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Final cover+interior high_res_sngl


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Final cover+interior high_res_sngl

  2. 2. Say Happy Father’s Day with help fromWestlake Ace Hardware. Whether it’sabout the grill, garden, or garage,these Dad-worthy gifts never get old.JUNEFATHER’SDAY2013GIFTS for theOFFERS GOOD NOW THROUGH JUNE 16THGRILL GURU .........................02-10HANDYMAN HERO .............. 11-16LAWN-FOR-LIFER .............. 17-18WEATHER WARRIOR .........19-20
  3. 3. 0218.5” ONE‑TOUCH®SILVER CHARCOAL GRILLCook with class and cleanliness.Grill features aluminizedsteel One‑Touch® cleaningsystem. Black porcelainenamel on heavy gauge steel.Nickel‑plated steel cookinggrid. 240 sq. in. cooking area.441001 #8105199$79.00
  4. 4. EVERYTHINGBUTTHEAPRON.$49.99SAVE $20$17.99SAVE $7GOURMET™ GRILLWARE accessoriesletyoucookandservefoodstraightfromthegrill,ovenorstove.Castaluminumwithstandstempsupto1000ºandhelpskeepfoodhotlonger.CHICKEN LEG & JALAPENOPEPPER ROASTERPop it on the grill or in the oven.Grills up to 17 chicken drumsticksor stuffed jalapeno peppers withouthaving to turn ‘em. 36500 #820941$17.99CHILI POT201401 #820936SIZZLE PLATTER201113 #82093703
  5. 5. $19.99NORDIC WARE BEER CAN CHICKEN ROASTERInfuse chicken with your fav beer. Doesn’t get anybetter than that. Cone may be used separately togrill chicken alone or with the base to grillchicken ‘n veggies together. 36506 #820944NORDIC WARE MEATBALL GRILLERStep aside, marinara. Infuse meatballs and otherfaves like lamb or stuffed tomatoes with plenty ‘ogrilled flavor. 36516 #820948$17.99SAVE $5MADE IN THE USA$29.99SAVE $5VEGETABLE GRILLERGrill your taters andveggies like a real pro.201303 #82093804AVAILABLE ATWestlake Ace
  6. 6. A.$29.99D.$39.99E.$10.99(SET OF 4)B.$29.99C.$7.99(SET OF 4)F.$7.99(SET OF 4)SAVE $10SAVE $5 SAVE $10
  7. 7. A. HIMALAYAN SALT PLATEPass the salt plate, please. Cook with these onthe grill, or in the oven to enjoy even more flavorin your food. Or, chill ‘em for a delicious way toserve up sushi. CC6036 #820886B. STAINLESS STEEL SKEWER STATIONGuests personalize their entrée and you savetime. Genius! Grill six different meat and veggieskewers, then hang ‘em for serving. CC3116 #820875C. 4-PC. CIRCLE KABOB SKEWERSDazzle and delight guests with these uniquecircle shaped skewers. CC5000 #820877D. MOISTLY GRILLED SMOKING PLATFORMFor tender, juicy mouthfuls, fill these with water,beer, wine, or juices and let the cooking steamwork its magic. CC3508 #820885E. 4‑PC. STAINLESS GRILL CLIPSCook for one or for the whole fam. Grill individualportions of asparagus, zucchini slices or anyother long veggies. CC5134 #820876F. 4‑PC. VEGGIE RAFT SKEWERSFun and functional. The way grilling should be.Create vegetable rafts on the grill withthis clever tool. CC5135 #820879$14.99CHILI PEPPER RACK AND CORER SETSince nobody can eat just one jalapenopepper, make it 18. Set includes a non‑stickchili pepper rack paired with a rosewoodhandle corer. CC3106 #814967LARGE STAINLESS STEEL GRILL WOKWhip up some healthy meals. Wok featuresraised handles and lots of holes for air tocirculate while cooking. Holds 12 to 14 cupsof food. CC3514 #820874$19.99SAVE $10.00SAVE $5SAVE $22-PC. STAINLESS STEEL GRID SETGreat for grillin’ veggies and delicate foods.Set includes a small and medium grid. CC7081 #820872$24.9906
