Analysis presentation, Jake Kemp


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Analysis presentation, Jake Kemp

  1. 1. •Are there close-ups of the artist and star image motifs?This video is two track collaboration, Run DMC used Aerosmith’s track ‘walk this way’ to make theirown single. But in this video they advertise Aerosmith as a band and they give credit to them forbeing the writers. They also use the video to promote Run DMC as a hip hop group and to promotetheir new song. They do this all by giving close up of the band members and also their band/grouplogos especially Run DMC’s logo.•How is the record company looking to sell this track?The record company are using celebrity endorsement to sell the track and they are also putting twogenres together therefor bringing Aerosmith’s fan base across to hip-hop and vice versa. The recordcompany also use lots of close ups of run dmc’s logo to promote the band even more.•What image of the artist/band is being offered?The images that are shown are the stereotypical hip hop image but also the trends that Run DMChave started. The Adidas superstars with no laces are an iconic Run DMC trademark as well as the allblack outfit, gold chain and black bowler hat. The imagery of Aerosmith is also portrayed in thisvideo. The iconic rock star and rock band is shown throughout the video and their characteristics areexaggerated and really publicised. The images of both genres are shown because they are trying todifferentiate the two genres but then also bring them together with the music and the synergywithin the two songs.•How does this video relate to previous videos by the artist?All their other videos relate a lot to the Walk this way video. They all have the same image and theypromote the image and their crew logo as much as possible. In the Run’s house video they havemassively progressed with their fan base and their sponsors as they are dressed head to toe inAdidas and they are surround with fans in every second of the video.•NarrativeThe narrative in the video isn’t linked with the video apart from the battle at the end where theybattle on stage and do their own thing. The lyrics ‘walk this way’ suggests that the audience and fansshould do it the way they do it. But then you have Aerosmith doing it their way and saying the samelyrics which mean the same thing.•Video style and iconographyIn this video there is a lot of iconography and the video style is very unique. The use of celebrityendorsement for Aerosmith and Run DMC promotes them as a band and it brings their fans to theopposing bands genre. This would have been done on purpose and it would have been the onlyreason why Aerosmith starred in it. The video shows a lot of Adidas logo’s and Run DMC logos topromote the band and its sponsors even more.
  2. 2. •Mise en sceneMise en scene is used a lot to differentiate the two genres and two bands. The Aerosmith practiceroom is well lit and it has guitars and amplifiers. It also has food on the amps and posters of otherrock stars on the wall. This is the typical characteristics of a rock star and they are shown very well.On the other hand Run DMC’s practice room has dark lighting, mixing desks, magazines, plants,amplifiers and sofas. These are used to suggest a more chilled back vibe within the group and genreand it describes the genre at that time as being laidback. But when they both come on stage theirstereotypes both come together and the lighting is mixed. In the background lighting comes downfrom the ceiling which says ‘run dmc’•EditingThe editing in this video is basic. The use of jump cut and fade are used throughout the video andare used to tell the story. The jump cuts cut from room to room depending on who is rapping orsinging. Jump cuts are used to keep the music video at the pace of the music and to also give thevideo and its editing rhythm.•Intertextuality/VoyeurismIn this video text isn’t really used apart from the branding of adidas and the branding of Run DMC.The branding of Aerosmith isn’t shown at all apart from their dress sense and well known song. Textisn’t used because it leaves the audience to concentrate more on the actual video and what isactually happening.