Branded Utility - The (already happening) future of marketing


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What is "Branded Utility"? It's an overarching concept focused on providing meaningful marketing that improves people’s lives and adds value to the user.

Read some quotes, see some examples, enjoy!

* Originally presented internally to my company, I tweaked it a bit to show the entire globe.

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Branded Utility - The (already happening) future of marketing

  1. 1. BRANDED UTILITY the (already happening) th ( l d h i ) future of marketing
  2. 2. a special thanks to PAUL KOCH
  3. 3. every presentation needs a few CAVEATS
  4. 4. A FEW DIFFERENT NAMES •  Not quite interchangeable, but very similar: –  Branded Utility –  Marketing as Service –  Marketing with Meaning
  5. 5. SPLITTING HAIRS •  Often used interchangeably, I prefer a distinction between “Branded Utility” and “Branded Utilities”. My definitions: •  Branded Utility: An overarching concept focused on providing meaningful marketing that improves people’s lives and adds value to the user •  Branded Utilities: Tools and the actual implementation of the overarching concept “Branded Utility”
  6. 6. the part where i use others to make me look smarter WHAT IS BRANDED UTILITY?
  7. 7. WHAT IS BRANDED UTILITY? GENUINELY USEFUL “ Brands being genuinely useful to their customers, employees, suppliers and the people they touch. ” - Johnny Vulkan – Anomaly
  8. 8. WHAT IS BRANDED UTILITY? RELATIONAL “ [Branded Utility] is where the brand creates a commitment to a relationship. It’s where the brand creates something useful to you, something that’s a utility in your life. The consumer will feel more confident with the relationship if the brand will continue to be part of your life. ” - Benjamin Palmer – Barbarian Group
  9. 9. WHAT IS BRANDED UTILITY? INTERESTING “ We’ve got to stop interrupting what people are interested in and be what people are interested in! ” - Axel Chaldecott – JWT
  10. 10. WHAT IS BRANDED UTILITY? CREATIVE “ Advertising becomes less about screaming ‘Beans are good!’ and more about finding ‘100 ways of using beans that your kids will love’…rather than saying ‘our home insurance is cheaper’ why not o≠er an application that allows you to find the real value of your house contents… and use that to drive higher value quotes. ” - Simon Andrews – Mindshare
  11. 11. WHAT IS BRANDED UTILITY? HELPFUL “ That is the key on the web. It is very user driven so it is not so much to say ‘let me get my message across’, as saying: ‘what do you want to do?’ Find some things that people want to do and then give it to them and they will take it. ” - Jakob Nielsen –
  12. 12. WHAT IS BRANDED UTILITY? INTERACTIVE “ A central role of advertising is now to invite interaction… ” - Drew Neisser – Renegade
  13. 13. cool…but… NOW WHAT?
  14. 14. IT’S AS SIMPLE AS THIS… “ For the same budget and energy as we expend on current forms of advertising, we could be making something more tangible, useful and reusable that plays a more integral part in the consumer's life. ” - Benjamin Palmer – Barbarian Group
  15. 15. AND THIS… “ …With the right content and the right approach they can create their own audience – where quality is much more important than quantity. So branded utility sits alongside branded content and brand-curated content as part of the smart brand’s arsenal. ” - Simon Andrews – Mindshare
  16. 16. i get it…but…do you have any EXAMPLES
  17. 17. sure…just one more CAVEAT
  18. 18. these adjectives should permeate branded utilities… GENUINELY USEFUL INTERACTIVE HELPFUL INTERESTING RELATIONAL …but they aren’t the only end goal…
  19. 19. …the goal is also to invoke and convey brand attributes… invoke HAPPINESS create RELAXATION convey CARE prove EFFICIENCY be SUPPORTIVE
  20. 20. …and to… catalyze ENGAGEMENT increase PURCHASES attract CUSTOMERS inspire SHARING change THE WORLD =)
  21. 21. for real this time…some EXAMPLES
  22. 22. ORANGE: TEXT ME HOME TENT •  Orange is a mobile communications company •  In time for the 100k person Vale of Avalon Music Festival •  With a simple text, your tent lights up
  23. 23. MINI COOPER: RICKSHAW •  2008 Beijing Olympics – Mini Cooper •  Says something about their desired impact on the environment
  24. 24. NIKE NIKE+ •  A runner’s dream come true •  Inspires a new way of running, training and interacting with other runners
  25. 25. APPLE IPHONE APP STORE •  Enough said…
  26. 26. CAMPBELL'S CAMPBELL'S KITCHEN •  Grab recipes, coupons, nutrition and wellness info
  27. 27. DOMINO’S DOMINO’S PIZZA TRACKER •  Pizza tracker shows you where your pizza is in the ordering process
  28. 28. CLOROX CLEANING ADVISOR •  Walks you through a step by step Q&A of what you spilled •  Outputs the required product and instructions to remove the stain
  29. 29. JOHNSON & JOHNSON BABYCENTER •  A social network for new parents •  Useful info for parents and kids from pregnancy to nine years old
  30. 30. STARBUCKS MY STARBUCKS IDEA •  Share your ideas •  Vote on others ideas •  Influence change in Starbucks
  31. 31. in case you’re not bored… A FEW ADDITIONAL RESOURCES
  32. 32. MARKETING AS SERVICE “ Marketers who continually support their customers through the course of life, providing value in each communication, will score big in 2008. The value exchange can take many forms, but only if the marketer understands the needs and aspirations of its target and commits to a genuine dialogue at every point of contact. ” - Drew Neisser – Renegade
  33. 33. MARKETING WITH MEANING “ For decades we have annoyed them with more than 3,000 ad interruptions per day… But our model of interruption and annoyance is ending, especially due to digital technology. In a world where consumers can choose to avoid our interruptions, in order to survive and thrive, we must create marketing they actually choose to engage with. We call it Marketing with Meaning. ” - Bob Gilbreath – Bridge Worldwide
  34. 34. JOSH CHAMBERS THANKS FOR READING • Work: • Personal: • Twitter: p j
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