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Parachute Sas Ebrochure

  1. 1. the DROPZONEThe DropZone is Parachute SAS Ltd’s unique client offering,providing our clients with quality leads for their products& services and brand exposure. A thank you from ParachuteSAS to you, our valued clients.
  2. 2. WELCOME TO PARACHUTE SASParachute SAS are a key recruitment partner for the Defence, Marine & Aerospaceindustry on a global scale. With invaluable experience gathered over many yearswithin these industries, our team of global headhunters have forged an enviablereputation. Since our inception we have increased our offering and now covermany other sectors: from Construction to Demolition, and Capital Equipment tothe Oil & Gas sectors.
  3. 3. Contents I N T RO D U CT I O N 04 O ur s e ctor s 06 G LO B A L R E AC H 10 H o w w e w or k 12tal e nt m anag e m e nt 14
  4. 4. “ I have had direct corporate experience with Parachute SAS and can without reservation recommend their professional services. I would not hesitate to call on Parachute SAS ” again in the future. Bob Stevens, CEO of Tampa Yacht Manufacturing, Tampa, Florida, USA4Parachute SAS Ltd
  5. 5. Parachute SAsGlobal HeadHunters. Executive Search & Selection. TalentManagement. “ Parachute SAS performed an excellent service in finding me my new role. Working on an international level requires expertise, diligence and attention to detail all of which they provided in abundance. I would have no hesitation in recommending them as ” a recruiter. D. Price International Business Development Director 5 Parachute SAS Ltd
  6. 6. OUR SECTORS defence, aerospace & marine Parachute SAS are home to recruitment armoured vehicles, body armour, night vision consultants with years of first-hand experience goggles, military patrol boats and for many in the British Army which makes them ideal other defence market roles for understanding the requirements of the Defence industry. This direct experience enables With first-hand experience in the defence sector Parachute SAS to find talented individuals and of military products, we aim to understand specifically suited to your defence/military your business, where you are now and where company. you want to be. Utilising our defence and recruitment experience, the team at Parachute We have extensive relationships with both SAS are dedicated to identifying exceptionally companies and candidates throughout the talented defence staff that match your culture defence sector and have worked closely with and organisational expectations. several of the big players. Recently Parachute SAS has recruited for projects including6Parachute SAS Ltd
  7. 7. The team at Parachute SAS have extensive experience in a number of industry sectors. Although our history is in the Defence, Aerospace & Marine sectors we have expanded our offering to now cover the following: defence P6 CAPITAL EQUIPMENT AEROSPACE P6 fmcg To find out more about MARINE P6 engineering these sectors, please visit construction P8 oil & GAS our website at: demolition P8 water technology financial services P9 oil & GAS sector emphasis 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 24 26 28 30 defence 23% aerospace 13% marine 12% consruction 10% demolition 12%capital equipment 6%financial services 8% fmcg 2% engineering 5% oil & Gas 7%water technology 2% 7 Parachute SAS Ltd
  8. 8. OUR SECTORS Construction & demolition Industry knowledge is one of our strong points. engineers and contractors from all over the We have a dedicated team that work within their globe. chosen niche market meaning that you will only ever deal with a consultant at Parachute SAS We have made it our job to understand a number who has an understanding of your market. of niches within construction and demolition and now have access to most major contractors Our experience spans a broad range of clients, and high calibre candidates that operate in our including companies of all sizes, operating in chosen markets. The areas that we specialise the UK, US, Europe, the Middle East and further in are the building envelope, demolition, afield with a wide spectrum of vacancies on offer. scaffolding, timber engineering, mechanical, We also understand that most businesses are electrical, HVAC, piling, interiors, shopfitting and worldwide in scope and many overseas projects flooring. have been successfully delivered by designers, component and product manufacturers,8Parachute SAS Ltd
