Question 4


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Question 4

  1. 1. Question 4:How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?<br />
  2. 2. Technology I used...<br />While creating my 3 products I used lots of different technologies including: <br />Initially we used the internet to find out about the band who’s song we wanted to use... <br />We used sites like youtube and myspace. Youtube allowed us to check for existing videos and also to listen to some more of there songs.<br />We were able to message the band through myspace very easily and ask for permission to use their song.<br />Once we had the song we needed to sort out our actors and props – the technology we used to contact people was facebook which was very help as we could sue instant messaging or an email system. Being able to contact people was very help for logistics and organising our shoots.<br />
  3. 3. Music Video...<br />To film the footage for our music video we used Panasonic digital cameras. They record onto film and are easy to use with tripods and with the software at college.<br />To capture our footage we used the program: Adobe OnLocation. Then once it was on the computer we edited our video together with Adobe Premiere Pro <br />Premiere Pro was very easy to use and was and good package for what we needed. Onloction however was really bad and often corrupted the first and last clips we captured from the cameras. It would have been much better to use a different package. The other problem was that capturing took ages and we had to watch on average 10 minutes of footage and capture it each time.<br />Premiere Pro had all the features we needed like capacity to make spilt screens and colour effects which was very helpful<br />
  4. 4. Print tasks...<br />Some of the technologies used for my digipak and advert were different to the music video – Adobe Photoshop CS5 was the main package this time, I used it to design and edit my final products using the photos I had taken.<br />I was already quite familiar with photoshop and found it easy to achieve what I wanted with the large variety of tools. <br />Photoshop is very useful as you can layer, manipulate and edit things very well and with relative ease.<br />It also allows you to save in different file formats and while maintaining high quality images. <br />The brushes and filter effects are also very helpful and allowed me some creativity in the effects I could create for my pieces.<br />
  5. 5. Once I had finished my work I continued to use technology; to gather audience feedback and just to publish it.<br />The first technology I used would of been youtube – once it was uploaded onto youtube not only were potentially a huge amount people able to view it but we were then able to transfer it to other internet technologies.<br />From youtube I uploaded the video to my blog, and then, onto facebook where I was able to get audience feedback about the video from my target audience. <br />Facebook also allowed me to do the same with the advert and digipak and meant that people could actually look at all my stuff at the same time.<br />These modern web 2.0 technologies were so very useful as they meant we could gather feedback very easily and quickly and youtube especially meant that almost anyone around the world could potentially watch our video – and we could even show the bands who's song we used. <br />
  6. 6. Influences of Technology<br />The technology available to me affected how I was able to work and what I could produce.<br />The main way I was influenced by technology was with creativity: some of the softwares were new to me so this slightly limited me creatively as perhaps I was lacking the knowledge of some programs.<br />But on the other hand, I knew enough about photoshop and premiere pro to create exactly what I wanted to, if I had known more about how to use them then I could have been even more creative but I achieved the ideas me and my partner had so it seems the tech was sufficient.<br />Most of our technology, i.e. The internet and Adobe CS5 software, was actually top of the range and whilst the cameras were a bit low quality and still used tape, an old fashioned method we were still allowed to be creative all through the process.<br />Technology also influenced us in terms of time – Adobe Onloction was a very slow process and sometimes crashed and was just not very helpful in anyway: this meant we were unable to edit straight after filming and slowed us down a bit. Things like the computers also created time issues and slowed us down a bit in lesson time.<br />