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The maintenance of sexual health groupwork


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The is a Powerpoint presentation on the Sexual Health, the types of Sexual Health and how is it that you can maintain an exceptional sexual health

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The maintenance of sexual health groupwork

  1. 1. 2BHSS Joshua Black Toyo-door Swaby Timothy Tulloch
  2. 2. Sexual Health : Graffiti WallSexual Health : Graffiti Wall
  3. 3. The purpose of this assignment is to obtain knowledge about the what is Sexual Health? The types of Sexual health that is present in today’s world. It is typical in a country like Jamaica, people are more able to better understanding of the relationship that exists between sexuality and wellbeing as both are interrelated.
  4. 4. What is Sexual Health?What is Sexual Health?
  5. 5. For sexual health toFor sexual health to be attained andbe attained and maintained, themaintained, the sexual rights of allsexual rights of all persons must bepersons must be respected, protectedrespected, protected and fulfilled (WHO,and fulfilled (WHO, 2002).2002).
  6. 6. Age Appropriateness forAge Appropriateness for teaching Sexual Healthteaching Sexual Health  It is appropriate to teach students (Adolescents & Teenagers) at the high school level about sexual health.  These students age ranges between 12-16 years old
  7. 7.  the highest attainable standard of sexual health, including access to sexual and reproductive health care services;  seek, receive and impart information related to sexuality;  sexuality education;  respect for bodily integrity;  choose their partner;
  8. 8.  decide to be sexually active or not;  consensual sexual relations;  consensual marriage;  decide whether or not, and when, to have children; and  pursue a satisfying, safe and pleasurable sexual life. The responsible exercise of human rights requires that all persons respect the rights of others.
  9. 9. Types of Sexual HealthTypes of Sexual Health Three types of Sexual health are:Three types of Sexual health are:
  10. 10. Physical health can be defined as an essential part of overall health of an individual, which includes everything from physical fitness to overall wellbeing. Health can be defined as a state of complete well- being and physical health as a state of physical well- being in which an individual is mechanically fit to perform their daily activities and duties without any problem (Cheshire East Council, 2014).
  11. 11. Social HealthSocial Health
  12. 12. Social Health is the ability to have satisfying interpersonal relationships and interactions with others. Relationships and social interactions are the foundations for maintaining interest in the other 4 dimensions of wellness. Discover people you enjoy being with and partake in social activities with them.
  13. 13. Discuss your emotions with your significant other, have a heated debate with intellectual peers, read scripture with a religious group, or participate in physical activity with your friends. There should never be a shortage of what interests you and the relationships you have. Social HealthSocial Health
  14. 14. However, if you find that there is a shortage, it is within your power to change that. Take a step out of your comfort zone. Do something you never thought you would do, talk to a stranger at the park, or take up a new hobby. You never know what may come of it. Social healthSocial health
  15. 15. Mental HealthMental Health Emotional Health is defined as the ability to control emotions and express them appropriately and comfortably. A deficiency in emotional health can be the most detrimental of the 5 dimensions to your overall wellness.
  16. 16. The status of a person’s emotion can either positively or negatively affect each of the other dimensions of wellness.
  17. 17. Emotions have the power to control just about everything in life: actions, attitude, appetite, and more. Keep your emotions under control, and appropriately express positivity. Life is more enjoyable when you choose to be comfortable with everything around you (Club FNH, 2012).
  18. 18. The good news is that there are many things you can do to boost your mood, build resilience, and get more enjoyment out of life.
  19. 19. Maintenance of SexualMaintenance of Sexual HealthHealth
  20. 20. Maintenance of SexualMaintenance of Sexual HealthHealth  There are variant ways to maintain sexual health but in order to maintain sexual health one must be cognizant and fully educated about Sexual Transmitted Diseases (STD) especially young adults and the behaviors that put them at risk for contracting or spreading infection. Such knowledge affects sexual health;
  21. 21. Maintenance ofMaintenance of Sexual Health Con’tSexual Health Con’t  a state of physical, mental and social well- being in relation to sexuality and leads to positive attitudes and behaviors that reduces the risk of STIs, HIV and unplanned pregnancy, and increases overall health and well-being (Hyde & DeLamater, 2000).
  22. 22. Maintenance ofMaintenance of Sexual Health Con’tSexual Health Con’t Sexual health is associ-ated with health and plea- sure in addition to emotional and social well-being. It also refers to the ability to have an informed, enjoyable, and safer sex life, based on mu-tual respect and a positive approach to sexual expres-sion.
  23. 23. Maintenance ofMaintenance of Sexual Health Con’tSexual Health Con’t  One way to maintain your sexual health is to be aware of your val-ues and desires so that you can make decisions that are right for you. Another key to maintaining your sexual health is to practice safer sex in order to avoid sexu- ally transmitted infections (STIs).
  24. 24. Maintenance ofMaintenance of Sexual Health Con’tSexual Health Con’t  Regular check-ups, up-to-date vaccines, abstaining from sex or properly using a condom or other barrier methods are all important factors in staying sexually healthy. In essence people of all ages should know how to practice safe sex which is a fact.
  25. 25. Maintenance ofMaintenance of Sexual Health Con’tSexual Health Con’t  If a person is having sex with a new or different partner they should always use a condom. Also talk with your doctor about other ways to protect yourself from sexually transmitted infections which is effective in the maintenance of sexual health.
  26. 26. The EndThe End OfOf Our PresentationOur Presentation