Audience research


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Audience research

  1. 1. Audience Research for my productAge: The ages that my product is going to aimed at, is 16-25 but the product can be likeable for allages. I have chosen this age group because after doing my research this is the style of t-shirt and thelogo fits the style of people this age better, Doing this will increase profits as they are going to be theones most interest in the product. Most people that set trends in this day and age are of this agegroup and using them in the advertising campaign will make clear the age it is meant for. Brandssuch as Carhartt use models around the age of 20-25 which when people who are younger look upto and want to look older or more sophisticated, so it appeals across the market. With doing thispeople of the older ages are going to be interested as well because the model does not look toyoung for it to catch their eye, I will be using this in my advert because the sophistication mixed inwith the style which is still appealing to the younger ages.Gender:The product is mainly going to be at males because I am a male myself and creating aproduct for a sex which I can only judge on what I see others in would be a lot harder than making aproduct I would like to wear myself and know better what they are interested in. The product is stillopen to females as some girls like dressing in boys clothes, that’s the trend with some people it willnot appeal to a lot but they can wear them.Socio economic:As my product is not going to be a expensive designer brand it makes the productopen to a wide range of people on the working hierarchy, so effectively it can be afforded by mostpeople because a lot of branded t-shirts on the market cost about the same price I am going to bemaking the RRP of the product. B, C1, C2 & D are the market which undoubtedly going to be aimedat, the only reason I have left the other two out is because A would spend most there time in suits ordesigner clothes because their wages allow them to be able to spend that kind of money on clothing,it does not completely put them out of the target audience but the they will not be as interested asthe middle classes. The E section is questionable as well because some will be able to afford it butthey will not have the kind of money to spend freely on clothes so once in an occasion they will buysomething new.