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SQA Solution’s software test automation services combines the speed of software test automation with low cost. We have automated testing for applications running on every major platform, using a wide range of well-known tools as well as custom-developed test automation solutions.

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Software Test Automation

  1. 1. Test AutomationSQA Solution’s software test automation services combines the speed of software testautomation with low cost. We have automated testing for applications running on every majorplatform, using a wide range of well-known tools as well as custom-developed test automationsolutions.SQA Solution has a team of well-trained Test Automation Engineers who are prepared to assistyou to put in place a robust, dependable Test Automation framework.Test Automation requires significant planning to ensure that it is best applied to the rightsituation! It is essential to have clear goals for automated testing. Otherwise it could waste yourteam’s efforts and time. It requires a specialist who understands automation and its applicationat the correct stage in SDLC. The specialist must also comprehend the correct approach toautomate with the appropriate tools and frameworks. Lastly, you must have the right team inplace to execute the automated testing.SQA Solution has extensive experience in Software Testing and Quality Engineering (STQE).We have successfully completed Test Automation projects for a number of customers fromdiverse industry verticals. SQA Solution’s approach for test automation goes way beyondsimple record and replay. The test automation solution is driven by automation objectives andnot by tool capability. Our Test Automation sub-services are carefully aligned and integratedaround all the phases of the development life cycle. 1/4
  2. 2. Test Automation Tools ExpertiseThe SQA Solution team can support your team’s effort by bolstering your test automationcapacity. Our engineers have worked with the most popular test automation tools in use todayincluding:User InterfaceCode API Test Code Scanning Automation CoverageBorland SilkTest PMD JUnit CloverQuickTest Pro Fxcop Nunit NcoverRational Robot PREfast Purity EMMAVisual Test PREfix BullseyeAuto IT PREsharpRFTSmartBearTestCompleteEggplantCano webSQA Solution has defined and developed dedicated roles, such as Automation DesignEngineers and Test Automation Engineers, which it employs on test automation projects.SQA Solution’s Test Automation services render a robust automation framework and aneffective and efficient Test Automation process. Consequently it ensures better ROI through thecomplete application life cycle. SQA Solution’s test automation ROI philosophy goes beyondjust the cost factor. It also helps you address the ROI for quality, time, and risk. In addition, ourTest Automation specialists perform an objective assessment of your current ROI and help youmove up to an optimum level.SQA Solution Test Automation MethodologyOur Test Automation Methodology covers six phases: defining the strategy, planning the testautomation, framework design, designing the test development, test execution, review andacceptance and, finally, maintenance. 2/4
  3. 3. Our SQA Solution Test Automation MethodologySQA Solution Test Automation – DifferentiatorsIn addition to the items mentioned above, SQA Solution offers the following benefits thatdifferentiate our services from other QA companies: 30% of SQA Solution’s engineers and architects are specialized in Test Automation. We are Certified Automation Specialists in all industry standard tools. We take a consulting approach to reduced risk and maximum ROI. Our Test Labs use domain-specific automation tools and frameworks. We take a ROI approach focusing on 4 primary factors: Cost, Quality, Time, and Risk. We have an excellent working relationship with tool vendors such as HP, Borland, RedStone Software, Rational, and Empirix, which provides access to various educational programs and re-usable frameworks. We are partnering with companies like Borland, HP, and Microsoft and many test automation communities to stay up to date with the latest testing gadgets. 3/4
  4. 4. Why Should You Automate? With today’s fast cycles, test automation is critical to maintain a competitive edge. Performed correctly, test automation is a powerful tool to achieve a wide variety of testing and business goals. Let’s recap some of these: Reduced execution time and cost.When you properly build a test automation framework ,your automated tests execute much faster and can run unattended, which saves time and money. Increased test coverage and improved quality. With automation, you can increase the breadth and depth of testing possible for each release. Increased coverage allows you to uncover bugs earlier and faster. Keeping up with a fast-changing environment. Given the frequent operating system patches and security upgrades, the only way to stay ahead of the curve is through automated testing. Repeatability. The majority of tests performed for each release are Regression Tests. In other words, the same tests are executed with every release – an area in which automation excels. Flexibility. In real?life environments, delays in the development cycle are too often the norm. This can create a constraint on both time and testing resources. By using automation, repetitive tests can be preset, so testers can focus on testing new features within shortened timeframes. Increased effectiveness of manual testing. By liberating testers from repetitive and mundane tests, test automation frees them to use their creativity, knowledge, and instincts to discover more important bugs, ultimately creating a better software product for your customers. Note: Want to learn even more about how we can help out with your testing strategy? Visit our other site,, to get detailed information about what’s included in our services. 4/4Powered by TCPDF (