  8. 8. QUESADILLA BASKETNow you can flip ‘em with ease and not lose‘em through the grate. Reliable. And delicious.CC1996 #820891TACO RACKDad can build and warm tacos on thegrill with this handy warming rack.CC1992 #820892$14.99$14.9907SPIRIT E-210 GAS GRILLStrong enough to handle bigcuts of meat. Features twostainless steel burners. 26,500BTUs. Electronic ignition. Atotal cooking area of 450‑ Fold down stainless steelside tables for easy storage.Porcelain enameled cast ironcooking grates. 46110001 #8255994$399.99
  9. 9. CORN SKEWERSGrill the perfect ear of corn withthese stainless steel skewerswith rosewood handles. Set of 2.Floss not included. CC1999 #823194PIT MITT GRILL GLOVEProtect Dad’s grillin’ hands with aglove that withstands heat up to 425º.CC5102 #812444STAINLESS STEEL GRILL PLATEThis heavy‑duty wonder doubles as a serving plate.Excellent for searing foods or grilling and servingnachos. Yum. 15” x 13.5”. CC3510 #820888$7.99$14.99$29.99 SAVE $10SAVE $2DRY INGREDIENTS (MIX TOGETHER)Chili powder, cumin and Cotija or Parmesan cheeseWET INGREDIENTS (MIX TOGETHER)Mayo, butter and lime juiceDIRECTIONSGrill husked corn on skewer over medium-highheat until tender, turning often. Brush grilled cornwith wet ingredients. Roll corn or sprinkle with dryingredients. Serve and enjoy!08MEXICAN ELOTE CORN-ON-THE-COB
  11. 11. A. PIZZA GRILLING SETGrill personal pizzas outdoors. Comes with two8” ceramic stones and 2 stainless steel domesfor even cookin’ and fancy presentation.PC0005 #820902B. ROCKING PIZZA CUTTERThe stainless steel blade with a soft grip handlemakes cutting and sharing your pizza a breeze.Rock on. PC0213 #820900C. DEEP DISH PIZZA PANThis must‑have is 9.75” in diameter x 2” deepporcelain. Now that’s deep. PC0302 #820908D. 15” ROUND PIZZA STONEEvenly distributes heat and absorbs moisture tomake the kind of pizza you’re after ‑ downrightdelicious. Great in the oven or on the grill.Comes with a wire handle frame. PC0001 #820907E. ALUMINUM PIZZA PEELTransfer whole pizzas to and from a hot stonelike a pro. Pizza just got more fun.PC0202 #820897F. SMALL CALZONE PRESSCalzones are a cinch. Make ‘em for your famwith all your fav fillings and pizza or pie dough.Mangia! PC0405 #820905 STEP-BY-STEPCALZONEPRESSSTEP 1STEP 2STEP 3STEP 4STEP 5SAVE $7E.$17.99 F.$5.9910
  12. 12. HAPPYWEEKEND!$9.9920‑PC. BLACK OXIDEDRILL BIT SETGreat for drilling in metal,wood, and plastics. Drill on.DW1177 #2137305$29.9924” TOTE ANDPOWER TOOL CASEToted by the pros. Heavy‑duty case withintegrated storage compartment forsmall parts–everything from soup to nuts.DWST24070 #233295518V CORDLESS DRILL/IMPACT DRIVERGreat for big ‘n small jobs.Features compact, lightweightdesign, adjustable clutch and highperformance motor. Includes(2) 18V batteries, charger and case.DC970K‑2 #2209617$89.99SAVE $60SAVE $10from Westlake AceFillhisweekendswith11
  13. 13. A. MOUSE SANDER/POLISHERSmooth as buttah. Features a soft‑grip body and versatiledesign for comfortable sanding. Also won’t shy away fromtight spaces and curved surfaces. MS800B #2091205B. 3/8” DRILL/DRIVER (CORDED)Wide range of torque settings for all types of jobs.Features 3/8” keyless chuck and bubble level for accuracy.DR260B #2308294C. 4‑1/2” ANGLE GRINDERProvides efficient shaping, grinding and cutting of metal.Oh snap. 5.5 amp grinder includes grinding wheel andspanner wrench. 7750 #2060713YOUR CHOICE $29.99SAVE $13SAVE $10MATRIX 20V DRILLINCLUDES: ONE DOUBLEENDED BIT, ONE 20V MAXBATTERY,DRILL/DRIVERATTACHMENT AND CHARGER. 3/8”5999D. GYRO SCREWDRIVERGrab hold of this palm‑sized powerhouse. Hangsshelves, assembles furniture, repairs cabinetsand builds dollhouses. Equipped with 4V lithiumbattery that holds an 18‑month charge beforerecharge is needed. Boom. BDCS40G #2368454MATRIX 20V DRILLIncludes: one double ended bit, drill/driver attachment, 3/8” chuck, one 20VMax battery, and charger. Battery holds an18-month charge before recharge is needed.Additional attachments sold separately.BDCDMT120 #2370690$59.99A.B.C.D.SAVE $10SAVE $1012
