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Question 3


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Question 3

  1. 1. Question 3:What have you learned from your audience feedback?
  2. 2. By creating a local newspaper front and second page, I needed audience feedbacks on my work. I wanted to find out if my newspaper is appealing enough for the particular audience.To assess this, I have created a closed group in Facebook and invited enough people to answer the following questions that about my media product. Most of my target audience that I found in my market research are mainstream although from my market research it is aimed at 18-25, it doesn’t make sense to target these specific audiences at a local area, especially now these days many of these audiences doesn’t read newspaper but older audiences does. My newspaper aims to form a relationship with the reader to make them feel more relevant as my newspaper is local instead of a national paper that may not feel relevant to them. I want to test how Stuart Hall’s theory of sues and gratification and the hypodermic model of my media text influencing these audiences. Most of these people that I asked for this focus group don’t use Facebook anymore so I decided to advertise the link of my media product directly to them through private message and asked them the following questions similar to my Facebook friends.These feedbacks were very helpful in order to make my newspaper stand out a lot more towards the target audience of my local newspaper.
  3. 3. Questions I have asked are:
  4. 4. 1) Preferred, negotiated or oppositional are the three types of ways we can read a media text. Which one can you associate with my newspaper? Response 1: In my opinion, I think would be associated to preferred reading because it meets the conventions of a real newspaper. Meeting conventions of a newspaper is important in order to make this attractive. Response 2: Probably people would consider this is preferred because your front cover is attractive enough by the image mostly taking over the entire page.This can also be classified as negotiated, as there is more negative representation of Salford from the headlines on the front page and second but overall I think this is good.Although you did this, your stories are very interesting regardless how this shows a negative representation. Response 3: Preferred - The pictures taken because that’s what attracts me and other people who would read your newspaper. Response 4: I think this might be a preferred reading because it’s both combining conventions of tabloid and broadsheet newspapers. Response 5: Negotiated.Your masthead makes this preferable to spectators because you’re using similar things to real ones.At the same time, people may argue that it may not have enough ‘extra’ features. Summary The response shows that 60% of the people chosen my newspaper as a preferred reading which indicates that they want to buy and read my newspaper. 20% chose this as negotiated as there are some certain parts they think that may needs adding such as job adverts based on their opinions.
  5. 5. 2) Which parts of the newspaper do you like and why? Response 1: I like the photographs taken in you’re second page, it looks professional. Response 2: The pictures you took, and the masthead because they are made good enough for people to read. Response 3: The photographs and although you edited this you kept it natural. Response 4: The logo on the front cover of the side is interesting because of the colours. Response 5: Mainly the masthead, the colours you have used is suitable for a newspaper. Summary 60% of the people in my focus group all liked my photographs of how I kept them natural to create verisimilitude of my newspaper. 20% liked the colour theme of my newspaper which is mainly used on the masthead which I think the ‘red’ creates the attractiveness of my newspaper.
  6. 6. 3) Which parts of the newspaper do you dislike and why? Response 1: The price tag is slanted and shouldn’t be positioned at the middle. Response 2: The smallest image on the second page that overlays the main, Response 3: The price tag looks too plain and is abit awkward as its rotated. Response 4: The small image on the second one may be too much images going on. Response 5: The headline at the front page might be too big for your picture. Summary 40% didn’t like the price tag design of my newspaper. I may have to change this into a better format and place this either of the sides that have a space.
  7. 7. 4) What makes my newspaper similar to real newspapers; can you identify any conventions used? Response 1: The masthead, it’s very similar toThe Mirror where you used red background and bold black outline.As well at the second page where you used 4 columns similar to many broadsheet newspapers. Response 2: The advert seems to be realistic by how you made up a driving company and using simple colours to make this look realistic from how real newspapers does this.The logo looks the same asThe Sun although you’ve made this different by adding ‘Salford’ and making this glow. Response 3: The use of headlines, the way you did this is very attracting which many newspapers does this. Response 4: The layout and the logo. Response 5: Definitely the masthead is similar toThe Daily mirror andThe Sun.Also the layout of your newspaper on both pages. Summary 80% of the people thought my masthead followed the conventions of real newspapers such as ‘The Sun’ and ‘The Daily Mirror’. 20% liked how I set my columns out by using guide lines through Photoshop.
  8. 8. 5) Is there any section in particular you think I can improve on? Response 1: The headline in second page you can make this slightly wider to fill in the spaces of some areas of the page. Response 2: To make up the negative things, you can add more adverts on the pages. Response 3: On the advert in your front cover, you can add more colours to make this more interesting because it looks too plain. Response 4: The image on your front cover, you can add techniques such as blur to show that these ‘youth’ are quite mysterious. Response 5: You can add images? Summary Most the people said that I should improve on the adverts. I think the draft of my front cover made them say this. Rom the advert at the bottom right which doesn’t look attractive as much as he adverts that I created.
  9. 9. Conclusion In conclusion, I only need to make few changes to create an ideal newspaper for these audiences to make this appropriate for them.This would be by changing the format of the tag price and the advert. Overall, I think all of the people who participated thinks I have followed the conventions of a newspaper.