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gannettlocal Sales Presentation for Atlantic City

For our graduate Media Planning class, we were tasked with developing a sales presentation, as gannettlocal, for Atlantic City, NJ. We researched and developed a target market, as well as the best ways to reach them via gannettlocal's products and offerings.

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gannettlocal Sales Presentation for Atlantic City

  1. 1. GannettLocal Sales Presentation For Atlantic CityAll Rights Reserved
  2. 2. The GannettLocal TeamJoshua Crafter Cheng-en “Candy” Lee Li Tang Nancy WeickhardtMedia Strategist Research and Analyst Media Analyst Lead Creative
  3. 3. GannettLocal for Atlantic City•  What We Do•  What Atlantic City Needs•  How We Can Address Those Needs•  Product Competition•  Medium Competition•  Target Market•  Media Plan•  Q&A
  4. 4. CompetitionCasinos on the Northeast
  5. 5. Las Vegas
  6. 6. How Can Atlantic City Use Advertising ToDistinguish Themselves From Competition?
  7. 7. Why Digital? Where consumers are directed to
  8. 8. Why Digital?Consumers spending more time online 2007 2010
  9. 9. Why Digital? Segmented consumers The Internet has changed the way I shop for products/When I need services.information thefirst place I look is I am doing more of mythe Internet. shopping on the Internet than before. I tend to trust the information on The Internet has changed websites that I have the way I get information heard a lot about. about product/services. Targeted segment
  10. 10. Why Digital?Target segment is MORE likely to ... than average Spend high number of Use computer for hours on personal travel planning computer at work purpose at work Use the internet to Gather information for search information for shopping in general airline/car/hotel reservation
  11. 11. Why GannettLocal?“Target. Engage. Convert.”GannettLocal, a Gannett Company
  12. 12. Why GannettLocal? SEO Retargeting Paid Media Web Social Dev Media Email Mobile Maps Video /Rep
  13. 13. Why GannettLocal?GannettLocal is “a high-touch marketing consultation and a suite of multi-platform solutions …... delivered by a team of dedicated experts over the phone.” — Brad Robertson Publisher of Vermonts Burlington Free Press
  14. 14. Target AudienceCouples, Ages 21-35, without children,Annual household income of more than 75k,Tri-States and Northeast States
  15. 15. Target Demographic•  More likely than average to visit to casinos, museums, shows, theaters, beaches, concerts, comedy clubs, and/ or theme parks•  Use online travel services for airplane tickets, hotel reservations and/or car rentals•  Actively seeks information on movies, news, weather, and real estate listings online
  16. 16. Our target geographic area is:• Close to Atlantic City• Wealthier than average• More likely to check in on Facebook
  17. 17. Target PersonaJesse and Caitlin, newly marriedCaitlin celebrated her 27th birthday in Atlantic City
  18. 18. What We’ll Do For You•  Increase Atlantic City’s presence and interactivity on the Facebook, Twitter, Google + and Pinterest social media networks•  Reach our target audience via advertising on the Facebook social media network•  Revamp Atlantic City’s presence on search engines by virtue of SEO•  Reach our target audience via advertising through Google’s Adwords platform•  Specialized targeting and retargeting
  19. 19. Paid Media•  Advertise evenly on Facebook and Google AdWords•  Clicks Not Impressions•  Instantly visible•  Real time analytics•  Change advertisements if they aren’t working•  “22% of PPC campaigns achieve returns in excess of 500%.”
  20. 20. Facebook Advertising•  March 1st, 2013 – February 28th, 2014•  $0.90 Cost Per Click•  2.3 Million Demographic•  Promote the Atlantic City Facebook Page o  On-Page Advertisements o  Sponsored Stories o  2012 Nature International Weekly Journal of Science
  21. 21. Facebook AdvertisementsSample Sponsored Story
  22. 22. Facebook Advertisements
  23. 23. Facebook Advertisements
  24. 24. Search Engine Optimization•  Most “relevant” entries pop up first o  Most searched o  Most linked to o  Proximity to words searched•  Lower ranking = few clicks•  Evaluate AtlanticCityNJ•  90% of “U.S. internet users (aged 14+) will browse or research products online in 2012” — Hubspot
  25. 25. Google AdWords•  March 1st, 2013 – February 28th, 2014•  $0.71 Cost Per Click•  4 Advertisement Focus o  DO Atlantic City o  Shopping and Commerce Options o  Entertainment Options o  Vacation Options
  26. 26. Google AdWord Keywords•  Casino•  Resort•  Hotel•  Boardwalk•  Entertainment/New Jersey Entertainment•  Concerts/New Jersey Concerts•  Vacation Deals•  Shopping•  Beach•  Boardwalk Empire
  27. 27. Google AdWordsSample Google Advertisements
  28. 28. RetargetingRetargeting, in its most simple terms, is anadvertisement that follows you like Casper.Everywhere you go, you see it. A website you visit, inthis case, Atlantic City, will drop a cookie into yourbrowser or on your computer.Google then picks up that cookie, recognizes the cookiefrom Atlantic City, and then shows you an advertisementfor Atlantic City
  29. 29. Social Media OutreachThree options GannettLocal Facebook/G+ Twitter/Pinterest Cost Per Month Posts Posts MySpace Level 15 30 $899 Twitter Level 22 45 $1999 Facebook Level 30 70 $3999 9 out of 10 internet users visit a social networking site at least once per month — comScore, 2011
  30. 30. Click Through GoalRoughly 330,000 Advertisement Clicks
  31. 31. Cost Per Click BudgetThree Options GannettLocal Clicks Estimated CPC Budget MySpace Level 50,000 $48,100 Twitter Level 200,000 $185,000 Facebook Level 330,000 $310,000
  32. 32. Total CostThe Campaign That Works Best For You GannettLocal Estimated Total Cost MySpace Level $100,000.00 Twitter Level $275,000.00 Facebook Level $500,000.00
  33. 33. Added Value
  34. 34. Added Value
  35. 35. GannettLocal•  GannettLocal is a digital marketing agency for a changing world•  Atlantic City needs greater awareness among affluent Millennials and young, affluent Generation Xers•  That target demographic is online, and we know how to reach them•  Atlantic City’s competition is more or less Las Vegas, regional shopping and entertainment hubs, and independent casinos•  GannettLocal’s competition is traditional media
  36. 36. GannettLocal for Atlantic City•  Our target market is young, affluent, in a long-term relationship, enjoys social activities, and lives in the Northeast•  Our Media Plan includes Facebook and Google advertising, social media outreach, SEO, and retargeting
  37. 37. GannettLocal for Atlantic CityQuestions?

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For our graduate Media Planning class, we were tasked with developing a sales presentation, as gannettlocal, for Atlantic City, NJ. We researched and developed a target market, as well as the best ways to reach them via gannettlocal's products and offerings.


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