  14. 14. 36” METAL FRAME CREEPERPut Dad’s back at ease while he’s workingunder the car. Fully padded with raisedheadrest for comfort. 00951147 #82926175‑DRAWERTOOL CENTERFeatures standardsteel drawer slides.Keyed locks withexternal lock bars.Bulk storage panelto hold larger items.00981159 #2296317$19.99$99.999‑GAL. WET/DRYVACUUMFeatures strong 3.5peak horsepowermotor and long 10’power cord. Includes 4accessories and 7’ hosefor those hard to reachnooks ‘n crannies.00917967 #2295673$49.99SAWHORSETWIN‑PACKSupports just aboutanything. 500-lb.capacity for the pair.Bottom tray for storage.STST60952 #2331056$19.99ANOTHER GREAT BRAND YOUWON’T FIND AT THE BIG BOX STORES.SAVE $10SAVE $40Whenthequalityisdesignedin,thelifetimewarrantyonhandtoolsiseasy.It’sthereasonthey’reAmerica’smosttrustedtoolbrand.Andwhywecarrythem.SAVE $713
  15. 15. RECHARGEABLE WORKLIGHTWhether you’re under the car orbehind the fridge, you’ll never betethered by a cord. 35 LED lights. Theend of the light doubles as a spotlight.Rechargeable. 1 year warranty.03473904 #33025022‑TON HYDRAULICJACKPacks a lot of liftingpower into a lightweight,portable unit. Includes:jack, two‑piece handle andmanual. Lift range: 7‑1/4”x 13‑11/16”. 009500280 #8292781AIR COMPRESSOR AND NAILERA great addition to the wood shop,truck bed or traveling tool box. 3 HP.3-gal. pancake style tank. Includes10-pc. accessory set. 00915206 #1409234$19.99$14.99$69.99DIGITAL TIRE GAUGEPerfect accompaniment toyour spare tire. Lifetimelithium battery. MS‑4021B #840238$9.99JACK STANDSRaise those wheels highoff the ground for anywork done under the car.Range: 10‑5/8” to 17‑1/8”H.00950182 #82927402‑TON HYDRAULIC JACKPacks a lot of lifting powerinto a lightweight, portableunit. Includes: jack, two‑piecehandle and manual. Liftrange: 7‑1/4” x 13‑11/16”.009500280 #8292781$19.99$9.99SAVE $5SAVE $16SAVE $30 SAVE $1014
  16. 16. “WRENCH” BOTTLE CAP OPENERA great addition to Dad’s toolkit. Removes allbottle caps with ease. Heavy‑duty Craftsmanquality and durability. Made in the USA.00944500 #3301884$12.99CORDLESS RIGHT ANGLE IMPACT DRIVERGets into tight spaces and tackles tough jobs aneveryday drill can’t handle. Impact mechanismabsorbs the twisting action and applies it to the workpiece. 12V lithium‑ion battery. 700‑lbs. of torque.Includes 4 driving accessories. 00917562 #2302610LIMIT 2. WHILE SUPPLIES LAST.$39.9917‑PC. SCREWDRIVER SETHeavy duty molded plastic handles.00931794 #2299089LIFETIME WARRANTY2‑PK. CLENCH WRENCHPerfect in a pinch. Ratchetingaction turns fasteners withexcellent torque and no slip. Betteryet? Folds up like a pocket knife.00930879 #2366011*For Instant Savings information and details see page 21Sale Price $19.99- $5 with card$14.99Limit 1 each at this price.MembersPayYOUR CHOICE*15
