of presentation and finishing off script6thJuneFinalising presentation7thJuneProposal8thJuneT-shirt order made14thLiaised with the photographer sorting out a rough date of when the photo shoot can be arranged.19thJuneEmail from company saying the order will take longer than expected so will not be here in time forphoto shoo21thJuneInitial T-shirt was made via a iron on print so that the photo shoot could still go ahead.23ndJunePhoto shoot, Photos edited and poster for magazine made24rdJuneReady for publication