  9. 9. OUR SECTORs Financial Services Financial Services recruitment is the latest Parachute SAS also operate in the very addition to our core sectors. The team is now specialised micro-niche market of Financial headed up by Jose Zepeda, former Talent Advisers, Independent Financial Advisers (IFA’s), Manager at Morgan Stanley in London. Jose Mortgage Advisers, plus management and admin brings with him a wealth of experience and roles. excellent industry knowledge with a great network of candidates and clients. If you would like to know more about our financial services recruitment then please get in We recruit on behalf of the major life and touch. investment companies, including private banks and private client firms. We recruit into all of the UK’s financial centres, however, our focus is not only on our local market, we also recruit for overseas roles in locations such as the US, Europe, the Middle East and further afield. Our client companies include some major financial institutions and other multi-national companies through to more local firms which may have just one or two advisers. 9 Parachute SAS Ltd
  10. 10. our global reach 8% CANADA 21% UK 18% EURO USA 4% central america 2% South america 65% 65% of our candidates contacted us based on a recommendation from 36% others. of our clients used our services based on a recommendation from other companies/people10Parachute SAS Ltd
  11. 11. 0% None of our candidates are sourced from job boards. 100% of our candidates are either headhunted, networked or are recommended by others. 6% scandinavia 1% RUSSIA 18%OPE europe 14% middle east 2% 1% far east africa 5% australasia 99% of our clients would use us again to recruit key members for their team. 11 Parachute SAS Ltd
  12. 12. HOW we work Parachute SAS offer a variety of services in order for you to get the right people. Get in touch to discuss your plans in more detail. We’d love to be a part of the growth of your company. Why USE PARACHUTE SAS? Parachute SAS are a team of highly skilled, expert recruitment executives with extensive experience in sales & senior management placements. We are well known for our rigorous methods, smart strategies and as a source of insight, knowledge and advice. Working with government, multinational We will manage the entire process and feedback corporations and SMEs alike, Parachute SAS results as often as you require. recruit a range of candidates from middle to executive management for permanent positions. All the above activities can be accomplished in as discreet a fashion as is required. Due to the networking we employ, Parachute SAS has access to a very high number of candidates not currently seeking work, i.e. in competing companies, who have the right skills, knowledge and experience to benefit your company. We will target candidates whom we know will be the best fit for your organisation. We will proactively sell the benefits of working for you. This is about positioning your opportunity in a way that makes the best performers want to hear more. We will only present to you candidates who will fit your business culture, goals and possess the ability to make a real difference. We will provide a cost effective recruitment service, tailored to suit your needs.12Parachute SAS Ltd
  13. 13. WHAT WE WILL NOT DO We will not waste your time by sending you individuals whose sole aim is to improve their 95% earnings with their present employer by forcing them into a counter-offer scenario. THE BENEFITS OF WORKING WITH US Focus – Only the most suitable candidates will ever meet you. Speed – Within agreed timescales, we will access and approach the most outstanding candidates. Experience – Executive search and selection is our specialty and, using that knowledge, we know how to identify the best individuals for you. Honesty – We will be open and candid in our communication of the information and evidence we gather. One point of contact – We apply a dedicated consultant to you and the candidate. No mixed messages, no-one ‘slipping through the net’, no ambiguity. Our success – We offer a 95% success rate on exclusive assignments. Fundamentally, our skills are in our ability to understand your business vision, articulate this to the right target audience and then inspire interest in your organisation. We have a 95% success We believe Parachute SAS can offer you unrivalled market intelligence and recruitment rate on exclusive expertise and our success is driven by a desire to exceed the expectations of both our clients assignments and candidates. 2011-2012 statistics. 94% our services Parachute SAS can offer both a retained service or our contingency service. We also offer a managed advertising campaign. Get in touch with us for more details. CONTINGENCY SERVICE Parachute SAS offer a contingency based recruitment service whereby we are only paid once a candidate has been successfully placed within your company. This is the way we like it. If we don’t perform you don’t pay. We will provide a detailed search of our database and other resources available to find the right candidate for a vacancy. Before any candidates are submitted we make sure that they closely match the details given by the client. We have a large database of skilled, experienced professionals and our commitment is to fill your vacancy with the very best candidate. retained SERVICE 6% Parachute SAS are able to act as a fully ‘outsourced’ recruitment arm of your organisation and conduct a recruitment process on your behalf. The recruitment process is tailored to meet your organisation’s specific needs, through detailed consultation and constant communication with you, the client. Parachute SAS will dedicate time and consultants to a thorough search RETAINED CONTINGENCY and selection exercise making sure that the client has access to the best available talent.94% of our work is based on a contigency service. With a retained assignment, the client generally pays one-third of the fee at commencement You only pay us if we of the assignment; one-third upon delivery of a short list; and the balance upon placement perform, that’s the way of the candidate. In this way, you, as the client, are paying for a “service” in recognition of the we like it. time and materials that are expended in conducting the assignment. 