  17. 17. CRESCENTRATCHETINGWRENCHATR28 #23689674‑PC. GEAR WRENCH SETSAE or metric. 2068112+ #2068112+104‑PC. MECHANIC’S TOOL SETThe handyman’s must‑have.Includes SAE & metric drive sockets,quick‑release ratchet, adapters,screwdriver handle with magnetic tip,screwdriver and nutdriver bits andhex key set. 00932104 #2136984LIFETIME WARRANTY17” TOOL BOX00959317 #22983963‑PC. PLIER& WRENCH SET2001212A #2001212LIFETIME WARRANTY12‑N‑1 VERSITOOLA multi‑bit driver for a multifaceted Dad. Auto loading all hexconnector fits 1/8”, 5/32” and 1/4” hex shanked accessories.Spinning cap allows for quicker, easier fastening. 35312 #2369742$49.99SAVE $20SAVE $50MAX AXXESS PASS THRU SOCKET SETStrong, powerful and thorough–just like Dad.Eliminates the need for deep sockets. Workswith six different types of fasteners SAE andMetric. 00931088 #2292076$34.99 SAVE $11SAVE $7SAVE $25DOG BONE™ 8‑IN‑1 WRENCHChoose from Metric 12‑19mm or SAE3/8”‑13/16” sizes. Built‑in magnet.00914278+ #2137057+LIFETIME WARRANTYYOUR CHOICE$9.99SAVE $16SAVE $6SAVE $316
  19. 19. STRING TRIMMER OR HEDGE TRIMMERGrooms light grasses around the garden and heavy weeds. Choose from a13” string trimmer with 4.2 amp motor and “Groom‑N‑Edge” system, or a18” hedge trimmer with lock button for continuous running. ST7000+ #7080914+TRUE GRIP PERFORMANCE GLOVESEvery handyman needs to protect his hands.Choose from medium, large or extra large.9083‑06+ #794769+$29.99$7.992HP EDGE HOGElectric edger with 3 positiondepth adjustment. Pull‑upedge guide converts edger tolandscape trencher.LE750 #7099013$79.99 SAVE $15SAVE $10SAVE $20SAVE $151810” CORDLESS STRING TRIMMERCut with the best. Lightweight “Groom‑N‑Edge”converts trimming to edging. 12V battery.String trimmer line advances automatically.CST1200 #7265507$59.99
  20. 20. WIRELESS THERMOMETERIt’s a breeze to use. Displaystemp indoors and out. Includeslow/high outdoor tempsand a digital time display.WS9245TWCITCBP #897356PROFESSIONAL WIRELESSWEATHER STATIONRain or shine, get an accurate forecast.Advanced storm warning indicatoricon. Outdoor/indoor temperature andhumidity readings. WS1910TWCIT #820428SOWHATDOESN’TITDO?SAVE $5SAVE $10WEATHER ALERTCLOCK RADIOKeep the family safe ‘nsound with weather/hazard alerts. Elegant,thin form factor withangle stand and wallmounting options.Digital Alarm Clock.ARCZG100W #323992$34.99POCKET WEATHERALERT RADIOInstant weather informationdirect from the NationalWeather Service.HH50 #6139539$19.99A.$49.99B.$14.9919A. B.
  21. 21. AMERICAN RED CROSSSOLAR CRANK RADIOStay prepared. 3 built‑in LED lights.Powered by solar or crank. Glow inthe dark indicator makes it easy tofind during a power outage. IncludesUSB for cell phone charging.ARCFRX2WXR #3258514BLACKOUT BUDDYEMERGENCY FLASHLIGHTWhat blackout? This emergencyLED blackout flashlight plugs andrecharges straight from your wallsocket. Also makes a good night light.ARCBB200W_SNG #320990COAST SWITCHLED HEADLAMPLightweight andcomfortable. Sheds lighton whatever you findinteresting in your path.TT7041CP #3414638AMERICAN RED CROSSCLIP FLASHLIGHTIt does it all: lights your path and charges yourphone. Hand crank LED flashlight with USB cellphone charger and carabiner clip–excellent foremergencies and the outdoors.ARCCR100R_SNG #320531COAST 7” SKELETONFOLDING KNIFEC07BCP #8314049$12.99$15.99STANLEY 14‑N‑1FOLDING MULTI‑TOOLSTHT70695 #2367878$9.99SAVE $5SAVE $7COAST 12-N-1LED POCKETMULTI‑TOOLC5799CP #8314148$19.99SAVE $10SAVE $5SAVE $5C.$34.99D.$14.99E.$12.99F.$14.99LIFETIMEWARRANTY20SWISS ARMY12-N-1 TINKERKNIFE WITHSHARPENER5911212 #220775C.D.A.E.F.
  22. 22. NOVELTY TOOL BOXESTote your tools in style. Features steelconstruction with storage tray.24‑026+ #2374254+STYLE MAY VARY BY STORE.$19.99SIGN UP FOR ACE REWARDSAND START SAVING TODAY!Instant Savings amount available as mail-in savings for non-Ace Rewards Members.Tax is charged on sale price before application of instant savings. Instant savings and mail-insavings through 6/30/13. Must be Ace Rewards Member to receive instant savings.21