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Creating Communication-Focused HR Organizations


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Published in: Business
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Creating Communication-Focused HR Organizations

  1. 1.  Based in Oakland, California, Josh Bersin guides the human resources and talent acquisition firm Bersin by Deloitte (formerly Bersin & Associates). One of the consulting services Josh Bersin and his team provide involves helping companies resolve issues such as the gap in analytical skills among employees. This is a persistent issue, with available “data analyst” positions far outstripping professionals qualified to meet that need.
  2. 2.  To be successful, HR organizations must acquire a stable of personnel with a variety of skills, spanning social sciences, database, IT systems, and statistics. In addition, team members must possess high-level business and communication skills to have maximum impact. An area of particularly acute need involves HR personnel with the tools to translate statistical models and raw data in ways that are meaningful to executive management. Unfortunately, the technically oriented staff members are frequently lacking these essential communications skills.
  3. 3.  Higher education programs, such as North Carolina State University’s Institute for Advanced Analytics, are now incorporating communications and story telling into their curriculum. This should help ensure that data is presented by HR staff members in an actionable, easy-to-digest manner.