2011-2012 statistics. 13 Parachute SAS Ltd
  14. 14. TALENT MANAGEMENT talent management OVERVIEW Organisational research consistently shows that companies that engage and commit to strong talent management approaches are better strategically placed to achieve sustainable competitive advantage for the long-term. A talent management mindset focuses on of performance and capability within valuable attracting, developing, retaining and managing employees, but also the retention of such valuable employees, with a view to improving talented individuals. organisational performance through revenue, quality, productivity, customer satisfaction and market capitalization. For long-term excellence, market-leading organisations place a strong emphasis on the retention of exceptional employees, and the effective management and implementation of this activity. Through strategic advice and bespoke training to company managers, a talent management mindset can achieve not only an improvement14Parachute SAS Ltd
  15. 15. Talent management the benefits of talent managementRetain your company’s greatest asset: Your People. Talent management can create operational efficiencies across organisational functions and business chains. It doesToday’s global markets require your company to be at the top this by improving management and systems processes,of its game. At Parachute SAS, we are committed to helping which not only improve the working expertise of companyyour organisation in sustaining a strategic competitive ad- managers, but also strengthen the efficiency of thevantage through efficient and successful talent management. organisation as a whole.Our training products are designed to ensure your companyhas the expertise required to achieve long-term efficiency and HOW IT AFFECTS YOUR MANAGERSorganisational objectives. Our bespoke service offers custom-tailored programmes, which directly focus on the specific skills Effective management of human capital within an organisation isand knowledge required by your organisation. Our services a crucial component of creating company efficiency and marketare utilised by many top tier companies and market leaders success. In order to drive this result, valuable and skilled managersthroughout the world and our focus is always on your needs. are essential. A strong management team does not only require intellect, enthusiasm, and creativity, but also managers who understand, implement and focus on the development of in-house talent within the company. Over time, these internally developed leaders become extremely valuable assets as they have internalized company values, and core competencies that are strategically aligned with organisational goals. How it affects your organisation A talent management system that is effectively utilised within a business strategy can produce profitable and sustainable organisational performance. It does this through translating individual effort and capabilities into valuable performance that is sustainable over the long-term. Through knowledge sharing, and the development of skilled managers, the implementation of a talent management programme can integrate organisational objectives into tangible processes that can manage the successful development of talent alongside optimising company performance.our services your company’s managers, and address the specific needs of your organisation.Parachute SAS is focused on quality training andknowledge share derived from proven systems of Our services focus on:experienced talent management individuals. Our expertpresenters deliver tailored training programmes that are • Retention programsdesigned to maximise the capabilities of your company’s • Performance management processesmanagers, and address the specific needs of your • Managing and defining talent managementorganisation. • Training and development • Leadership developmentParachute SAS is focused on quality training and knowledge share • Identifying talent gapsderived from proven systems of experienced talent management • Sourcing and retaining talentindividuals. Our expert presenters deliver tailored training • Workforce planning and evaluationprogrammes that are designed to maximise the capabilities of 15 Parachute SAS Ltd
  16. 16. parachute sas ltdemail: